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  1. MG should have been pulled...there is no reason he should of stayed in with runners on first and second after giving up 2. You and I both saw that he lost control of all of his pitches. Matuz should not have pitched anymore than one inning and you also don't put Strop in that situation to "gain his confidence". JJ should have been in there in the 9th inning regardless of him being short on rest. All of these games matter and I am extremely bitter after giving up a 5-0 lead and losing this ball game....its on Buck.
  2. Terrible after terrible decisions by Buck Showalter.....disgusting.:angryfire:
  3. I almost forgot about this guy and I heard he has better stuff than Chen.
  4. I went to the game tonight.. I called out to Miggy a few times and he waived each time which was cool. Brob looked great! Made a couple great plays at second and had a great approach at the plate. I hope we see him shortly after all star break.
  5. Nicks124


    I really don't think using the excuse mistakes will happen applys to Reynolds. He made so many errors last year that I am tired of excuses. Buck needs to literally buck up and bench his ass. Do something at least here I am only 26 and tired of the orioles sucking. It looks like another year of mlb tv cancelled after the first 2 months. Go O's!
  6. Nicks124


    Not only did this guy cost us the game defensively but he can't hit.....looks like losing that 15-20lbs really did a lot. Cheers to Angelos for not signing us a middle of the lineup bat!
  7. you can tell Matuz is getting lazy when he is standing up after finishing his pitches. Get him out of there and let our bullpen give up some runs
  8. When is Zach Britton due back? Matuz has nothing impressive at all.
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