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  1. I dont think that is fair. None of us know what Surhoff brought to the table so none of us can judge whether this is justified or not. Seems like some people will blindly support GM no matter what he does.
  2. I dont think most people would attend more games even if they were free.
  3. Those Royals had an incredible range from their outfield and a bunch of shutdown relievers.
  4. There was one guy who created something like 8 of the 14 main childhood vaccines. They say he save more lives than anyone ever. He got no great publicity and in fact before he passed he got death threats because of his work.
  5. Yeah but he didnt just fine 1 or 2 guys so I dont think what you are saying really applies.
  6. The 2014 season was more fun than the 1983 team for me. The 1982 season was my favorite Oriole season. They fell 1 game short but I dont think any Oriole season comes close to the excitement of that one. I would say 2012 season was my second favorite. Adam Jones pieing everyone including the fans in 2014 was awesome. 1979 season was just horrible ending with the Pirates coming back. The song "we are family" will always lead to flashbacks of sadness.
  7. You dont feel like the 2014 division championship is worth celebrating?
  8. In 2012 and 2013 no team had less than 1.5 million fans. Very few teams had less than 1.3 million since 2003 either. Baseball attendance is trending downward. This year is the worst for the Orioles since 1978.
  9. Yeah that is why I think attendance will be down to a million next year. Tons of no shows. Season ticket holders cant find sellers for their extra tickets. They cant even give them away. And how much fun is it to attend a game in an empty stadium?
  10. Means and Villar might not meet those milestones but I think they will continue to be better than average players next year.
  11. I don't see a point to protecting Wilkerson or Ruiz either.
  12. I would say Villar and Means are the most likely to have continued success. Villar has had success in the past. All but one season he was pretty good. Means works hard to improve himself. He seems like a guy who knows what he is doing. And knows how to make adjustments.
  13. Severino is most likely to be out of baseball in a couple of years. He had a .937 OPS in early June. .829 OPS in early July, .811 OPS in early August, and now he is at .752. He absolutely horrible catcher and he calls the worst game. I think game calling is overrated but Severino just is bad. I haven't watched a ton of games but every time I watch one and Severino is catching I wonder how he ever made it to the big leagues.
  14. They are trying the Orioles strategy. Be so awful that you get high draft picks and trade your players for picks. Seems more likely to work in the NFL as top draft picks are more likely to be star players but in reality teams that do this generally just continue to be bad.
  15. Concerned no. I just think it shows he won’t be up this year. He will most likely start in Frederick. I think sometime in 2021 is more realistic.
  16. How many times must Chris Davis play ball Before his bat is forever banned. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind. Yes, 'n' how many at bats can Davis receive Before he is allowed to be free? Yes, 'n' how many times can a GM turn his head And pretend that he just doesn't see? The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind The answer is blowin' in the wind I think he is here all of next year.
  17. I don't see the need to rush him. If you are just going to move him through the system so quickly why not just bring him up in spring training. He isn't learning anything spending a month at each level.
  18. I don't see any chance of him being on the Orioles next year. He didn't even hit in Delmarva this year. Best case for him is he starts the year in Frederick and at half way point gets promoted to Bowie.
  19. Reading that every team in the league has contacted the Jaguars about trading for Ramsey.
  20. I would give a first and a fourth. That seems reasonable. If you are trading Hurst, a First and a Third that becomes too much. Ramsey only has one more year on his deal after this year. And he isn't cheap next year.
  21. #3 I find disagreement with. There weren't close to 1.3 million paying fans in the stands. People bought season tickets and didn't attend a lot of their games. I think season ticket sales will go down. Reasons people buy season tickets are for things like opening day. Opening day didn't sell out this year. Will be even less sold next year. Also people buy season tickets and give them to employees and customers. If employees and customers do not want the tickets it would be better to give tickets away for something people actually want. For example, Aquarium tickets would be more appreciated. The other 2 are all conjecture. We don't know what will happen next season. If Mancini and Villar are traded it could make the team worse. Yes if the team is more competitive we should have more fans buying single game tickets. But, I will say if next season is like this one and it looks like this one ticket sales will probably go down t a million.
  22. I was as negative as anyone on Lamar but he has really reworked his throwing motion. He looks like an NFL QB now. I watched Flacco’s game against the Raiders and he looked horrible. I have to give tons of credit to Lamar he spent his off season busting his butt to remove major flaws from his game.
  23. Yeah, totally agree. Just stating he seems to be great at acquiring top players and getting the old team to kick in a lot of money. I am not suggesting we trade our prospects for anyone.
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