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  1. 2020's version of Alcides Escobar probably. A few years back, Hechavarria got off to a hot start to the year but it was clearly a mirage. In reference to that mirage, some fantasy baseball site posted an article with the headline "Step Away From Adeiny Hechavarria". I always thought that was funny.
  2. Wilkerson is 27 and had a 74 wRC+ last year and Baseball Savant's expected statistics say he was actually very lucky with balls in play. He's so bad. Who cares if he can play a mediocre 2B?
  3. I think option (2) is roughly correct, but exaggerated. I think their main concern is $$, but they'd like Elias to build a winning team too. It would be a nice side benefit to the profitable business they're running.
  4. Peraza, Shaw, Franco, and Hernandez would all be good targets for the infield if no one else offers starting jobs. But maybe they're too expensive for Elias's Tampa-like budget. I'm an offseason junkie, but I can't draw up any excitement after they traded a 4 WAR player for an organizational guy to save money. Trading Bundy, claiming a few Alberto-like lottery tickets, and signing a Dan Straily or two are the only moves I expect.
  5. That number is one. And the level is cash money.
  6. You think most owners are more businessman than baseball fan? It's an interesting question. If you offered the Sons (or another owner) these two choices for the 2020s, which one would they pick: a) Highest profit in the league, huge growth in franchise value, 0 playoff appearances b) Lowest profit in the league, 2 World Series championships
  7. Peraza would be a good addition. I'm ready to be very salty if Villar is just released, still holding out hope that they trade him.
  8. I suppose there's still a chance they trade him before releasing him so maybe I'll withhold my negativity about this for now. I'm not sure how waiving him helps the trade market though.
  9. Completely agree. I am very strongly opposed to this move. I was cautiously optimistic about the Elias and Sons Era. Not anymore. Just embarrassing.
  10. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/has-jonathan-villar-played-himself-out-of-baltimore/ Quote from article: It's unthinkable to me, too. We'll find out in 2 short weeks though.
  11. The 40 man is at 35 right now. I expect Hanhold, Valaika, Wilkerson, Wynns, Smith Jr, Armstrong, and Kline would all pass through waivers, so there isn't any worry about the roster being full. I'm in favor of protecting Mountcastle, Akin, Sedlock, McKenna, Kremer, and Fenter and I expect they'll claim 1 or 2 guys that shake loose from other teams.
  12. Scouting and and infrastructure are all good with me. Non-tendering Villar (or cash-dumping him like Jim Johnson) is a terrible move. He is a valuable piece that teams would love at 1 yr/10M if he were a free agent (just like Schoop last year). They should definitely be able to trade him for a 45-level prospect. If no one is biting, they already have about the lowest payroll in baseball and the financial situation is not so dire that they'd be forced to cut him. They can keep him and try to flip him at the deadline rather than lose him for nothing. But again, they can and should be able to trade him this winter.
  13. I can't imagine why. Unless you're joking. I can never tell. What will they do with that $10M that can't already be done with the tens of millions of dollars they've saved on payroll by now? Maybe I don't know enough about ML budgets. I imagine the team is making a big profit with payroll so low. Is there a good reason (other than pocket-lining) for ownership to set a budget of say $60M?
  14. What benefit does the team get from losing 58 games rather than 62? Rebuilding and tanking are two different things. Trading veterans for prospects is rebuilding. I support that. Non-tendering good ML players so that you lose more games is tanking and I don't support that. It's disrespectful to the game and the fans in my opinion.
  15. $65M is an extremely low payroll already. I don't see any benefits to lowering that to $55M, but correct me if I'm wrong there. Winning 62 games vs 58 games absolutely means something to me. I watch most games. I want to see the team win every time I watch.
  16. I agree with Boras. Tanking is detrimental to the league. I'm a broken record. But the fact that some think non-tendering Villar (or similar moves) is good strategy is frustrating to me. What does that ~$10M saved do for the club? What do they do with that money that's more productive than having a good baseball player play for the baseball team? Winning 62 games instead of 58 means something to the fans that attend/watch those 4 games. And the payroll is already plenty low enough for a rebuild. About $65M without deferred money this year. About $80M lower than it was 2 years ago. Good for 29th in the majors last year, maybe low enough for 30th this year. And that's with Villar, Givens, Mancini, etc. Non-tendering Villar is an awful idea. Trading him is fine, but I don't want to see a cash dump trade like Jim Johnson for Weeks. Villar's a valuable asset even with a high salary.
  17. They're similar levels of difficulty in my experience, but the Korean writing system is tremendously easy to learn (especially compared to Mandarin and Japanese). Good for Brooks! No loss to the Orioles.
  18. With the Orioles salary being comically low right now, they could agree to take on some portion of the $67.5M owed to Wil Myers in exchange as part of a trade. I'm certain it won't happen, and I don't know enough about MLB budgets to argue it should, but it's a fun idea. Gives the Orioles farm system a boost, and lets the Padres spend money on players who can actually play baseball well this winter (unlike Myers and Hosmer).
  19. A general prospect question: Does anyone know of any guys who were like Carmona, Encarnacion, Sparks, etc. and put up bad hitting lines for a few years in the low minors but were toolsy enough to have potential and eventually put it all together and became successful big league hitters? I can't think of any, but I'm sure they exist.
  20. Rutschmann Hall GRod Hays Mountcastle Diaz Baumann Henderson Kremer Lowther A. Hall Harvey Akin Rom Stowers McKenna Bannon Fenter Wells Watson McCoy Cumberland Sedlock Zimmermann L. Rodriguez Stauffer Zebron Hanifee Welk Elio Prado (Cashner acquisition)
  21. The Nationals cut a huge chunk into the Orioles fan base, have much better ownership, a much higher budget, and now a world series championship. It's hard not to be disappointed. Very parallel to the Ravens coming into the area and becoming a successful franchise quickly while the once top tier team (Redskins) struggles under terrible leadership.
  22. Pat Valaika = Jack Reinheimer. He won't make it through the winter on the 40 man roster.
  23. Peoples would be a great pickup and we definitely need depth. But is the consensus that Akin isn't ready? He led the International League in strikeouts this past year and his ERA (4.73) was below league average (4.90). A starting rotation of Cobb, Means, Bundy, Akin, and Wojo seems serviceable to me. It's just the drop-off after that is enormous.
  24. I'm all in favor of trading him for value if that's an option. It's non-tendering him that I find unacceptable.
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