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  1. You forgot the greatest Knick of them all Walt Frazier.
  2. There should be plenty of other sports to watch this summer.
  3. The moon debate I think the flat earther won. Talking about Led Zeppelin and HG Wells is not an effective argument.
  4. Most baseball players missed 3 years due to WW2. No one got an asterisk because of it.
  5. Gregg was booed loudly on opening day 2012.
  6. No one is paying attention to the rules too much anymore. I say just drop them and let the chips fall where they may.
  7. NHL missed a whole season. I don’t think people think about it too much anymore.
  8. As I mentioned in the NBA thread he was my favorite NBA player of all time. Sad news.
  9. I think this belongs in the main thread as no one will see it here. Wes was my favorite player growing up. Saw him at pre-season camp at Ft Meade several times. Also coached the Bullets for a while after retiring. And served as the GM for many years. Sad day for sports fans.
  10. The owners seem to be willing to pay a little less than 1/3 salary no matter how many games are played. I don’t know what meeting in the middle of games played had to do with anything,
  11. So guys making $30 million a year would get $9 million under this plan. They would only have 50 games. So that isn’t even a third of a season and then go to playoffs. So overall players won’ pay anymore money than earlier proposed owners plan. And they don’t even need to negotiate with players to implement this, LOL.
  12. Also MLS players agreed to take a salary cut to play. If either side wanted to play games they would meet in person and hammer a deal out instead of making comical offers to each other.
  13. This isn’t a real proposal. If the owners wanted more games they would have put it in there proposal. And deferring salary with interest if there are no World Series is comical. That does nothing for the owners.
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