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  1. Maryland man held in prison without bail for violating large gathering by having a Bonfire with 60 people in attendance. Second one in two weeks. Was involved in a murder robbery which he plead and testified against the shooter in 2004. https://www.baltimoresun.com/coronavirus/bs-md-charles-county-coronavirus-arrest-20200329-obqjjggnujad3gzhfpjbjrydtm-story.html
  2. Remind me how many World Series did the Yankees win in the pre draft era. How many did the the Dodgers win and how many did Browns/Orioles win? From 1949 to 1966. There was only one World Series where both the Yankees of the Dodgers did not participate.
  3. If you are a star player you expect to make the pros. Obviously the Yankees have easier time signing top free agents than the Orioles. I think you are talking about Scranton vs Norfolk. Having been to both places I don’t really have a preference. The best players want to play for winners if the money is close. I would rather play for the Padres than the Brewers all things being equal.
  4. Tou don’t think the best players want to play in the best teams and in the best climate? Plus team can do other things to get around this. Get supporters to hire the players in the off season. College Basketball/Football recruiting is obviously rigged do we want same thing in MLB?
  5. They are based on actuary tables. If you get life insurance they check your bloodwork, blood pressure, weight and height, check driving records and you have fill out your life medical history. You have to provide access to all medical records. Say I have had less than 1 percent chance of dying in my 50 to 70 years if this coronavirus changes it to 4 or 5 percent that is a big difference when you are talking about the values of these policies. Also a lot of people let their long term policies lapse during each year. People are probably more likely to keep them intact. A typical person under 30 is most likely not going to have a big policy. Those are the people most likely to die from a car accident or violence or drug overdose. The rates are or whether you can get insured are all based on how likely you are to die in that term. I am not sure what your point actually is though about the number of deaths each year. We are talking about unexpected deaths for policy holders. Insurance companies also make money off the float. They invest your premiums in stocks and bonds. Both of those are taking a hit.
  6. I would just like to go to the store without worrying that everyone there is a potential person who will kill me.
  7. You seem to overvalue baseball. Schools and restaurants and stores are more important than baseball and playing in empty stadiums is just ridiculous. It will go over like a lead balloon. It just shows how out of touch people are in regard to sports and their significance. The government will not waste resources on grown men playing a child’s game when this is going on.
  8. I have $700k in life insurance. I wonder if life insurance companies have enough money to pay out all the claims. I am guessing most people with big life insurance policies are under 65 but still they will be paying out a lot of claims.
  9. I think you under estimate how unessential baseball is. And if you don’t have fans you have no reason for stadiums to be open as they aren’t generating jobs for the community and aren’t providing tax dollars. And then you have huge groups of people moving from place to place. I think baseball is probably one of the last things to open up. Makes no sense to have teams traveling around the country with no fans. They could find a third world country that would be willing to let them play I suppose. They could play in the Dominican Republic. Stadium size is unimportant if you have no fans.
  10. Or if they go bankrupt new owners could offer streaming services.
  11. Most guys aren’t going to contribute their first year once you get past the first round. They will need make addition somehow.
  12. He was saying this was nothing since the beginning.
  13. Yeah it doesn’t seem possible. I doubt the NFL will start on time if at all. At a certain point most people will be infected. We aren’t even having people working at grocery stores wear masks. When everyone in public should wear a mask.
  14. Police called to the house four times for domestic issues doesn’t sound good.
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