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  1. That's it, I'm picking him up off the waiver wire in my fantasy league! Hit the showers, Didi Gregorius!
  2. If Mullins settles in as a significantly above average defensive CF with a slightly above average bat, that's a solid piece. I would be pretty darn happy with that.
  3. Cautiously optimistic for 2021 overall, so put me down for 71-75 Oriole dubyas: probably will be a bit rough for them in the early-going but then they pick up some steam as the year progresses and some of the lads on the farm get promoted and claim jobs.
  4. >some anonymous dork outside of the organization said a thing to some other dork outside of the organization Wow, truly riveting stuff... 😪
  5. To be fair, wildcard did originally cite more than just Akin's 2021 ST:
  6. Chance Sisco just turned 26 years old a month ago and was the 61st overall pick in his draft class, slashed .292/.388/.530 in his last stint at AAA in 2019, and he has demonstrated very solid on-base skills so far in his MLB career. He may not ever be an elite starting catcher, especially on the defensive side of things, but saying he has no upside whatsoever is a bit hyperbolic, don't you think?
  7. I'm in favor of keeping Lakins, he's still only 26 and has plenty of team control remaining, and he has been pretty solid for us over the last 2 years- 3.31 ERA/3.83 FIP and a 143 ERA+. Not really sure why he gets so much hate here. I'd also like to keep at least one of the Rule 5 guys so that we didn't end up losing Zach Pop for absolutely nothing. So I guess put me down for Lakins and Wells?
  8. Look at it this way- in spite of that, he's still been about 7% better than league average so far in his career, so even modest improvement in that area should theoretically only cause that number to go up.
  9. Stewart is a former first round pick with a 107 OPS+, 12.6% walk rate, and .209 ISO in 301 career PAs, and he has posted some pretty tantalizing analytics, which recently led mlb.com to include him on their list of 5 breakout candidates for 2021. https://www.mlb.com/news/breakout-hitters-for-2021-to-watch Will he ever be a star? Maybe, maybe not, but heading into his age 27 season with fairly solid bottom line offensive production and some legitimately elite analytics to his credit thus far in his career, declaring him a complete bust at this juncture just makes you look silly.
  10. I said this when the Marlins were reportedly interested in Santander a few months ago and my feelings have not changed since then: I would not trade Anthony Santander right now for anything less than a bonafide WOW offer. Considering his age, his talent, his performance thus far, and his amount of remaining team control, I would want a legit haul for him. If they are unwilling to offer us said haul, I would be perfectly content to hold onto him for when we might be competitive again in another year or two. (Looks like they are going with the Trumbo/Mancini/Mountcastle "stick 'em in the OF" strategy with Vaughn so it appears to be a moot point anyway)
  11. Why? They are both competent but unspectacular short-term placeholders and we aren't going to be competitive this year, so I'd rather have Galvis and the pair of prospects we got for Iglesias (one of which Elias is apparently particularly high on), plus a couple of million bucks leftover.
  12. Really bummed to hear that. I joined OH back in 2011 and weams has been a constant presence, and he's always seemed like a good dude in all of our interactions over the last decade, even when we have disagreed on a particular topic. Best of luck, brother. I'm rooting for ya
  13. Huh, so he is. Didn't realize that the 25 game suspension in 2014 was actually for the second violation. As long as he doesn't have a doctor's slip currently, I guess that would be the way to go if you were looking to avoid paying him by any means necessary.
  14. If you're going to go that far, why not spike his drink with some of Miguel Tejada's vitamin B12?
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