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  1. I would be more worried about the Patriots defense.
  2. The Patriots have the easiest schedule ever. They play Dolphins and Jets twice plus Redskins and Bengals. Plus the rest of our division and NFC East.
  3. I think Stanley has looked pretty darn good. Lamqr has held on to the ball too long.
  4. I dont read Mlb section as I dont care about other teams. Buck was second winningest manager in Orioles history. Most people care about him. And he is Orioles related. If you dont want to read about it just dont open th he thread.
  5. The Ravens are 26th in the league in sacks even though they blitz all the time. The eye test is right this next generation stat is wrong.
  6. I think they need to check their formula. I see the Ravens sending 6 guys and getting no pressure. People need to stop blindly trusting analytics.
  7. I have to say the Steelers kicking the ball after winning the toss was as stupid as the Harbaughs 2 point extravaganza last week. Then the Steelers coaches were celebrating on the sideline as they stopped the Ravens and got the ball right where they would have if they received the ball to begin with.
  8. The teams the Ravens and Steelers have beaten are a combined 0-11-1. I vote Steelers as our defense gives up more yards per play than any team in the league,
  9. I am sure that was Wasdins fault. Anyone should be able to coach up waiver claims into a dominant bullpen.
  10. When I read he was looking for front office people I thought he was looking for a VP to replace Brady. I was breaking out my resume. I figured I could get a locker in the clubhouse and wear a uniform while going around Elias and reporting my complaints directly to ownership.
  11. Suggs has 3 1/2 sacks in 4 games plus 17 tackles and a forced fumble.
  12. 4 to 5 position players if you trade Villar.
  13. If you dnt keep your best players you will keep getting worse. They let go Mosley, Suggs and Weddle this offseason and now their defense is a joke. If you let Stanley go you might as well just do a total rebuild.
  14. That was a good interview. Seems like too long of a sentence. Sig shouldnt have used the same password. They should have implemented password change requirements. Hopefully Orioles are using MFA.
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