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  1. Looks like he's ready... bring him up!
  2. Actually they should drop prices in the lower section and just close the upper deck for the rest of the season.
  3. I think they are at the bottom, and the bottom will be pretty level until some talent in the farm system matures to major league level. That may be some time next year maybe? The question is why did the team/franchise have to bottom so bad in a rebuild period. This is a team that was a wild card in 2017. Another quote that is annoying is 'yeah but they had the most wins between 201? and 201?'. They had only one division title in that span, and was another almost team. To think that this team has only two divisional titles since 1983 is astounding.
  4. Harvey has given up 14 home runs in 50 innings with an ERA over 6 at AA. Not much to feel optimistic about.
  5. Why does every team have to have a closer? If a guy is pitching ok, why take him out? Unless you have a lights out bullpen, every time you bring in another pitcher, there is a risk that he might not have his stuff. That risk is really high for the Orioles' bullpen.
  6. Didn't the O's set a record last year for the longest streak of giving up 5 or more runs in a game?
  7. Another record of futility. How many does this franchise own now?
  8. Could Glasnow's success be due to change of scenery? His numbers in Pittsburgh weren't that great. Maybe Tampa Bay got lucky on that one.
  9. Bad News Orioles... I mean Bears
  10. Saw the keys play in Myrtle Beach last night. The Keys struck out 10 times and were shut out. Obviously one game doesn't mean anything, but was just another bad sign for an O's fan. The Myrtle Beach team as a whole even looked overall physically bigger. Hard to find the positives at the moment.
  11. stillofan

    Buck Stuff

    This ranks up there when the Seahawks passed with two yards to go.
  12. stillofan

    Buck Stuff

    Definitely a bad move. But without Buck the O's aren't even in the wild card game. The team is too flawed to really make it farther than it has gotten.
  13. I think there are couple things impacting the attendance. One you have the Nats who are putting up a another good regular season. They are more exciting to watch and the club seems to put more effort into being a perennial winner. Sometimes you feel like 2014 was a flash in the pan and the O's front office doesn't have or know what it takes to get to the next level. Also I think there is a growing apathy with the regular Joe who has to pay a fortune to watch millionaires play pro sports. Similar trend in attendance with NASCAR. Everyone is so busy today too and you can watch every game on TV.
  14. It looked like Lough was playing in shallow on Murphy or got a bad jump. And yeah, chances were that Matusz would get behind in the count.
  15. Why do you need a 'closer' anyway? If a guy is pitching well in the 8th, why not let him start the 9th?
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