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  1. This guy is interesting to me. I saw him play a few times when I lived in Pensacola and he has some power from what I remember. In one of the links above it said he was going to Alabama next year and wondered if this would casue him not to sign with us. "Wass has already signed to continue his career with the University of Alabama next season." http://mcceagles.blogspot.com/2012/03/wade-wass-named-national-player-of-week.html
  2. What was Britton throwing (MPH) when he came out of HS when we drafted him?
  3. To Stotle or anyone else with information on the subject: How does Buxton compare to Mike Trout? Both as draft prospects and future MLB. Thanks in advance
  4. I think all this becomes moot once he gets to Bowie.
  5. Damn, my side hurts from laughing at this.
  6. Not going to speculate, just thought it was an interesting tweet this morning. "Delima, we want you to throw change-ups because the hitters can catch up with that and justify keeping you down. -- Denver Bundy (@Denver_Bundy)"
  7. We are 17th in MLB with an OBP of .313 We can't afford to have the runners we do get on to be caught stealing. damn
  8. I am no draft expert, but I like this pick. I know a lot of people on here have been clamoring for us to take Carlos Correa and I wouldn't argue with either pick
  9. I was just getting ready to post the same thing. Need 6 from him.
  10. the fact Hamilton is up with the bases loaded makes me sick to my stomach...
  11. At first glance I don't like that trade idea. It is hard to imagine being in the position of being a "buyer" for contention purposes b/c it has been so long since we have had that need. I do like the David Wright suggestion, just not the package. I need to think more on these trade ideas.
  12. I saw Gioloto was given the green light to start a throwing program again. Obviously encouraging for him, but will there be enough seen from scouts to believe he is recovered or on the right track to be picked at/or above 1:5?
  13. I would much rather have Strop in there to close with Ayala in the 8th.
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