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  1. I like the signing. Had a decent stint with the Tigers, is a very good basestealer, and is best friends with Adam Jones if I remember correctly.
  2. I like Lough a lot as a 4th outfielder if that's what we're bringing him in as. Looks like DD thinks he can be our everyday LF and Almanzar can provide what Valencia did last year however. Gotta hold off judgement until we see what both of them can do.
  3. I think it's worth noting that Benoit is getting 2 years $15 million with the Padres according to Jon Heyman, same as Balfour. So you could in theory add Benoit to this poll too since he was in our price range.
  4. ANYWHERE else besides NY. Roberts may have been hurt or playing below average the past few years but he's still a favorite for O's fans and now he's "likely" headed to the Yanks. Not cool
  5. If Axford signing with the Indians is true, (which I'm sure it is), it will have left the worst taste in my mouth of any signing this offseason. He was a player who could have helped this ballclub at a decent value and our inability to make any move besides signing Webb has us without a closer. Have been optimistic up to this point but sitting on our hands while wait for Burnett and Balfour really sucks.
  6. I look at it as another team that won't sign Choo. That's the only positive.
  7. Would've liked to have Feldman back but not at that price as many of you have said. I still think Arroyo is the guy we end up with and if he gives us 200 innings like he normally does, I'd be fine with that.
  8. I would be fine with Cruz for the right price but giving up that pick would be terrible for our already below average farm system. Prospects are never a sure thing but the more picks you make the more likely you are to find a keeper.
  9. McLouth just legged out a double when everyone assumed he'd settle for a single. Even in ST he goes hard. Gotta love Nate
  10. I'm home from college this week and forgot to bring my PS3 home so i'm stuck simply wishing I was playing The Show
  11. I like the move myself. It's another typical DD move that will go under the radar but if he can be decently consistent at the plate, with his defense and speed, he may turn out to be an improvement for us at 2B
  12. It's amazing to me what can happen over the course of one season. I used to trust Adam more than anyone else to get us a clutch hit and now I don't trust him at all. Unfortunately, he proved me right... and then wieters screws the pooch...
  13. Gonna need a small miracle to not allow a run after those damn walks....
  14. Saunders looks like I did that one time I got to pitch in my high school summer league...
  15. Darvish enducing some ugly swings from our guys already, hope we learn to lay off that pitch
  16. Throw a GD strike Saunders!!!! The announcers jinxed the **** outta him
  17. A couple months ago I called Mr. Law an ***hole on twitter after following him for about 2 weeks. Every singe fan question that he was asked was "answered" with a snarky, sarcastic remark that didn't help anyone. The final straw was when a fan mentioned the Orioles and lets just say his answer rubbed me the wrong way. He blocked me, justifiably as I admit it was wrong of me to call him a bad word without knowing him but then he sent me a nasty Direct Message telling me off and tooting his own horn about being a professional with justifiable opinions. I don't remember exactly what he said but h
  18. I'm a sophomore at James Madison University. Sport and Recreation Management major. I've lived in Maryland my entire life though
  19. I 100% agree with bunting Kakes over, we got shutout by Verlander and the Orioles are horrible at RISP hitting. and as I'm typing this HE WAS SOOOOOO SAFE
  20. I love Pedroia as a player, HATE when we play against him
  21. Sweeeeet I thought Thames had that one all the way, good start in all phases of the game for the O's
  22. Still want me to chill out? I wasn't basing sending him down off of one inning, this is an obvious pattern of coming out every 5 days and not having confidence in his stuff from the start.
  23. Zach Britton to Triple-A now please
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