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  1. As of now he seems like it. I have read some scouting reports indicate there's a bit of "swing and miss" there, which would give some cause for concern. Don't remember reading anything like that with Bryce Harper.... Next year will have a loaded top 10. Jace Jung may be the "safest" pick with chance to be a star. Termarr Johnson is extremely highly regarded and HS RHP Dylan Lesko may have the best stuff for a High Schooler in a very long time. (and heaven knows, the O's could use some pitching....)
  2. I see Rodriguez, Rutschman, and maybe Hall/Baumann if they stay healthy, and maybe Cowser... I know there is a huge 2nd tier that might be good one day (Westburg, Henderson, etc.)... Does that really set us apart? I imagine every team has 2-3 top guys and a ton of maybe-good-one-day types.... ?
  3. Gunnar Henderson(who I still hold out a lot of hope for) is down to .204 at A ball. My biggest 3 disappointments this year: 1. Heston Kjerstad 2. Dean Kremer 3. Yusniel Diaz
  4. Is seeing all the guys fail who I had hoped might be useful guys for the next competitive team. Keegan Akin Zac Lowther Alex Wells Dean Kremer Yusniel Diaz and seeing injuries/misfortune rob guys of development and experience and opportunity: Heston Kjerstad Austin Hays/Anthony Santander Terrin Vavra DL Hall Anthony Servideo Rylan Bannon
  5. PREDICTION: At some point the O's give up on Mckenna and either release him or include him in some trade... ... and he becomes a solid starter/borderline stud for another team!
  6. Pittsburgh took RHP Owen Sharts... Not to be outdone, the White Sox nabbed C Colby Smelley...!
  7. Not impressed with Hill. Big guy who throws hard, sure... but terrible command, injury-prone mechanics, and he really didn't perform well in his few starts this year= and that was before he needed Tommy John....
  8. Solometto will be the next player taken, won't be there when we are on the clock....
  9. This season is a monumental disappointment for me. Not because the Major League Orioles are so terrible- that was expected. But because: No pitcher has emerged as a viable rotation candidate including: Kremer, Akin, Lowther, among others Yusniel Diaz continues to stink. Injuries have slowed the progress of DL Hall, Michael Baumann, among others Heston Kjerstad may never be healthy enough to play
  10. My guess is he'll be gone by the time we get our next pick, but I really want this guy desperately: https://lastwordonsports.com/baseball/2021/06/15/chase-burns-2021-mlb-draft-profile/
  11. ...or relief pitching for that matter...!! Seriously, even if D.L. Hall and Greyson Rodriguez stay healthy and become quality starters, that's 2 out of 5 rotation slots. I guess if Means comes back and stays healthy, that could be 3. Sadly, we've seen nothing from Kramer, Lowther, Akin, Lopez, to think they'll make it as starters....
  12. I'm going to go with Watson. Elias likes those toolsy athletic middle infield types. Plus, he got burned on starting pitchers in the past. Yes, he could take Davis if there... yes, he could go underslot strategy and take Cowser. I don't know if getting burned going underslot last year will influence his decision to not try it again this year... I'm going with Khalil Watson. Predict the Pick!
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