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  1. The run is unearned, scored as if the runner had reached on an error. I can’t link it, but it’s on the MLB website for 6/23 under the heading “FAQ: All you need to know about 2020....“
  2. So, Wilkerson gets a pass, but Villar was a bonehead on the base paths and often throws to the wrong base on defense? Villar had an OPS of .792 and was below average at both 2B and SS, but he’s capable (-7 and -4 at 2B and SS respectfully) of playing both. On a non-contending team he was hardly the problem.
  3. Naw, but it helps! Great tune. And here I thought he’d already attained that status.
  4. I have one and rarely wear it. I do, however, have a Lone Star state bandana which comes in quite handy when people don’t give me what I want. 😏
  5. Remdesivir https://www.gilead.com/purpose/advancing-global-health/covid-19/remdesivir-clinical-trials
  6. There is a steel guitar featured, so....besides I’m in TN and hit some balls on a field in Jackson where he’s from. Good roadside BBQ, too!
  7. Boog Powell. Met him before ordering at his BBQ at CY. I’m sure many people have met him there, but for me it was the culmination of a lifetime of following the team from around the time he was with them. Met both Showalter and Adam Jones briefly at different venues in CA. Buck at an Angels game on the field which was pretty cool and Jones at his hitting exhibition in SD with my kids. He refused a picture with them. Brooks would be my choice if I can get back there again. JP is right up there as well.
  8. Nah, it’s the Red Sox.
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