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  1. Good glove at 3B, too. And under team control for 2 years. I really like this waiver claim. The Orioles have no ML-ready prospects at 2B/3B/SS. Yet, they can have an actually good infield with Alberto, Sanchez, and Iglesias for ~7-8M combined. I hope they don't cut Alberto. The payroll is already looking to come in around 50M next year which is pathetically low no matter what revenue was lost this year.
  2. I am surprised that Eshelman didn't get cut with this group.
  3. There's no one left that Mike is interested in. He's already traded for every shortstop born from 2002-2004 in the Dominican Republic.
  4. I think a case could be made for Adam Hall being in the 10-12 range. I'm interested to read why he's fallen so far in your rankings.
  5. How different would the game be if the strike zone was a constant? Maybe the current strike zone of the average height player (6'1). Would Jose "Buzzer" Altuve (5'6) be able to compete? Would Aaron Judge (6'7) have a huge advantage?
  6. It's kind of crazy how baseball adjusts the strike zone to the player's height, isn't it? I can't think of another sport where the official rules vary based on the player's height.
  7. Matt Swartz at MLBTradeRumors has made some predictions about arbitration eligible cases around the league. Below are his projections for the Orioles: Hanser Alberto – $2.3MM Shawn Armstrong – $800K Trey Mancini – $4.8MM Renato Nunez – $2.1MM Anthony Santander – $1.7MM Pedro Severino – $1.4MM I don't expect Mancini to go to arbitration, I would guess they work something unique out with him. Nunez is likely gone, but it will be interesting to see if they can work out a trade for him. I speculated that a team would give up a Cadyn Grenier level prospect for him, but many believed that he's destined for a DFA. I would like the team to keep Alberto. I'd be disappointed if they can't afford $2M for a ML caliber infielder next year.
  8. I prefer the Andino/Flaherty mold of flexible, glove-first utility guys, but it's nice to read that about Urias. I wonder if he'll make the team over Valaika next year.
  9. "Can’t come to Baltimore without being reminded of what a cool stadium Camden is, especially when it’s packed with fans. Nothing like hearing 30,000+ @Orioles fans yell O during the National anthem. Always a fun time" - Trevor Bauer, today I think this is part of a bit he's doing where he tweets about teams to stir fans up about his free agency. He's done it with the Yankees, Nats, Padres, and Red Sox recently. Still nice to read though.
  10. I'm still a big fan of Manny. Everyone is assuming he's mad at the guy for celebrating, but they have no idea what he's mad about. I heard a reporter say the pitcher was pointing at Tatis and yelling something, and Machado was sticking up for his guy.
  11. I think Hanser Alberto could play a fine 3B. It's easier to find a 2B on the FA Market (Schoop, Villar, Profar, etc.) than a 3B.
  12. That is probably just sugarcoating the real reasons for firing, right? It seems ludicrous that the 3B coach's salary is significant enough to merit ownership mandates.
  13. I'd give the situation a solid B. Means, Cobb, Akin, and Kremer are 4 ML caliber starters, which is more than we've had since 2016. Lots of reasons to be optimistic about Baumann, Hall, Rodriguez, Smith, etc. in the next few years too. But an A is too good for this group. The Reds had Trevor Bauer, Luis Castillo, Sonny Gray, and Tyler Mahle throwing gem after gem this year with some solid pitching prospects in the minors. Are they an A++?
  14. Agreed. Ruiz isn't good enough though, so I'd move Alberto to 3B and sign Schoop (or someone similar) to play 2B.
  15. What's wrong with Schoop? Strong defender and a lot of power. He has his warts but he's a good ballpayer. Fair enough about Profar. What about Villar? The other infielders I'm seeing are too good (LeMahieu) or too bad (Hechavarria) to make sense.
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