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  1. When you are rebuilding, I think you have to not take any chance and take more of a sure thing. I'd go with Austin Martin or Spencer Torkelson, even if Torkelson is limited to First Base only...
  2. I thought Chris Davis would exceed a .650 OPS...
  3. I think the Dodgers front office is a lot smarter than last year's O's front office and sold high. I think Diaz has plenty of tools and talent, but he needs to start showing something soon.
  4. That's why the high school arms are sinking like a rock in this draft!
  5. Meh.... I've seen him play. Good speed. May not have enough arm for center and I have Cadyn Grenier type concerns about the bat.... My guess is this is to free up some money to spend on other choices. We could have had much more highly regarded guys with this pick...
  6. Even if Martin has Gold Glove defense (which he doesn't), his .160 average and zero power is just torture... Consider it another failed Rule 5 and move on already.... Yes, we don't have anyone else to play SS... but I'll take anyone who can hit a baseball at this point regardless of defense...
  7. I met him and spoke with him at fanfest a few years ago. Very nice guy and easy to root for. Where did his game go? He seemed on the verge of stardom... Only 27 years old... He tanked, got traded to the Brewers for some marginal prospects continued to stink in the NL, and has landed with the Twins and is still stinking.... MLB has had many "flash-in-the-pan" type of guys over the years.... I just didn't think he'd be one. He seemed to have plenty of tools. Did pitchers figure him out and exploit some type of weakness?
  8. They certainly chose an unflattering photo to post on the MLB network: He must have been watching the Big League O's playing when they shot this....
  9. I think this was a pure signability pick. The O's feel they can save a lot of money on this slot, to potentially go after some "tough sign" high schoolers the next few rounds. No question Greiner has the glove to play in the Majors. My guess is he won't ever hit enough to play there. The real value of this pick will be determined if we can save money on signing him and sign a talented high schooler in the next few picks....
  10. As upsetting as it has been to attempt to follow the major league team this season, I'm not finding much solace following the minors. While there have been a few bright spots (McKenna, Mullins) there have been some surprising disappointments. Austin Hays was doing nothing and then got hurt. Then there have been the pitching flops: Cody Sedlock was getting clobbered and then got hurt (again). DL Hall and Hunter Harvey haven't exactly been blowing hitters away. Yes, we are all happy Harvey seems healthy, but we also need him to pitch well. Some guys once considered prospects have simply vanished (Jomar Reyes). I was hoping for better from some of these guys. I know every year is going to have its share of pleasant suprises and unpleasant failures, but with the Big League Team looking like a lock for the # overall draft pick next season, I was hoping to see more from the farm this year....
  11. Assuming no new players burst on the scene (like Hultzen last year), and the top 10 remains the same, I'd target Gaussman with the pick. A polished college power arm with high ceiling sounds good to me. Barring injury, I doubt Appel or Giolito is around when we pick. Buxton might be tempting if he's available. I'm not a fan of all-glove no-bat Marrero. I'd want better with such a high pick.
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