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  1. Mountcastle can't hit high fastballs right now. Needs to make an adjustment.
  2. I'm read to see what Lowther or Akin can do with some starts. Lopez to the pen, LeBlanc gone hopefully.
  3. I wouldn't count that against Mullins. It would have been an unbelievable play. HIs poor throw home earlier shows why he'll never be a gold glover despite his great ability to go and get the ball.
  4. Back on topic here: Valaika and Urias are Titanic deck chairs. I expect Jahmai Jones and Rylan Bannon to be fighting for time at 2B this summer.
  5. I'm looking forward to chanting "Zero Point Zero" when the Orioles clinch the AL East in September. I almost forgot how much I enjoy watching baseball. Today was a great game. Means was outstanding, Ruiz made some great plays, Mountcastle with the big hit. And Jim Palmer was cracking me up talking about Joe West and his CD.
  6. Palmer talking about West peddling his CD is cracking me up.
  7. I am very impressed with John Means today. All 3 pitches look crisp and he's commanding them well. Easy to dream on him anchoring the next contending team's rotation.
  8. Good for the Mets and Lindor! I'm rooting for them to take the NL pennant this year. I'd love it if the Orioles jumped on a premium infielder next offseason (Bryant, Correa, Baez, Story, etc.) to crowbar open our next contending window. I know they'll never do it, but I never thought they'd sign Tejada either.
  9. Is LeBlanc out then? I considered Fry, Scott, Valdez, and Armstrong to be locks. If both Rule 5 guys, Tate, Sulser, and Plutko are all in then there's no room for LeBlanc in a 9 man pen.
  10. FWIW, I did my own research into this because I tend to be skeptical of things as well. The CDC has been publishing death data in America for years. At the end of 2020, the number of deaths in America above what an average year would be was pretty much exactly the reported figure for COVID deaths. That suggests that the reported COVID death count is quite accurate in measuring COVID deaths. Our poor understanding of health and nutrition is our underlying condition as a country. I suppose that narrative doesn't sell though.
  11. Guys who can throw 60 IP of 4+ ERA like Abad/Tate/Sulser/Lakins aren't valued anymore. If you're going to be a 1 inning guy, you'd better dominate that inning. Otherwise, a guy like Plutko will take your spot. I think an ideal team has 4 long relievers and 3 dominant 1 IP guys in the pen. Then, a 5 man bench of PHs like Renato Nunez/DJ Stewart, a PR/OF like Billy Hamilton, a versatile glove like Ryan Flaherty, and a catcher.
  12. Wow! Elias is ruthless. He didn't like what he saw from Sanchez and Akin so he didn't wait around. Just cut them. Who plays 2B?
  13. Hyde/Elias are working with a lot more information than we are. They see his conditioning, pitch data, side sessions, daily work ethic, attitude, and they can actually talk to him. That doesn't mean they're automatically right, but they certainly aren't basing this decision on just ST game performance.
  14. Akin had a rough spring, but I still thought he'd make the team. I would guess the rotation is Means, Kremer, Harvey, Lopez, and LeBlanc now with Zimmermann and the Rule 5 guys in the pen.
  15. A good core of hitters is forming here again. But it is a clear step down from the Showalter/Duquette teams which had a stacked core of position players. Maybe the next playoff Orioles will be more balanced though. The 2012-6 Orioles never developed the pitching. On a side note, the Orioles absolutely have the budget to sign some of the top FAs next year and put a contender together. They won't, but they could. I think next year it's time to start trying to win, but maybe I'm impatient.
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