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  1. He might have got a manslaughter charge ...
  2. Given up two runs in the first, 3 singles to the first three batters faced
  3. As predicted, Arroyo mowing down the bashers
  4. 3 run shot for Mullins in the bottom of the 3rd
  5. Who is left other than Britton to pitch ?
  6. Matt Holliday walked 5 times !
  7. RS bases loaded, no outs
  8. Has anyone ever gone 2 seasons without a RBI ?
  9. Get the A team ready to close this out
  10. Walk Crush and try your luck with Trumbo ?
  11. Will Buck leave Drake out there and then option him
  12. Pedro Alvarez homers in the 1st, he is going to kill AAA pitching
  13. Nicky Delmonico getting closer to the bigs ...
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