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  1. I saw a mlb.com mock draft today that had us taking Sal Frelick to save money against the slot like last year.... Nothing against Frelick, but if they did this I'd have to find another team to follow. The picks after Frelick were: Rocker, Lawlar, House, Watson....
  2. I'm starting to warm up to the idea of Jackson Jobe. Top HS arm. Amazing stuff and very high ceiling. Obviously, there's risk with HS arms, but I'm warming up to this idea....
  3. It's a throwback to Earl Weaver's strategy of Pitching, Defense, and the 3 run Homer. Only we've tweaked it to be Pitching, Defense and the 1 run Homer!
  4. All the guys I kind of liked were taken- Bitsko, Jarvis, Walker.... I'd take Jared Kelley if he's still around. I'd take JT Ginn at #39- that would be a total steal and make me feel better about Kjerstad....
  5. I've decided that's who I want at #2. Seems to have the most tools and talent. Pitchers can get hurt, so we need to come away with a premium position player and top shelf bat. I will be very disappointed if we take someone else.... Martin/Rutschman back to back in the batting order would be outstanding.....
  6. Pitching wins championships. You need starters to neutralize the powerhouse lineups of NY, Bos, and Tor. I'd lean toward Lacy or Hancock at this point.
  7. Big night for Louisville lefty Reid Detmers- 6 IP 0 ER 15Ks.
  8. Pitching was the theme of the night last night. Asa Lacy dominated NM State and Nick Gonzales. He pitched 7 IP 0 ER 3 hits 13 Ks. In the game, Nick Gonzales was 0-3 with 2 Ks. Emerson Hancock dominated 7 IP 0 ER 12 Ks. Kumar Rocker did not have a good night. Only 3 IP, lots of walks and runs. Austin Martin took an 0-3.
  9. Admittedly, I am a worry wart. That is simply my nature. He hasn't hit at all in the minors, and he hasn't even made contact in his brief Spring Training trial.... I'm not in panic mode yet. Let's wait and see what this year brings. It would be nice, though, if just one of our top draft picks at some point just exploded onto the scene and tore through the minors....
  10. Most seem to think Georgia's Emerson Hancock is the best. He does possess Electric stuff. He fell flat on the season opener, but rebounded nicely in his second outing. The other top arms include Asa Lacy (my favorite), JT Ginn (currently shelved with arm "soreness", uh-oh), Reid Detmers and Tanner Burns. To me, Hancock and Lacy and Detmers seem like future Ace pitchers... Lacy and Detmers are lefties.
  11. To make a deep Playoff run, you need an Ace leading the rotation and a #2 that's almost as good. The rest of the rotation really only needs to be .500. Look no farther than last year's playoff teams: Wash: Scherzer, Strasburg Hou: Cole, Verlander LA: Kershaw, Buehler Although these teams all had a #3 that was pretty darned good too... The O's haven't really had an ace since Mussina. They don't exactly grow on trees. Even when you pick at the very top of the draft, you can be derailed by injuries and bad luck. Remember Ben McDonald? Mark Prior, etc...
  12. Didn't see this guy posted anywhere? http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?player_id=670351#/career/R/hitting/2019/MINORS Any thoughts?
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