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  1. Now there's felony perseverance on two counts.
  2. Kinda resenting your insinuation Mondale/Ferraro '84 is a meme. You best consider your abilities at fisticuffs when attacking a man's bumperstickers.
  3. Can you please translate this into millennial for me or at least reference an election 1980 or later.
  4. Yeah, if they were winning, it'd have to change the equation (at this point they're playing televised funerals). But even so I find the K-K-BB-HR-K style of baseball to be really, really boring. Even if sac bunts and stealing and other bygone strategy is *stupid*, it's far more exciting. And I also hate the changes in bullpen management, too many pitchers, starters being handled the way they are. There was an aspect of excitement in seeing if a guy could pull off a shutout, no-hitter, or at least push himself. Again, won't fault teams for executing strategies based on data; I'd expect nothing less. But when Hess was cruising through several no-hit innings and they pulled him because it was time to do that, part of me died. I hated it. Didn't help that his replacement (Araujo I think?) came in and allowed a 3 run HR, and then that the Orioles almost lost the game. It was like, I was watching something really cool, and then the MATLAB program that runs this and every other baseball team said it was time for it to be over. I really don't care what the argument is for doing that, you're never going to get me to like it, and it's never going to make me want to watch more baseball. And enjoyment is the only reason I watch the game.
  5. I'm really bored by the game. I'm especially bored by the Orioles, who I find watching to be a complete waste of my time, but in general I'm not interested in watching other teams when they are on. And you can't fault franchises for managing themselves in a game theory-optimal way. But the dread of inevitability is palpable watching baseball. The races are mostly bad, a lot of the games aren't competitive or exciting. Maybe my tastes are changing but I don't think that's the entirety of it.
  6. This team needs a closer like they need a balloonist. Is it a sure thing he's done starting? I would imagine so with his injury history.
  7. As a chemical engineer I think they may have trouble holding water e.g. meatball formation but please let us know if they work. That's from my experience as a meatball maker and a keto dieter lol.
  8. I have no idea what you are talking about but also yes.
  10. This is way better than having one of our "pitchers" pitch.
  11. Maybe we can give him a nine-figure contract so he can be terrible forever and still play "professional" baseball.
  12. Given all Davis has been through his contract, and the undue patience shown to him by the Orioles, I will give Hyde the full benefit of the doubt. Go earn your check, Chris.
  13. We're legitimate contenders for next year's 4th pick. And the Tigers might not be the best AAA team in baseball.
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