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  1. Nice AB after being down 0-2.
  2. He’s capable of doing that multiple times during a game.
  3. Well, Iglesias continues to hit and Nunez found his power stroke.
  4. The Kid requested a 30% decrease of his salary going into that year because of his under performance from the previous season. He also fought through injuries that season. Chris Davis apparently has no shame.
  5. Pretty good. I’d like to see better command of the CH, seems to be a throw away pitch at this point. His FB has good life and he commanded it well. IP 4.1 H 3 R 2 (0 earned) SO 6 BB 2 2020 ERA 3.52
  6. The Marlins are buyers. That’s a mirage.
  7. With what his bat brings? Yes.
  8. Pretty low bar, but looks passable. Dwight Smith probably doesn’t make that last play.
  9. Nice recovery. Couple pitches in the previous AB which could have been called strikes. CH needs work....
  10. MLB debut as a starter. I thought I had heard Hyde say he wasn’t considering him for the rotation, but I’m glad he’s getting a shot.
  11. He’s an awful, awful person. His teammates hate him....
  12. Bound to happen, he’s not good out there.
  13. Il BuonO

    Bundy in L.A.

    He did! Finished at 103 pitches and got the 10th K. Another masterful performance, commands four pitches and keeps the hitters off balance.
  14. Tommy has lost some velocity on his FB.
  15. Could be rushing. Ben did mention his body not catching up to his lead leg, with which I agree.
  16. Started out looking good until the error by Davis. 5.1 IP 3 H 3 R (two earned) 2 SO 2 BB 1 HR
  17. Ben knows Cobb always pitches out of the stretch, right?
  18. Hilarious, the dog barking in the background.
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