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  1. Norfolk's lineup was terrible this year. They scored the least runs in Triple A East. Some of it was the fault of organizational guys in the lineup (Ripken, McCoy, Jarrett, Escarra, Mejias-Breen) but the prospects seriously underperformed there as well (Nevin, Bannon, Diaz). I'd consider moving on from Tim Gibbons (Norfolk's hitting coach).
  2. Agreed. I expect Akin, Zimmermann, Baumann, Lowther, Wells, Kremer, GRod, Bradish, and Hall will all get a chance to try out for the rotation. Just a lot of potential there.
  3. Terrible final outing of the year for Smith (6 BB in 1.2 IP). He appeared to be a lock to be added to the 40-man after dominating in Bowie this year, but he might have pitched himself off of it after his performance in Norfolk (6.23 ERA, 7.83 BB/9, 2.24 HR/9). Mike clearly liked him when he made the trade. Do you think Smith still gets added this winter? Would a team Rule 5 him?
  4. Servideo will be 23 on OD. That's really old for Delmarva. It's time for him to be pushed rather than play it conservative. Hernaiz will be 20. Spending a few months in Delmarva and a few months in Aberdeen is very reasonable for a 20 year old. Especially given that he was a below average hitter in Delmarva this year.
  5. Nice post! I like playing around with this stuff as well. A few disagreements: I'd leave Hernaiz in Delmarva to start. He's still young and didn't hit that well this year (.691 OPS). Servideo should start in Aberdeen despite missing time this year. He hit well in his limited PAs there and he'll be 23 on OD. I don't see much point in starting DL Hall at AA. He dominated there (though in only 30 IP) and he'll be on the 40-man. I'd put him in Norfolk with Grayson.
  6. I'm an Adam Hall believer still, despite his bad year. My hope is that no one takes him in the Rule 5 and he tears it up in Bowie next year.
  7. As of today, the payroll for next year (including Chris Davis, Mancini, and Santander) comes in at under 40 M. It's Mike's 4th year next year. Another 110 loss season is unacceptable. If this offseason looks like the last several, I won't tune in next year.
  8. I would love the Orioles to sign Andrelton Simmons this offseason. I bet he'd come here for 2/14. A Cesar Izturis-type player at this point in his career, but that's valuable. Mateo, Urias, and Jones can fight it out for 2B/3B/UT, with Vavra and Bannon hopefully joining later. There is not one ML-ready starting pitcher in the Orioles organization besides John Means. That is a dire situation that requires investment. You can let Akin/Kremer/Lowther/Baumann/Wells/Zim/etc battle it out for 2 rotation spots and a long man. But 2 ML starters must be acquired or this team will be an embarrassme
  9. I'm pessimistic about Stowers, just from scouting the stat line. There aren't a lot of guys who strike out ~30% of the time in the minors and end up successful big league hitters. Joey Gallo is the only one I can think of, and he has 80 grade power (which Stowers does not). Can anyone think of any others?
  10. Pretty uninspiring first go round in AAA for Smith this year. Good K numbers (10.83 K/9) but a lot of walks (6.36 BB/9) and home runs (2.24 HR/9). Not a Top 30 guy for me and I see Tony has him #35 now also. He'll probably be converted to a reliever.
  11. If Elias offered Severino 3M next year, his agent would assume it was a joke. I'd sign a veteran glove-first catcher, a shortstop like Iglesias/Simmons, and spend the rest on starting pitchers. The rotation situation next year is really, really dire. Akin/Zimmermann are a really tragic 2/3 and I don't even know who 4/5 are right now. Lopez and Scott should clock in at around 1M each next year (like Miguel Castro when he was Arb1)
  12. I'd be very, very careful about trading a high character, great defensive CF who can steal 30 bags, hit 30 HRs, and hit .300. They aren't too many of those. We're building toward a WS contender with the window opening in 2024 or so. Mullins will still be here then.
  13. I guess they're keeping him at Delmarva. Hopefully, he can have a Stowers-like year next year and move all the way to Norfolk.
  14. His stock is way, way up after this year. He's absolutely mashing and he's still a teenager. The infield prospect depth is encouraging right now. Gunnar, Mayo, Servideo, Norby, Ortiz, Westburg, Adam Hall, Vavra, etc. Aberdeen and Bowie will have some crowded infields to start next year!
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