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  1. If both were ready to contribute meaningfully at the big league level, it would probably be a tougher call for me, but Mountcastle looks like he will be a major everyday contributor in the middle of our lineup starting this year while Hall is still probably 1.5 - 2 years away from an extended look in the rotation, and that assumes he refines his control and finds success in the upper minors during that time period.
  2. I would personally include Mountcastle in my "off the table" column along with the other 3 guys you mentioned, but I would be open to a package built around Hall since I'd be pretty satisfied with Hall if he developed into what Marquez already is and wouldn't be particularly shocked if he never even reached that level of success.
  3. While this is a very intriguing idea from our end, I'm not sure that the Rockies would be interested in taking a lesser haul for an established #2/3 SP in his mid-20s with 4 years of reasonably priced control left just to unload Desmond's remaining $11 million, even with the revenue issues created by the Coronavirus situation. My guess is that they would want a return in the same ballpark as what the Rays got from SD for Blake Snell (whether or not they could find such an offer is a different matter). That said, I would absolutely be on the phone with the Rockies FO to discuss the subject if I was Elias and ownership was open to adding a bit of payroll now to put us in a better position to compete in 2022 and beyond.
  4. In a normal offseason, that is what I would expect, but we've already unloaded several fairly cheap players that seemed to hold some amount of usefulness to us who I probably would have expected to be retained in a normal offseason (which, again, I am fine with under the current circumstances). Ultimately, my only real concern is that whoever keeps the SS position warm for us in 2021 plays good defense behind our still-developing pitching staff, regardless of whether it's for a $900K paycheck or a $3.5M paycheck or a $7.25M paycheck.
  5. I don't dislike them, it was a more than acceptable return for a guy with Iglesias's overall track record and pricetag, but you're almost certainly correct that he likes them more than I do, although some of that may be a product of the previous scouting work his FO did during the Bundy negotiations and the lack of fresh scouting data due to how 2020 worked out. Referring to them as C+ prospects wasn't necessarily meant as a dig at them either, just that neither is likely to develop into a core building block for the next good Orioles team. One or both could conceivably turn into something useful for us though. Either way, I see no reason to think that paring back payroll was not part of the equation based on our other offseason moves thus far (which I am actually okay with under the circumstances of 2020), which makes the idea of Iglesias's replacement costing as much or more than he did seem unlikely to me. I don't really care either way though as long as our regular SS in 2021 plays the position well for our young pitchers.
  6. I don't really think we would have traded Iglesias at a very reasonable $3.5 million (iirc) for 2 C+ pitching prospects just to sign another SS for a similar pricetag (or more, which I would expect to be the case with at least Simmons, Semien, and Didi). Maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like the point of that move was almost purely just to cut payroll, which leaves me expecting them to snag an all-glove scrap heap type of guy that will sign for ~$1 million or less.
  7. I think it's a pretty darn good sign that DJ has drawn 38 walks right out of the gate in his first 301 PAs since it generally seems like plate discipline takes a little while to really show at the big league level, and while we are talking about SSS's, his walk rate has been above the league average in all 3 of his partial MLB seasons. I don't think it's too crazy to think that it's probably not a mirage, it's just a matter of whether the rest of his offensive game is strong enough to offset his poor defense (or warrant giving him the lion's share of the starts at DH), which I think requires giving him a season's worth of more or less everyday ABs. Considering that we should be a strong contender for the first overall pick in the 2022 draft, this seems like the perfect time to give him the extended season-long look that he has not gotten so far in his MLB career.
  8. Stewart has already shown the ability to get on base at pretty solid clip at the Major League level (12.6% MLB career walk rate and 20 BBs in 112 PAs in 2020), so I'd like to see if the average and power show up consistently over 500 ABs but YMMV.
  9. Would bringing Schoop back and trying him at 3B make any sense? He has some experience there already, plus he's still only 29 and hit pretty well last year. A 1 or 2 year deal with an option seems like it would be mutually beneficial.
  10. Since Almora's best (half) season in 2017, he's hit .261/.299/.373. I'm not super high on Mullins either, but I could easily see him outperforming that batting line while not performing significantly worse defensively than Almora (if at all). Exactamundo.
  11. Our starting OF seems to be set with Mountcastle, Hays, and Santander, while Mullins, Stewart, and maybe Shaw and/or Mancini will also get some playing time out there, plus McKenna and/or Diaz will likely be up at some point during the 2021 season. I don't really see any point to adding yet another OF to an already pretty crowded OF picture. If we're spending anything in free agency, it should be for IFs and SPs.
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