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  1. The Orioles success rate in picking up pitchers that other teams could do without has not been good.
  2. Chris Davis is a sacred cow--you should not be criticizing him on this site. He is the GREATEST. On a 3 for his last 40 AB's, Will strike out over 200 times this season. He has been a non factor offensively--but he plays great defense. The days of the 3 run homer offense came and went with Earl Weaver. Clueless is right.
  3. El Bado was brought in to get one out and stop the bleeding, but couldn't do that. He needs to go.
  4. only you are more lame dude.
  5. Specman

    DL Ubaldo

    He's a great guy in the clubhouse so they should keep him.
  6. Specman

    DL Ubaldo

    Really? Is that what you are worried about? You must have Jake Arrietta syndrome.?
  7. Specman

    DL Ubaldo

    Just get rid of him--period. I don't care how.
  8. The fans were booing El Bado tonight and the $50M man deserved it. He was not even good for one out. The O's are stuck with this *^%$%& for another season.
  9. I hope you are right. he can pitch BP for the rest of the season and next for all I care.
  10. What a performance by the $50M man. Hey, but EL Bado is a great guy in the clubhouse.
  11. I am surprised you could post your comment on this site. You are not allowed to REALLY tell it like it is about players no matter how pathetic they are. EL BADO lasted 1/3 of an inning today. I think the $50M man really did not want to pitch as it was too hot for him down on the carpet.
  12. It was a "spring training" game for the O's who are 32 games above .500. NY is out of the playoffs and Jeter is due to be knighted right after the World Series parade in Baltimore.
  13. I was upset about it especially since the Yankees looked like they won the World Series. I had to turn it off. The team came back and we had our worst relievers out there. It's over and the Yankees will be watching the playoffs on the tube. That being said it was basically a spring training game for the Birds--they were not going to catch LA and Showalter needed to see where the defensive pieces of the puzzle fit for the playoffs. My real concern in case O's fans have not noticed is the bullpen has really been showing some weakness lately when all season it was lights out. This is not the time for the relief pitching to go south. As Rex Bareny used to say you win with pitching and defense. You have to start Flaherty at 3B regardless of how he is hitting. You have to "Trust in Buck". It is hard to believe he is still getting criticized when the O's are 32 games above .500 and the Eastern Dvision Champions. They did this without Machado and Weiters.
  14. As bad as the offense has been it is truly amazing that this team is still winning and they are 3.5 games in front of Toronto.
  15. That is the problem at the moment. Everyone keeps hoping and Chris Davis looks completely lost and over matched. If you don't think so I am not sure what you are watching.
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