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  1. I know it's extremely old news at this point, but every time I see it come up, my left eye twitches a bit and my jaw muscles tense up and my teeth grit audibly, so with all apologies to what's left of that poor horse, I'm getting a few more good licks in I was infuriated by this move then, I am infuriated by this move now, and I will be infuriated by this move forever. O'Day was due a few more million for 2018 and then $9 million in 2019 before becoming a free agent, and the Orioles' payroll was already going to be way down in 2019 thanks to the other trades, any expiring contracts we co
  2. It's downright silly, really. He's not a HS kid tearing up A ball, he's a 23 year old college guy, and as Frobby pointed out, his numbers since his promotion are full of fairly ominous signs (i.e. his K rate almost doubling). The guy is basically a non-prospect until he proves a lot more, imo.
  3. To be fair, I don't think any mere mortal could have predicted Mullins' borderline MVP-caliber (so far) 2021 season. Even his own mom probably thought the best case scenario for his career was "strong side of a platoon."
  4. I knew that some were still functional because a Youtuber that I watch who also grew up in the 90s does a series called "Angelfire Adventures" in which he explores old Angelfire sites to show his younger viewers what the web used to be like back in Ye Olden Times. But I was still pretty stunned that the obscure Jorge Julio meme page some HS/college friends of mine made was still in such good shape after 15 years of neglect.
  5. Mundy is an undrafted college free agent hitting well in a SSS against younger players in the low minors, it would be fantastic if he turned out to be something but I sincerely doubt that any moves will be made/not be made with him in mind until he's mashing in Norfolk for an extended period, which may never even happen. He's much more likely to turn out to be Walter Young than Max Muncy.
  6. How about the "official" homepage of Jorge "God" Julio? (I can barely believe it's still up and more or less functional)
  7. That's awesome and I love it, but it also kind of illustrates how fickle and random sports allegiances can be. The Orioles are my favorite sports team, period, because I was born in Baltimore to Orioles fan parents during the legendary career of hometown HOFer, Cal Ripken Jr., but I also follow and root for the Colorado Rockies, who play in a state I have never even been to. Why? Because when I played little league as a kid in the 90s, I just happened to end up on the Overlea-Fullerton Rockies 2 years in a row. Voila, a Rox fan was born. Thank God it wasn't the Overlea-Fullerton Blue Jays
  8. There could be other factors, like a potential sale of the team on the horizon, but I do believe that is a significant part of it, yes. Elias was involved in Houston's rebuild which was largely accomplished on the back of tanking, after all. Of course not, don't be ridiculous. But there is, believe it or not, some daylight between "100+ losses and painful to watch" and "watchable."
  9. Tanking the team into the ground just to select higher floor, lower ceiling guys with the resulting top 5 draft picks 2 years in a row?
  10. I wanted pitching because we have 1 good SP on the MLB roster (Means), 2 good SP prospects in our system (Hall and G-Rod), and then a bunch of middling SP prospects that are more likely to turn out to be busts than not (Smith, Bradish, etc.).
  11. Yup, especially since it seems that more teams than usual are employing that strategy this year from what I have heard. Plus it's not like it worked out too well last year with the health problems Kjerstad and Baumler have experienced (not that Kjerstad's potentially career-ending myocarditis could have necessarily been foreseen, but still...).
  12. Yeah, that is certainly a major factor. I have defended the blatant and unapologetic tanking more than many others here, but seeing the payoff turn out to be multiple underslot picks in the top 5 is disheartening and underwhelming, especially when a high-upside, potentially-elite pitcher, which is what we need more than anything else, like Rocker was right there.
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