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  1. Busy work day, so I’m currently watching the archived game. The great thing about that is after them scoring all the runs that would be scored I can basically ff all the top half of the innings so I can focus on Means’ start. It helps after a long day.
  2. So, he needs to pitch better? 😐
  3. Agreed. No indication one way or the other, which, is also frustrating for many of the fan base.
  4. Ok, but your rhyming skills need work.
  5. So, as a seller, wouldn’t that be a reason to maximize profit, especially in a business for which you had little interest in its overall success? Demand for a team in a profitable sports league is high. And they will have made a boatload of money compared to the purchase price.
  6. Freakin’ Greene! Sure enough, as soon as I say I like his stuff it’s the death knell for his next performance!
  7. The White Sox don’t have to make excuses as to why they’re not using him if he’s suspended. 😏
  8. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/09/mlb-suspends-mike-wright-tony-la-russa.html I never get it with marginal guys like Wright who think they ingratiate themselves to their teammates by throwing at premier talent. Sure, that’s speculative, but I’ve been around guys who did it. Pitch better, hit better and don’t be a jerk. When guys threw at me I was appreciative of the free base after being hit.
  9. If I cared I’d delete the post about Baumann starting in Lowther’s place. Sheesh
  10. And not that Baumann is a huge upgrade, but could they give him the start next time since he and Lowther are on the same schedule?
  11. And that would have made perfect sense, but it’s also early with runners at 1st and 2nd, not 2nd and 3rd with a guy who’s also struggled to hit ML pitching this year. The move by the Red Sox should have been foreseen and the upgrade is questionable at best in that situation.
  12. Ok, no need to make the argument that Stewart can’t hit lefties. Wasn’t part of my reasoning.
  13. It’s probably moot by the time they get to the 7th and are blown out, but I’d like the option.
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