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  1. Oh wow I laughed so hard while reading this thread. Up and at them got one of my favorite quotes. Me and my friends often use it when we drink something.. instead of cheers But I think my favorite character of the Simpsons is Homer. I love the fact that he is focused on meals, alcohol and serenata hampers so much! The most important things in life definitely
  2. I love the book series. I have caught the movie in its advance screening and it was great. Though the experience was probably made better with the lot of hardcore Hunger Games fans that made sure that everyone had a great time. I mean, they had a lot of stuff going with their own version of Hunger Games and a lot of trivias going around it.
  3. The ultimate one would really be The Avengers, though The Dark Knight would come in as close second. The Avengers is just packed with a lot of great superheroes though you could argue that they are not that as sellable when they operate on their own. I mean, Thor and Iron Man could be the defining characters and they are really needed big time in order to propel the movie forward. Excited about Catwoman joining The Dark Knight though.
  4. Though not really one of the main stream superheroes, I really like Iron Man. Probably what I like about him is that he is so advanced, though the same could also be said about Batman. He is in a different level though and that would be more evident with how their characters are portrayed in the big screen. It is sad though that he probably would not proceed with anything solo now, when The Avengers launches properly.
  5. So how do you guys think the sport of boxing is going to shape up? I know that the most talked about match up now is the one between Pacquiao and Mayweather though they both have their own assignments before they could probably face one another. It seems like they are not too eager to dive as well, or that could only be said about Floyd. I am not taking sides here as I just want them to get it on already.
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