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  1. He lied before and was called out by Palmer.
  2. I used to work at a grocery store in college and my boss used to me make me buy his lottery tickets at the liquor store next door and I frequently saw Artie Donovan in there shopping. Only knew who he was because of Letterman. Didn’t ask him for his autograph though. Mark Williamson used to come in the Grocery store a bunch. As did coach Kenny Cooper. Saw Brooks coming out of Security Mall one day In the 80s and he looked like he didn’t want to be bothered so I didn’t say anything to him. He left through Hutzlers so he probably figured no one was going to be in there.
  3. Now Muhammad Ali's autograph I would have wanted.
  4. I am not going to make a prediction but I hope the Chiefs win because I would like to see Suggs with another Super Bowl ring.
  5. I wouldn't pay $45 for anyone's autograph. But if you wanted it because he became a solid player probably be better to wait until he became one to get the autograph. I wonder what Brian Matusz autograph is worth today. I have only gotten one person's autograph in my life. I got Robert Smith's autograph back in the 80's. I think getting someones autograph was just an excuse to meet the person. I think today I would just prefer a photo. Someone like Adam Jones I would pay something to charity to get a photo with him. Certainly wouldn't pay him as he has made a lot more money than he will ever need. As for Austin Hays I don't want a photo with him. He is just some guy who is trying to make it to major leagues. Boog gives out autographs and photos for free. And he won an MVP and a World Series.
  6. This is suppose to be a great WR class why wouldn’t you take a receiver if one is available.
  7. Maybe they will be giving out Dylan Bundy Balls tonight.
  8. Yeah i don’t get that at all. Why would I want Hays autograph even if it were free?
  9. Yeah anyone can play a lot of positions badly. You could put Chris Davis at Shortstop if you wanted for example. And Beckham is even worse at Third than at Shortstop. His high strike out rate and his low OBP make him very un-fun player to watch. Add that to his upcoming suspension and he might be an even worse hitter if he stops taking PEDs. I don't see the need to bring Beckham even on a minor league deal. It is like rubbing salt into our wounds. If you are going to get someone awful at least have someone who we haven't seen before.
  10. atomic

    Ok... Who SHOULD be in?

    All this character clause does is make being in the Hall of Fame less prestigious. If you keep the best players out what do you actually have? And everyone thought people like Bill Cosby and Joe Paterno were great people. We don’t know what any of these people have done in their personal lives. The only NHL player that I thought that belonged in and wasn’t is Peirre Turgeon. When I looked for a reason the thing I found was when he was 18 years old he was on the Canadian Junior hockey team playing against the Russians. A brawl broke out and all the players got on the ice and everyone punched each other for 10 minutes or so. And the refs even turned the lights off in the arena. The game was cancelled and the Canadians were all suspended from international play and they were thrown out of the tournament. Well everyone was suspended but Turgeon who sat on the bench for the entire brawl and one of his teammates was double teamed by the Russians. He wasn’t even a pro player yet but the voters hold it against him it seems.
  11. That’s like saying Tom Brady gets such adulation and if he played for the Browns he wouldn’t. Jeter is the all time hit leader in the post season and it isn’t even close. I don’t think anyone said he was the best player of all time but he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. I am not sure what your point is. We don’t need to find fault with everyone. I read an article recently that Predicted he will be the last baseball player to transcend the sport. His 3467 hits, his .310 average, his .377 OBP and his 200 Post Season hits as a shortstop all make him a Hall of Famer.
  12. atomic

    Ok... Who SHOULD be in?

    Grinch doesn’t belong in. You need to win or close to winning MVPs. Or post season heroics or lead in something. Get 3000 hits or .800 OPS or field like Ozzie Smith. Grinch is just a guy overrated by WAR. Good player like Doug Decinces or Ken Singleton. Sanberg has an MVP season. I saw Grich play he was no Belanger or Brooks defensively, he
  13. Negative 0.5 DWAR for a shortstop is really bad Negative 0.5 DWAR from a first baseman is good.
  14. Holt has more talent and doesn’t have a PED suspension. All Beckham does is strike out, make errors and get suspended. I see zero reason to have Beckham anywhere near our team.
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