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  1. Hi gang. That's how you treat a guy who wears #91.
  2. Davis beat the living shift outta that one.
  3. Oh, Hell, Pedro. Step on the chalk line, how could your luck get any worse?
  4. When it became obvious we weren't winning today, I turned down the t.v. and started thinking about what to jam to. Since I no longer dread the arrival of the Red Sox and their insufferable fans, I thought it would be fun to listen to some bands from the Boston area. So as I listen to the J.Geils Band and decide which Pixies record to follow it with, I put it to you guys to dazzle me with your favorites from Lobsterland.
  5. This picture hangs by my front door. I touch it every morning on my way out. Happy Birthday Brooks!!!
  6. I was at work all day. Can't remember the last time I scoreboard watched from work. How cool is this season?
  7. I love 35. Cuellar, Roenicke, and Moose. Of course there's also Josh Towers and Bergy.
  8. I was at that game. I was 12. My dad made us leave early to beat traffic. I seethed the whole way home listening on the radio. He bought us World Series tix to make up for it.
  9. It's okay. Take a deep breath. We're still gonna win. And his middle name is Nathaniel.
  10. Got home just in time to see it. Pitching, defense, and finally...a three-run home run.
  11. I always thought that, too. A nose job away from being smokin' hot...just like Steffi Graf.
  12. You and OFFNY beat me to the first 2 things I thought of. He has good potential for alliteration. I can already hear Joe Angel: "Dylan's Dealin' !!!!" "Dylan's Duelin' !!!!" "Bundy Befuddles Boston!! And the Orioles are in the WIN COLUMN!!!"
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