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  1. According to MLB's own top 200 rankings, they have him as 10. So if their comp is Schwarber, either their own rankings are pure crap or they believe Schwarber to a better player than most do.
  2. Meh. Upside is he's a lefty power bat. And though he's not fleet of foot, it seems like he has a + glove and arm. Speed isn't a big issue if you can get a good jump and read on the ball. Downside is he's probably not gonna win a batting title and strikesout a good amount. You can't teach speed but you can plate discipline. Still was a top 10 talent on a lot of draft boards. Like I said, meh. Rather would have had Martin.
  3. Since the Nats moved to DC in 2005, the O's average rank in attendance has been 20.7 and averaged 2.1 million fans. They have constantly beat out 8 teams in attendance (TB, KC, Mia/Fla, Pit, Cin, Clev, Oak and CWS). In the same time have beat all but 7 teams (NYY, Bos, StL, CHC, LAA, LAD and SF) in at least 1 season of attendance. The Balt. Metro area has a population of 2.8 million. This doesn't count an a city like Frederick (who is included in the DC metro area) but is an O's stronghold. Charlotte metro: 2.5 San Antonio metro: 2.5 Portland metro: 2.4 Vegas metro: 2.2 Austin metro: 2.1 Indy metro: 2.0 Nashville metro: 1.9 Memphis metro: 1.3 I say that to say this, If the O's are relocated, it'd be a crime. Constantly outdrawing (or drawing as well as) 10 other MLB teams or relocating the team to a metro area with a lesser population because of Angelos' brothers incompetent ownership or Manfred's pettiness.
  4. I just went and looked at the guys the D-Backs got back in the trade. I must be missing something. The Competitive Balance pick is more intriguing than the players they got back IMO.
  5. But some on here lose their mind over 3 million.
  6. This idea that the should spend the whole $6 million on VVM is also crazy. He was predicted to get around 3-4 million. Only on other player got above 3 mil. Giving this guy another 2 million and almost double what most other guy in his range got is the wrong way to make their presence felt in the Int'l market.
  7. I know it's fun to blame the O's front office with all that's wrong in the world but if they can't close this out, I can't really blame them. I didn't like the Gausman trade but they went out and got the necessary Int'l money to at least be involved . If the guy wants to be around and play in front of a large Cuban population, you can't blame the O's on the lack of Cubans in the metro area. The fix seems like it's in. A workout in Miami. In Marlins Park. Marc Anthony, his agent, has ownership in the Dolphins. Gaston was set to sign with the Marlins before his bad drug test. This whole thing couldn't scream Miami more if it had Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, Luther Campbell and Dan Marino involved.
  8. IDK if you're joking or not but is there a list somewhere of players who goes to these offseason camps?
  9. The jokes do write themselves don't they? But seriously, the out of shape guy who's pitched more innings in one season than he ever has before for a late summer call up in BMore? Buck and DD need to both go.
  10. Oh, I'm sure that's it. But I think there were a few other choices they could have gone with. Not the guy that was obviously out of shape and could use a good off-season conditioning program.
  11. I don't even know why they called Ortiz up. I seem to remember him saying when he was called up that this was as many innings as he had ever pitched before. I'm not ready to write the guy off after 2 appearances because he's out of shape and got hurt. But he needs to hit the stair master or something in the off-season and drop about 15-20 lbs.
  12. All. Of . This. I give this a D and the Schoop deal a C. If the Intl $ gets them VVM it jumps to a C, if not, a F. I just feel as deep as ATL minor league system is and this was the best they could do even with the Intl $$$'s and DoD's salary.
  13. Yes, I would have liked them to have kept Nick. But understood why it didn't happen. So while I don't blame him for not re-signing him, it doesn't stop me from blaming him on not finding a suitable replacement for him. Hindsight being what it is and all. I'm just saying not bring back Nick would be like 25th or so down on my list as the reason not to bring back DD.
  14. You could have made almost any other argument for the reason DD should be fired like: re-signing Trumbo and Davis. Signing Ubaldo and Gallarado. And a few others but Nick was my favorite O's player since Cal retired and I even though Nick had to go.
  15. I find it weird that Jones would turn down a trade to a contender. This might be his last chance to play for one. At age 32 and dwindling production, not too many teams will be lining up to sign him.
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