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  1. Everyone in here needs to remember something important, and ask themselves a question. Barnaby Graves is making bacon and peas over/with rice because he's clearing out his fridge and freezer of old ingredients. Now, after frying said bacon, and then frying the peas in the oily bacon pan, should he add seasonings? Seems rich enough. And, does he add the cooked rich to the bacon pea slurry, or put the peas and bacon on top of the rice? What would Cal do? Frank Robinson? Brooks Robinson? Mrs. Robinson? Joe DiMaggio? I am asking important questions.
  2. SARS-Cov-2 is all over the place in the symptoms it causes and is just a different animal at the end of the day. The flu is mostly self-limiting in a regular, healthy population. COVID-19 killed hundreds of Italian health professionals as Italy struggled to build its response to the virus. We barely know what transpired in China. I think people have forgotten the early-day gloom as this thing started ripping its way through the First World and nearly killed U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, when everyone was freaked out. I've known three people who caught it. My best childhood friend, Brooklyn doctor, healthy 30-year-old, experienced two days of entire body pain (punishing, as he described it), total fatigue, and no other symptoms (no cough, fever), robust recovery. 50-year-old colleague, one day of moderate fever, loss of taste and smell, robust recovery. His life partner, 50-year-old in good health, 105 F fever for 3 weeks, fluid in the lungs, massive body pain, hallucinations, multi-month recovery. This is not necessarily just a week of 102 F fever, you stay in bed, you know you're probably coming back. There's a bunch of asymptomatics, a bunch of flu-like symptoms, and then there's the guy in good health who gets hit with a truck. And for the flu we have a seasonal vaccine with a decent chance of conferring decent resistance on the population-at-large. We don't have that for COVID-19, just don't, it needs to be accepted. If the entire league got infected, players, coaches, umpire, support staff, there's going to be some people seriously messed up, maybe some deaths. How many are acceptable? It's a legitimate question. It's a legitimate question for the entire economy given the state we are in. I'll leave you all with a pertinent Bob Ross quote.
  3. Curing viruses is extremely difficult. They are too diverse and by nature they use the machinery of other organisms to replicate so good luck finding a therapeutic target that doesn't seriously screw up the person you are trying to cure. Like chemo, or something. A vaccine seems much more promising and there look to be some great candidates in the mix, the big question is how the virus will respond, because it definitely will respond. We could be stuck with new yearly SARS coronavirus outbreaks.
  4. I think those events are inevitable. We got to Game 4 before the first clubhouse-wide outbreak.
  5. I was drunk before the start of the game, please ignore all comments made in my current condition. Also I'm listening to the Red Sox feed and Jerry Remy sounds like a sausage sandwich brought to life by witchcraft.
  6. Gregg Olson was a career relief pitcher (never started a game) who was known for his astonishing curveball. Sometimes he played for the Baltimore Orioles but also sometimes he did not. On April 20th, 1998, at age 31, he was pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He hadn't taken a live Major League at-bat since 1994. In the bottom of the 7th, he crushed a 3-2 pitch from Óscar Henriquez into the left-field bleachers, scoring Devon White. What could Gregg have been thinking as he trudged into the batter's box? Was he thinking, here's a spot for a home run? I'm looking fastball on the full count? Here's where I get 2 of my 2 career RBIs? Was he just saying, aw (freaking heck, jeez Louise), look at all this (stuff) my job is making me do? And then he launches one. Sends the big leathery boy into the night. What was he looking for, trying to do? Was he going for the big fly, or just trying to put it in play? How do you hit a 4-bagger if you're going for contact? Gregg must've been going for it. He came, he saw, absolutely conquered. What was his reaction? Diamondbacks crushed the game, his donger was just a grave dance on a defeated opponent, but holy heck. A live, major league home run you were never supposed to hit. You'd be psyched for a year. You'd be giving your significant other the extra spicy treatment for the next decade. I tell you friends, I'd feel like a god forever. Here I am, trying to do one job in professional baseball, getting sucked into another, and straight crushing it. Metaphorically and literally hitting the jackpot. I'd tell that story to anyone I ever met forever. Yeah I pitched professional baseball, but let me tell you about the time they made me hit. Oh, what do you do, sell insurance? Shut up nerd, I destroyed a baseball on live television. I don't even CARE about opposing pitcher Óscar Henriquez. I don't even know who the guy is. Was he a fan-of-the-month they let pitch, and that's why I hit a dinglerooski off him in a 15-4 game? Go ahead and audit my home run, tell me I'm not legit. I'm in Baseball-Reference, permanently. People who do not like it can call the police. What does Gregg Olson do now? Does he ever think about that home run? Because I do and it inspires me when I need it to.
  7. Boy 2020 really sucks. I'm 29 but mildly freaked out by this whole thing because I got pneumonia in 2009 when I caught swine flu. If I die, I just want you guys to know two things. 1) I love you and 2) robot umpires now.
  8. I genuinely don't understand why people like this guy or feel sorry for him at this point. His best moments were a long time ago and he's got Derek Bell-like levels of arrogance and entitlement.
  9. I love it. It makes me imagine some horrifying science experiment gone wrong. Imagine a 20 foot tall cartoon Oriole Bird, 90% head and 10% thin, deformed limbs, rampaging through Baltimore, destroying buildings with his gigantic bat. Get me John Waters on the phone and let's make a movie dammit. You would cancel Christmas if you could.
  10. Look at the passion in this thread, that's why Shawn Armstrong is here. Look at the time real human beings are expending discussing the baseball career of Shawn Armstrong. Now I'm doing it too. It's contagious. We have Shawn Armstrong fever.
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