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  1. Where’s the, “Trash Chris Davis With Impunity” thread? It’s a joke!
  2. The thing is; he was ahead and throwing strikes with his off speed stuff. Why come in with a mediocre pitch? So, yeah, annoyed.
  3. Because his FB is below average. And tried to come up and in with his below average FB.
  4. For those of you thinking he’s a non-tender candidate. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/09/orioles-rumors-alex-cobb-spring-training.html
  5. I have the same issues as you, and generally take a nighttime ibuprofen combined with the melatonin. The recommended dosage of two leaves me groggy in the morning.
  6. Not many teams can score nine runs and still find a way to lose. This team is just that bad.
  7. I’ll bet they didn’t blow a four run lead.
  8. Unimpressive right up until the 4th and 5th innings when he struck out the side twice.
  9. I picture Elias with fingers in his ears saying, “La la la la la la....” whenever he hears Davis mentioned. Maybe not.
  10. Givens breezes through the 8th. Strange, almost like there was no pressure.
  11. Do we think Harvey is coming into close since Givens is in now?
  12. Sounds far worse than anything I’ve ever experienced. I hope the specialist can help.
  13. Ambien? I hate prescription drugs. What’s the root cause? Do you drink coffee, tea, or caffeinated sodas? Chocolate? I'm not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
  14. Give melatonin a try. I’ve had good success with it and I sleep deeply.
  15. I prefer to think of it as pragmatism.
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