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  1. Seen in Austin this weekend at the Historic Scoot Inn!
  2. Other than the HR allowed Bundy has been perfect and pitch efficient, too.
  3. Bundy shutdown inning! 😳
  4. Important Notes *FG main WAR for pitchers is based on FIP with INF flies counted as SO.... Also, https://library.fangraphs.com/war/limitations-war/
  5. So, strike outs are meaningless? Got it.
  6. Lol, ok. Well, I’m so relieved I have your expertise.
  7. Alvarez has been consistently productive for a good team. If he wasn’t they’d likely have other options. Means had a stretch of forgettable games after the break and the defense or the bullpen had little to do with it. But, I’m I believer in WAR. Oh, btw Fangraphs has it 4 to 3.1 for Alvarez.
  8. Where’s the, “Trash Chris Davis With Impunity” thread? It’s a joke!
  9. The thing is; he was ahead and throwing strikes with his off speed stuff. Why come in with a mediocre pitch? So, yeah, annoyed.
  10. Because his FB is below average. And tried to come up and in with his below average FB.
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