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  1. Not like they’re running away with it. Besides, with pitchers like Harvey and Jorge Lopez with the occasional stinker from Kremer, Akin and Zimmerman I like our guys! Ok, seriously....Harvey doesn’t look good. Even in innings when he gives up no runs he looks like he got away with something. His velocity is still up, maybe he can even tick up a bit in the pen. Then, he can hurt the team more than once a week. Ok, not serious.
  2. Not what I meant....securing the first pick in the draft.
  3. Elias likes Harvey. Whenever it’s his turn to start he gets them one step closer to another first round pick.
  4. Il BuonO


    Yeah, he’s not bad.
  5. Il BuonO

    Infield defense

    Did I hear they were trying Jones in the OF?
  6. You agree he’s bad at catching the ball, but you refuse to call him lazy even though why he’s bad at catching the ball isn’t related to his ability to do so? There are things anyone can do as a catcher to improve their defense. Not sliding with the pitch and dropping to your knees to block the ball suggests poor effort. Or, he’s lazy.
  7. Still like to see him improve his SB%. 😳
  8. For a manager who’s a former catcher you’d think he’d have a better appreciation for defense at that position.
  9. And before that it was like a week. He didn’t look great the last time either.
  10. How about the fact he rarely gets down and slides in front of balls in the dirt to block them correctly? He reaches for a lot of balls when he should be blocking them, it’s literally the definition of a lazy catcher.
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