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  1. Nope. Thought people were more health conscious these days. I would never even eat a hot dog or drink coke myself... can’t imagine giving them to a child. Guess that is why diabetes rate keeps going up though. I wish there were healthy options at the stadium.
  2. I wish Adam and family all the best. Great player and great dude.
  3. -1 DWAR from a right fielder is actually better than -1 DWAR from a centerfielder.
  4. I heard the Siouxsie and Banshee version hundreds of time before I heard the original. Same thing with Dear Prudence. I think Siouxsie version blows this one away. Unfortunately I have only heard Siouxsie version live as only time I saw Iggy was with the Stooges.
  5. I saw Corrosion of Conformity at a bunch of punk shows in 1984 and 1985. They were hardcore punk back then. I even had a COC sticker on my backpack at one point. Hard to believe this is the same band. Really not my taste at all. Wonder wtf made them do stuff like this.
  6. I think getting players healthy is more important than number 1 seed.
  7. Who would gives their kids hot dogs and coke?
  8. Not if they lose the first one.
  9. atomic

    Short rants.

    Die hard is not a Christmas movie. Christmas Vacation, Home Alone , Christmas Story, Trapped in Paradise are the ones we watch every year. Elf isn't bad. Bad Santa is entertaining.
  10. atomic

    Short rants.

    That is what I said about Linear Algebra and then I used it for work even before I graduated. Is this high school or college? If college what is your major?
  11. Former lead singer of Roxette died at age 61. Known for such hits as 'The Look" , "Listen to your Heart", and "It must have been love". Back in their hey day a friend of mine talked me into seeing them at show at Hammerjacks. They lip-synced two songs and left. Oh well sad to see a musical icon from my youth die.
  12. If you win the division you get guarantee at least one home game. Having the number 1 seed doesn't guarantee you more home games. I would like them to win the game against the Jets to win the division and then concentrate on getting players healthy.
  13. I guess they could move it inside the stadium if it rains. Probably don't want the expense of hiring security for the stadium. If the weather is nice I will go to this and then visit the Christmas Village at the harbor. Not worth going to in the rain. But I guess that is what happens when they are too cheap to pay for the convention center and they decide to have their one event outside in December. It would be only fitting that it gets rained out. I wonder why so few of you want to go to this. Your chance to hear Elias call the Astro's issues a "PR problem" and how the "Orioles need to field a minor league quality team to make the playoffs in the tough AL East".
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