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  1. A classic! Blue cheese with wings or.......
  2. I played high school baseball in Baltimore County and my coach volunteered us to go to an event where some Little League kids would do some drills with current and former Orioles. I was a grumpy 17 year old about the whole thing, but Rick Krivda and I were assigned to run the outfield drills for the kids. Rick was really nice to me. He'd retired by this point, but he ran the drill with a great energy and he talked baseball with me and asked about our season and seemed genuinely interested in what I thought about drills and hitting and the high school baseball scene. It impressed me a lot at the time, his energy snapped me out of that "This is lame" mindset, at least for that day. I also played catch with Jake Arrieta for a minute after the event. He was a minor league nobody at the time, not much older than I was.
  3. I'd put my Titanic Deck Chair Preference Order at 1. Herrera 2. Urias 3. Velazquez 4. Valaika But remember that Hanser Alberto, Dwight Smith Jr, and Pedro Severino were all acquired in March 2019. More moves will be made.
  4. Last year 3 SP options (Rogers, Cobb, Karns) were done for the year early on and several others (Hess, Straily, Ynoa, etc.) were getting shelled. There was no one else to step up so they spent the whole summer scrambling around for guys like Eshelman and Shepherd who all (except for Wojo) got shelled also. This year will be the same. Guys will get injured and flame out early on and there aren't enough viable options to step up. Means, Cobb, Wojo, LeBlanc, Milone, Stewart, Velazquez, Akin, Hess, Zimmermann, Kremer. Assume 3 of those guys are hurt and 3 are pitching terribly in May. Things start to look pretty rough, just like last year. There are still replacement level vets out there like Cashner, Vargas, and Buchholz if they want to go that route. Trotting out AAA guys like Shepherd or Eshelman is painful for the fans and unnecessary.
  5. The land of opportunity. I guess he'll compete with Kohl Stewart for the long reliever role. He's 31 but has solid numbers actually. 3.90 career ERA for Boston in 166 IP over the last few years.
  6. Sad to see this. I don't think 40 man roster spots are really an issue. Plenty of room could have been made. I'm guessing they just didn't like Bailey and Rucker all that much after getting a long look. Good news for the other fringy pitchers. Hess, for example, could be the long man now.
  7. Baltimore: Means, Cobb, Wojo, LeBlanc, Milone Norfolk: Akin, Kremer, Wells, Zimmermann, Lowther Barring a string of injuries, Eshelman isn't cracking either of those rotations. Him, Hanhold, Shepherd, Hess, Blach, etc. would have to accept going to AA, pitch out of Norfolk's pen, or find a new organization.
  8. Hess will be DFAd at the end of spring I'm guessing. Maybe they'll have him pitch out of Norfolk's pen. Guys like Hanhold, Shepherd, Eshelman, Blach, etc. won't make Norfolk's team unless guys get injured. AA or released.
  9. In a recent chat, Keith Law implied his ranking would be 1. Martin 2. Torkelson 3. Hancock I think I've been sleeping on Torkelson a bit, because of his position. Also interesting that he doesn't seem to think of Rocker as the generational Strasburg-level prospect that some have been making him out to be. Which is good because I'd rather the Orioles surprised people and won 70+ games this year anyway.
  10. Excellent performance by Tyson Fury tonight. I much prefer MMA to boxing, but Fury really dominated the fight against a great champion. Was fun to watch.
  11. SP: Means, Cobb, Wojo, LeBlanc, Milone RP: Givens, Bleier, Castro, Fry, Scott, Bailey, Armstrong, Harvey Alberto Santander Hays Mancini Nunez Smith Jr. Ruiz Iglesias Sisco Davis Severino M. Williams Urias I cannot imagine Richard Urena makes the team. His career OPS is .662 in AAA and .652 in AA. .707 OPS with the juiced balls last year in AAA. He is probably a worse hitter than Richie Martin.
  12. Sounds like you're down on Rucker's chances. The bullpen looks ML caliber actually, but I'm not hopeful about the rotation. A couple of those names will get hurt, a couple will Straily their way off the team. It's a thin group still. If none of the young guys (Akin, Bailey, Rucker) step up early then we're looking at the Chandler Shepherds and Tom Eshelmans of the world getting serious innings just like last year.
  13. Last years rotation in spring training was Bundy, Cobb, Cashner, Hess, and Karns (opener) Means, Straily, J. Rogers, Y. Ramirez, Wright, and Ynoa were long relief and SP depth. This year's rotation in spring training is something like Means, Cobb, Wojo, LeBlanc, Milone Stewart, Akin, Bailey, Rucker, Kremer, Zimmermann, and Hess are long relief and SP depth options. Just a couple months into the 2019 season, 8 of those 11 spring training arms were done for the year or getting consistently shelled. The Orioles had 3 decent SPs and no viable options behind them. Just like last year, the rotation is thin and the depth options are young and unproven. But I think we'd all agree that the depth options have more potential than last year's group. What do you think? Is the SP situation improved or will the warehouse be scrambling around the waiver wire for Tom Eshelmans and Tayler Scotts this summer?
  14. Baseball's lower middle class FAs have definitely lost a lot of leverage. Iglesias is on about the same contract Cesar Izturis signed with the Orioles in 2008 and they're very similar players.
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