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  1. Maybe Elias doesn't like talking to fans. DD didn't have any issues doing the fan Q and A's. There goes the narrative that he is more outgoing than DD.
  2. Looks like Starling Marte was signed when he was 18.
  3. Well that is true. But I would like to see them build a modern facility. You can see picture of most other teams facilities. Does anyone even have a pictures of the Orioles facility. If they spend money $10 million on a facility or even announce the building of a new facility that would make me believe they were actually making progress.
  4. I did read these kids were taken out of school at age 12 by trainers who give money to their families. So the trainers end up deciding who they sign with. Really the whole system is terrible. Players should just go into an International draft at age 18 and if MLB wants to they can help the high schools improve their baseball programs. Most of these kids will never leave the island and won't have anything to show for their time in baseball and won't even have a low level education.
  5. Looks like there are significantly more 17 and 18 year old's on this years teams. I wonder if most of those are DD signings as from what I read on here is most of the guys signed this period were not playing in the DSL.
  6. You know that how? Because Elias said that? Well it will be interesting when late guys come out from Cuba or elsewhere do we sit on the sidelines again. I am not sure why we are saying he is doing great when he hasn't signed any top 50 guys and no plans have been announced to build a modern facility. I am guessing top players won't want to sign with a team that has a dilapidated facility when most other teams have very modern new facilities.
  7. Looks like they had 3 17 year olds and 7 18 year olds on the team in 2018. Seems like most of those guys were still on the team in 2019.
  8. DD signed guys every year. They had a team in the 2018 DR summer league that did pretty well. I am not sure what not even spending a 1/3rd of your allotment says about a team. Some teams like to exceed their allotment by trading for more slots. The Orioles on the other hand. Looks like their biggest signing was 450k. We spent a lot more than that on Hank U by himself. I mean use up all your slots and sign guys in the top 50. By the time the Orioles say they are ready to go after top talent there will be an International draft.
  9. Yeah pitchers are so prone to injury. If you can get someone like Bregman or Machado you have to take them over any pitcher.
  10. I used to just park in the neighborhoods for free. Or take the bus. Camden Yards was great though as I could walk from Fells Point to the game. A little bit better these days as the area where Harbor East is today was pretty dicey back then.
  11. Pretty useless article. Dumbest statement in the article: "They could have helped improve the overall talent base, but not having that money to trade and help the major league team get by could have made the Orioles a far worse team to watch than they already were in 2019" Who were these guys that were used with the money to help the major league team? Until the Orioles actually do something internationally under Elias I think praising them is very pre-mature. The younger Mesa Brother and Gaston could turn out to be decent players.
  12. I always sat in the bleachers so I didn't have any obstructions. Much nicer amenities than Wrigley field. I mean it worked. Camden Yards is much better but Memorial Stadium was fine as a free stadium for the team. Memorial Stadium had a surreal feel to it which Camden Yards doesn't. Plus the fans were a lot more fun back then. Of course, I was in my twenties when Camden Yards opened. Perhaps I would like the fans there now. I lived in Fells Point the first year it opened and I think Bleacher seats were something like $4.50. Went to a ton of games that year. But that was the first time I ever saw fans having off topic conversations during the game. I remember seeing two women talk the whole game in the Bleachers at Camden Yards and I was shocked. In the Bleachers at Memorial Stadium, you drank beer, shouted insults at the opposing teams outfielders, banged on the metal benches,shouted charge and high fived your fellow fans.
  13. Really it doesn't. If there was no salary cap it would make sense. It just is a method of keeping the good teams good. Which defeats the whole purpose of having the worst teams draft first. It doesn't even help keep down salaries as most teams go up the caps in salaries.
  14. If the threshold is playing the outfield as well as Mancini I think just about anyone can play the outfield.
  15. Yeah MLB has really gotten a lot of free stadiums from the tax payers. Memorial stadium wasn’t so bad.
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