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  1. I was born just a few days after this, meaning that the Orioles have never played a single World Series game in my lifetime. I'd be lying if I said that I am not pretty bitter about this 😤
  2. Really like the Kjerstad, Mayo, and Baumler picks. The Westburg, Haskins, and Servideo picks less so. Think Martin was somewhat overrated, not super devastated like some others here that we passed on him. Would have liked to get at least one promising college pitcher or another high upside HS pitcher with one of the Westburg/Haskins/Servideo picks. It's all a crapshoot anyway, but I'll say B.
  3. Fact: At least 4 MLB front offices did not consider Austin Martin to be the BPA for their organization and situation. Fact: The consensus 1:1 pick from this draft would not have been the 1:1 pick in the previous draft, and may have not even been Top 3. Fact: The consensus 1:1 pick from this draft was not Austin Martin.
  4. If we trade Bundy, I think I might have to take the ball a few times this year.
  5. I wasn't saying that he would accept a lower amount, but rather that if we offered to pay a few million of his contract, someone might give up something for him while paying the remaining $5-7 million of the $10ish million total.
  6. I almost never post here anymore (still lurk though) but I just found out about this move and was kind of enraged, so I came here and read through the first few pages and didn't see anyone mention this, so here we go: Why couldn't we have tendered Villar a contract, and upon settling on an amount, shopped to him to teams while offering to pay a few million of it so that we might have actually gotten SOMETHING of value for our 28 year old second baseman coming off of a 4 WAR season? I get that no one wanted him at $10+ million, but I feel like someone would have given up something for him at $5-7 million. Plus, IIRC, you can release arb players before the end of spring training and only be on the hook for a fraction of the total amount, so even if a taker still couldn't be found, it wouldn't have cost us anywhere close to the full $10 million and it would at least LOOK like ownership and the FO give a flying frig. Am I crazy for thinking this?
  7. Almost never post here anymore (though I still lurk pretty regularly) but this momentous occasion demanded a post: Congrats, Crush- Hitless no more!
  8. I haven't made a post here in several years but still pop in to lurk every now and then, but I simply had to sign in for the first time in ages so I could chime in on this topic to say that I hope the anorexic-looking real world bird and Zeroes logo hats never ever EVER return. The cartoon bird is the one true logo to rule them all.
  9. You really can't beat a guy with Feldman's experience, so I went with both. Plus that would open up an extra 40 man slot!
  10. It would be a ridiculous waste of resources for the Orioles to sign Wieters at this point, regardless of how far his asking price has come down now. His .716 career OPS against RHPs doesn't really make an expensive platoon with Castillo seem all that appealing and neither hits well enough to justify playing Trumbo in the field more than once or twice a week instead of letting him take the lion's share of his ABs at DH. Go after Hammel instead if there's money left to spend, and let Miley and Ubaldo duke it out in ST for the 5th rotation spot with the loser starting the year in the bullpen as the swingman.
  11. I'm confused. You complain about the OF defense, and then turn around and make a post that appears to be lamenting the Orioles not signing Michael Saunders to play OF for us. So which is it?
  12. I won't be, because: A) We didn't give a divisional rival an extra first round draft pick when they can already just outspend us, and B) He's quite possibly the most unlikable person in Major League Baseball ATM. I also think it's quite unlikely that his age 36 dropoff in production isn't a sign of things to come, especially since the DH slot won't be available for him very often with Morales around.
  13. Glad to hear Toronto is bringing him back, and for multiple years at that. They'll either be running a slow, declining, and very expensive 37/38 year old Bautista or the lead-gloved Morales in the field basically everyday for the next two years since both can't DH at the same time. That could get quite ugly.
  14. Take the comp pick for Trumbo and use the money saved towards signing Chris Carter to DH full time and Jason Hammel to bump Ubaldo or Miley to the pen to start the year.
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