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    How about: LF Kim 3B Machado CF Jones 1B Davis DH Trumbo C Wieters 2B Schoop RF Reimold SS Hardy I would like to pick up Fister for the rotation and hope for a Gonzalez bounce back. I think Tillman does bounce back into a good starter this year.
  2. This guy deserves to be given a shot, especially the way our starting pitchers are failing right now.
  3. Since he made it to September he will have the required days that he is now our player - beyond that he looks like he belongs.
  4. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=milb&player_id=642488#/career/R/hitting/2015/ALL Can anyone tell me anything about Ademar Rifaeli? He is only 20 years old and has a .765 OPS at Delmarva. Just 187 at-bats but has been leading off for them and seems to have a good eye. Someone to keep an eye on for sure.
  5. I have no numbers to back it up, but it seems like Sisco has caught a bunch of people stealing at AA. What an advanced bat though...
  6. Expect those 3 spots to be used for September call-ups.
  7. Ortega was promoted to GCL...played in his first game today at SS. Went 0-2 with 2 BB. Had two errors in the field.
  8. Mountcastle went 1-3 with a HR in his Aberdeen debut...
  9. legit concerns, I prefer to focus on .769 OPS at Delmarva as an 18 year old with 36 extra base hits.
  10. Very young is an argument for him, not against him. He is far away, but his numbers are at least comparable to Machado's 18 year old season and Machado was in the majors at the end of his 19 year old season. Don't expect that with Reyes, but he could be a Frederick/Bowie guy next year and maybe reach the majors in his 21 year old season. Defensive position is a tough one, but Sano is really contributing as a DH this year. I could see 1B or DH in the future for him.
  11. And took a line drive off the back of the arm.
  12. I said yesterday that this is the best offensive lineup they have put out there all year. Starters need to be a little more consistent. Bullpen hiccup is fine, they are proven. I agree on Urrieta - let him be the regular LF vs. RH pitching.
  13. An update...Jomar went 2-3 last night with his 5th home run. He is now slashing: .277/.332/.436/.769 and he has 36 extra base hits in 314 ABs. As a comparison Machado had 36 extra base hits his 18 year old season in 382 ABs. I think the national media and many here are sleeping on Jomar Reyes prospect status.
  14. We are one game out of the wildcard game. Season doesn't end for over a month. Over a month.
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