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  1. Exactly. I’m guessing it is widespread. MLB doesn’t really care and it’s only become an issue with discovery.
  2. I’d be more impressed if they were moving along to an electronic strike zone. No, I don’t like it and I’m not impressed with any perceived boldness. Guess I’m not very nuanced either. I always loved Girardi’s multiple pitching changes especially after rosters expanded. What a great baseball mind! 🤨
  3. I heard a horn on two pitches to the first two hitters in the inning, but I can’t say whether or not that was anything other than a boisterous fan. What struck me was how consistently awful Jim Hunter is. He doesn’t get any better over time, or with distance from original date. He was stupefied to see an Astros fan and an Orioles fan walking together before the game. Really? MLB should really do something about boring announcers. Stealing signs? Meh....
  4. Interesting frame of reference for me with Chicago. This song to me was the last of the Old Chicago. Terry Kath was gone and definitely missed. The band took on more of a pop direction and less of a rock n roll direction after this. Cetera has a great voice, but I became disenchanted with the band’s direction. Old Days for me was the literal transition from their hey-day to a period when they gave in.
  5. Should be the soundtrack for a horror movie, but I like it!
  6. My first watched WS. I was hooked as an Orioles fan after that.
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