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  1. They said you aren't funny and then they talked for 30 minutes about how you should delete your stupid thread
  2. Apparently he was traded to the Mets for their two usher prospects and a hot dog guy to be named later.
  3. That'd be better. There's been some really memorable extra-inning epics that probably won't ever happen again because of this rule.
  4. This just in, MLB has announced a new extra-inning rule in which the Orioles start every inning with an extra run.
  5. I don't like it although I guess I understand it. But it doesn't feel like "pure" baseball to me, is my complaint.
  6. I'm gonna go rage-eat some pink cat litter brb
  7. Does your cat have a crippling addiction to amphetamines and party drugs? Well have we got a product for you!
  8. I swear to god if it happens I am mailing used cat litter to your house, and I don't even own a cat so you think about that when you're opening Amazon packages.
  9. Everybody playing stupid baseball lol
  10. I've never been this miserable while the Orioles have a lead on the Yankees, these @NYY games are such miserable experiences.
  11. I agree with you but man did he step up. Good for him. Huge moment for his career.
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