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  1. Sometimes you get a great player who, in his heart, does not really want to be here. And other times you get a guy like Adam Jones who really seemed to care about both the organization and the city. Someone who would have happily been an Oriole for Life had we given him the opportunity. My favorite Oriole of the last ten years. Not even close.
  2. When ownership forces you to do your Free Agent shopping in March with monopoly money what exactly is the GM and Manager supposed to do? By that point you are basically having to select from a pool of undesirables -- the players who can't get on base. With four homer happy ballparks in the AL-East going with the 1-dimensional slugger probably was our best hope for scoring any runs.
  3. Individual NBA games have no significance though. The regular season is as nonessential as it comes. There are no must win games/series anywhere on the schedule and the final month "push to the playoffs" is an irrelevant afterthought. If anything basketball has a lot it could learn from MLB/NFL's setup. As for this thread's issue regarding youth not watching baseball. Does it really matter? I played the game as a kid, had fun doing so, and yet during all those years never sat down to actually watch one on TV. Never crossed my mind and there is not a single rule change mentioned in this thread that would have even remotely made me consider doing so. Perhaps we should just accept that watching baseball is something better suited for when you get older and life starts to slow down. That trying to change things to get teenagers and young 20's to tune in just isn't going to happen.
  4. There are a lot of factors that go into parity. Income equality is definitely one of them. To ignore it because of the nature of other sports or pretend like everyone in favor of it loves billionaires is just a silly straw man argument. Soccer shows us what income inequality results in -- big markets buying up the best players every year making it hard for even well-run small-to-mid-market clubs from competing. We have the same thing going on in baseball only the impact is less pronounced because the league has in place some other parity measures such as the June Draft & Player Control/Arbitration Rules. Rather than say, "baseball has some parity no need to change anything," we should be saying, "we could have even more parity if every team had similar spending power." The fact that we can predict on one hand which teams will sign the game's best players every Free Agency (and its always the same teams) should tell you something isn't right. Yep, but in a free spending league money is also a significant modifier. Building a winning ball club with $200M sure is a lot easier than doing it with $100M. Implementing a cap would take money out of the equation leaving "how a team is run" as the ultimate measure of success. Wouldn't that be nice? But if you want to support no cap because you think buying divisional titles is fun, well that's fine. Go, Yankees?
  5. The Patriots and Browns are playing by the exact same rules. Difference in results comes down to one having a competent front office & coaching staff while the other is run by morons. The same thing cannot be said for MLB where a team like the Rays can find itself finishing in second to an inferior run Yankees team simply because they are being outspent 2:1. And why when this conversation comes up do people never mention the NHL and its floor+cap parity success? Hockey, like baseball, requires full roster construction. Very different than NFL/NBA franchises whose successes and failures can usually be pinpointed to a single player.
  6. Nationals gonna see a healthy boost in TV viewership this year. Apathy Level: 9
  7. The closer we get to Spring Training the more angry I find myself getting. Duquette get off your ass and do something.
  8. For those talking about keeping Britton and going for a draft pick: In what universe would Angelos agree to pay $17.4M+ for any reliever let alone one with an injury history? Why would Britton turn down $17.4M+ when its unlikely anyone on the open market would pay him anywhere near that? Why wouldn't he accept, use the year to prove his health, then try free agency? In order to get a compensation draft pick after the first round Britton's new team would have to pay him a guaranteed contract worth $50M. Otherwise you just receive a compensation pick after the second round. For reference, a healthy Andrew Miller only got $36M guaranteed from the Yankees. So even if Duquette convinced Angelos to offer a QO and even if Britton declined it the O's would likely just be looking at a compensation pick after Round 2. A pick they usually just send to other teams to save a few million bucks.
  9. Baseball contracts are guaranteed. No Free Agent is going to avoid signing with the Os because some arbitration eligible player got injured and released.
  10. Buck benched him in Spring Training then started a smear campaign against him through the media. Resulted in the poor guy getting booed on Opening Day.
  11. Maine only failed with the Os. He actually became an effective starter as soon as we traded him away -- even going through stretches of dominance. Kinda like Arrieta... only not as extreme.
  12. Didn't think it possible, but somehow Ubaldo is actually getting worse.
  13. An out. We did it boys.
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