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  1. Villar's going to get like $7M or so in arbitration. If you think he's a 3 WAR player (which there's a good case for), then that's a lot of value and not a lot of risk for a winning team who needs a middle infielder. I bet Elias could trade him for a 45 grade prospect this winter. Would you trade him for a player like Austin Hays, Ryan McKenna, or Dean Kremer?
  2. Three scenarios for the final 15: 1. The Orioles collapse and overtake Detroit for the 1st pick. 2. The Orioles keep plodding along and end up with the 2nd pick. 3. The Orioles catch fire and end up passing the Marlins for the 3rd pick. Which would you choose? I would easily choose the 3rd one.
  3. Armstrong and Ruiz were good waiver claims, too. ML capable players at least. I agree, he hasn't done much to help the ML team. But I like that he's cleaning house with minor league development, and you have to respect the time investment it takes to get the international groundwork done. Hopefully bringing those areas into the 21st century. I would like to see a more competitive team take the field next year. No more Richie Martin, Chris Davis, and Wilkerson in the starting lineup. The payroll looks to be at around $63M next year if Villar gets tendered a contract. That's so low - no reason they can't make a minor investment in some ML talent that isn't blocking anyone (and could be traded). Jose Iglesias and a back of the rotation SP would do wonders.
  4. Two interesting articles came out this week: Do We Even Need Minor League Baseball? - the title is a bit sensationalized but has a good critique of how the Minor League system overall works. Good examples of how players improve nowadays. Walker Buehler's quotes were interesting. Maybe You Just Like Watching Baseball Games - is a funny response. Brings up some good points about attendance, game enjoyment, development, etc. What's your take on the issue? Any sweeping changes you would make?
  5. I didn't realize he had that split, but he's still a below average hitter against righties (92 wRC+ career, 97 this year) and he doesn't really provide any defensive value or baserunning value. I'm fine with him playing wherever in Norfolk next year like Jace Peterson, but no need for him to be on the 40 man. I'd be stunned if he was claimed.
  6. I like Wilkerson, but he's really bad. 248th out of 257 hitters with 300+PA in wRC+ this year. He's 27 and it's not like he's unlucky with balls in play. That's just his talent level. Unlike a good utility player, he's not a positive defender anywhere like Flaherty, David Lough, Andino, etc. He's just passable everywhere. That's not a valuable trait unless you have no one else who can play a certain position (See: 2019 O's, CF)
  7. Trumbo, Wilkerson, Williams, Rogers, Tayler Scott, Brooks, Eades, Ortiz, Hess, Shepherd, and Blach will not be on the 40 man next spring I'm guessing. Lot of spots for waiver claims, borderline protectables, etc. Ynoa, Smith Jr., and Davis aren't ML-caliber players but could stick around till spring at least. I think Wojo and Armstrong might have earned spots for the time being.
  8. Is Keegin Akin a ML-caliber starting pitcher? Bruce Zimmermann had a nice season statistically, but is never mentioned as a real prospect. Is there anything there?
  9. I agree. But one of the luxuries of being a really bad ballclub is there is a lot of room on our 40 man roster for next year. 6 or so guys to add. We have 15 or so players on the 40 man roster that ought not be on a ML team's roster and will probably be cut this winter. Why not take advantage of that space on a guy like Fenter? Let him start in Frederick or push him fast as a reliever. Disclaimer: I've never seen Gray Fenter pitch and am completely scouting the stat line.
  10. Very impressive stat line. Wonder if he's pitching himself into the 40 man roster. We have plenty of room - there are like 15 guys who I'd guess would pass through waivers after this year and only 6 or so other guys to add.
  11. Left-hander Kevin Magee from Aberdeen today: 6 IP 10 K 1 BB 4 H (on only 82 pitches) Last year's 9th round pick. Really strong numbers this year, but he's also 23 and in Aberdeen. I wonder if there's any potential there.
  12. Remember that a lot of the money is deferred. 23M is just 161 divided by 7. He's really getting 17M for the next 3 years and then Bonilla-style paydays for a while after.
  13. True, but it's not really an issue like it is for teams like the Rays or Astros. There are about 15 DFA-worthy players on the 40 man roster right now. If anything, Elias will struggle to fill it this winter. I would bet Dwight Smith, Cody Caroll, Luis Ortiz, Yacabonis, Tayler Scott, Rio Ruiz, Rondon, Chris Davis, Brooks, Hess, Sheppard, Steve Wilkerson, and Jace Peterson would all clear waivers. Plus some other bullpen guys on the roster are questionable right now.
  14. The Orioles have to give DJ Stewart a real shot. It's really strange to me that they haven't, especially with Smith Jr. hurt now.
  15. I would DFA Hess, Ortiz, Wilkerson, and Rondon and not lose a wink of sleep. Losing Ruiz or Carroll wouldn't trouble me much either. And I doubt Alvarado gets added.
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