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  1. The Braves have one of the top minor league systems in baseball and the best we can do it a top 14 and 30 prospect? What are they going to do with the international money? Spend it on a softball player from New Zealand or on a player in Korea that no one is allowed to sign? I give the deal a D
  2. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/03/orioles-place-miguel-gonzalez-on-release-waivers.html "Orioles have placed righty Miguel Gonzalez on release waivers, according to Eduarco Encina of the Baltimore Sun (Twitter links). Gonzalez, 31, had agreed to a $5.1MM arbitration salary for the coming season, and the club would remain obligated for about a quarter of that (45 days pay) if he isn?t claimed." Looks like they save about $4 milion.
  3. The unintentional breach of protocol with the Korea Baseball Association when he signed a player without permission. Have we been locked out of South Korea to scout players? I also questioned the signing of an Australian softball player. Has he ever made it to the US and been assigned to a minor league team?
  4. "We didn't get no $tinkin 25 mil, $o quit harping on it" -or- "Saving our marbles to really hit the free agent market next year"
  5. Schoops offensive numbers through the minors are very similar to those of Manny. I would no way trade him at this point. Who is to say he can't come to Baltimore and have the same success that Manny has. Plus, I don't have much confidence in Flaherty.
  6. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/schmuck-blog/bal-brady-andersons-appendectomy-that-wasnt-20120321,0,583778.story Remember Brady playing through appendicitis...he is a tough man!!
  7. I hope you saw my mockery in that remark. I think people are over reacting a bit.
  8. Throw the playoff tickets in the trash now. :rolleyestf:
  9. Bundy

    Punk move

    I got a fantasy save..so I was very happy to see a one pitch save
  10. The O's will be banging balls all over the field in this series.
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