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  1. Weird for a guy who posted just tell us when on Twitter. Anyone who posted that better play.
  2. I find that strange because the first year my daughter was in daycare I had colds for the entire year.
  3. I wish you posted this earlier. I got the antibody test a few days ago and it came back negative. Interesting no one else was getting any bloodwork at all. Just me a receptionist and the blood taker the building. I wonder how many people are going to have other issues not diagnosed due to all of this.
  4. What fence mending would he need to do? He hasn’t even played with the Dodgers yet. I don’t think any other players would be upset with a player skipping this season. He is giving up $12 million dollars.
  5. He plays for Dodgers but Red Sox pay half his salary.
  6. You are a true fan. As hot as it was the last two days I think I would pass.
  7. Red Sox just saved $6 million dollars from that decision. I guess with plasters opting out the MLBPA doesn’t have much of a grievance about the number of games.
  8. Yeah it is a hot spot right now. It is hard for states that have already been hit hard to continue to have high rates of infections. Maryland is above the National average in death rate and Florida is well below it. Probably end up in the same place in the end. Players from states already hit hard are more likely to test negative as they are more likely to have had it and recovered.
  9. It is amazing they still have this name and shows just how much native Americans are marginalized in this country. Any other group used as a racial slur for a team name would long be changed. And no one is talking about national holidays for native Americans either.
  10. Just about every place in Baltimore area has crab cakes. I dated a girl from Midwest and introduced her to crab cakes and that is all she would eat when we went out for dinner. Some crappy sub shop that you would never think about crab cakes has them. Pizza joints you name it they have them. It is kind of amazing how ubiquitous they are here.
  11. Well people that have already recovered wouldn’t get tested and people that don’t have symptoms don’t usually get tested. I am not sure what the correlation to people in Florida who got tested today has to do with mlb players current positive rate.
  12. In this case I will use "they" instead of "we" when referencing the Orioles. I was against the signing of Davis at any amount and it isn't my money so I don't have anything to do with it.
  13. Interesting that the crabs in Gulf of Mexico are the same species as the ones in Maryland. A lot of restaurants advertise Maryland crabs but the Feds did DNA testing on them and they were Asian crabs at most places. Traced back to a distributor that was selling Asian crabs as Maryland crab meat. The owner had to go to jail. Now if they sell you Gulf of Mexico crab meat and call it Maryland crab there really is no way to test to make sure they are telling the truth as they don't have unique DNA between the two places.
  14. I wouldn't consider him opting out of anything. He has had made $28 million in his career and was signed to a minor league contract. No minor leagues this season.
  15. LOL. Players are going to look at how much money they can get just like always.
  16. Mike Trout who tweeted just tell us when. Now says he isn't sure if he wants to play because of the risks. The odds are low that 60 games plus post-season will be completed. People refused to wear masks even indoors and the virus is spreading like wildfire. Manfred could have easily cancelled the season. The players don't have any leg to stand on.
  17. I have a friend who's wife was furloughed without pay. They didn't get a stimulus check because they made too much money last year. I am not sure why you think baseball players deserve some sort of special treatment. Amazon was hiring. If they wanted to they could have worked at Amazon for extra money.
  18. I ordered crab cakes in Columbus Ohio once and I can’t recommend any more highly to never do that. They were about the size of a quarter and we’re pretty inedible. I had some good crab cakes at Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park in Maine a few times.
  19. G&M crab cakes are actually pretty awful. The best I had were at the Baltimore Museum of Art. They use John Shields recipe which is what we use to make them at home.
  20. Well they have built a roster that seems ideal for that goal.
  21. That isn't what it sounds like. From what Elias said it is easy to put guys on 60 man roster but hard to take them off. So I suspect if he isn't on it by now he won't be on it. As he would be a guy who would not be removed.
  22. Seems like the guys sitting out have all mad tons of money already. But anyone can sit out this year or any other year if they want to. Not a big deal to me,
  23. That is a triple A roster. Well worse because it sounds like Mountcastle won't be added to the 60 man roster. Elias saying it is easy to add to the 60 man roster but hard to take off so they probably won't be adding too many players at this point. Luckily there is no all-star game this year because if Means struggled not a whole lot of all-star material on the team.
  24. Really I think you should be banned for this.
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