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  1. Because for whatever reason, people are enamored with "stuff". Moment and velocity. The stuff you cant really teach. They think the control and pitching IQ can either be taught or will come with experience. And it may, but its way more frustrating waiting for a super talent to gain some IQ and command, than a guy that pitches to the situation, hits his spots, but sometimes just gets beat...but will never be able to reach back for that sure out. Just preference I guess. A two pitch 70-80 rating each, type pitcher seems like the preference of someone who gambles or plays the lottery to me. The 50-60 rating 4 pitch mix with command seems like the conservative investment type at the other end of the spectrum. I think its great for an organization to have some of each and diversify. But certainly as a whole, the former seems to hold more value, and i disagree there. For the record, I view Gausman as a future dominant closer, and I wouldnt have traded him for any rentals, but maybe a Jay Bruce or C. Gomez straight up. I do feel Parra was a good trade for Davies. We get exceptional defense IMO, and a league leading avg hitter which we desperately needed. It will look much better if we can extend Parra, but I am not upset with the trade. I only valued Gausman higher in this instance because the market itself values him higher, combines with the fact we have a few more Davies types in the system in Wright and Wilson.
  2. Where dis it catch him? only have gameday here
  3. If we can get more than draft pick value out of Wieters and/or Davis, why wouldnt you trade them? We made it to the playoffs with Caleb catching last year, an some would argue that even with Davis's homers, hes still dragging down the lineup. Put Pearce, Reimold, or even Delmon back in there everyday and I doubt you see a run decline. Parmelee at first against righties, the other three lefties. This way we havent given up on the season by any means, and still adding to the organization. I wouldnt deal Chen though. Hes pretty much exactly Kazmir, and for the return they got, Id much rather see Chen try to take us the whole way this year. Lose him and you really are giving up.
  4. I dont understand the obsession with Gausman. I was super hyped about Bundy, and quickly learned my lesson about getting too wrapped up in the "highly touted" players before they show consistancy at the major league level. Gausman may be considered a future stud, but I just dont see it. I may just be a couch GM, but the kid only throws two pitches (dont even act like his curve is a third, that is a throw away pitch, and one day may graduate to a show me pitch). How many starters out there are successful with a two pitch repertiore? And its not like he even has pinpoint command with either. If hes missing with his change/split/vulcan, they sit on and light up the fastball. If hea missing with his fastball, he maxes his pitch count way too soon. Sure hes young and has a lot of growth ahead of him, but all I see in the near future is a Fernando Rodney, without the sideways hat. Nasty no doubt, but better suited for late bullpen....which is still a great draft pickup, but nowhere near untouchable or a franchise crusher IMO. So many people on here really overly latch onto these prospects based on scouting reports and hype from years ago. Weve seen it with our own eyes now folks, trust what youre seeing. Furthermore, everyone is still up in arms about the EdRod trade. The kid was pitching terrible for us that year and was on his way to looking like an early bust and we snagged someone who carried us to and through the playoffs. I was at some of those games in the playoffs, and thank you DD for giving me that opportunity. And i guess were already marking EdRod as the next David Price. Apparently some of you only watched his first three starts, which were mind blowing. But his last 4-5 have been equally as mind blowing...in the other direction. To start your career giving up what was it, 2-3 runs over 21innings...yet already be approaching a 5.00era. If he keeps that up he will be Brian Matusz before he is David Price.
  5. Hundley bats RH only. Youre thinking Headley.
  6. I make that deal. Helps both teams. Both are surpluses.
  7. I wentto the game. The double should have been an out, but Urrutia slowed down approaching the wall, and completely whiffed on a catchable ball. In fact Urrutia looked terrible on defense all night, routinely missing balls in foul territory as well. Gausman looked great. Got a little squeezed on the low outside pitch to lefties, but got one nasty strikeout to a lefty on a changeup, and a few to righties with the slider. He looked solid. The Tides lineup is truly pitiful.
  8. First off, you will love Camden yards. If you want to splurge and have a room overlooking the park, I recommend the Hilton. If you're like me and want to save a little money but still get a great location, I prefer the days inn inner harbor. It's a higher quality than most days inns, and is a short walk, and has a nice restaurant/bar at the end of the block, or before and after games. Its equal distance from the yards as the harbor restaurants. I also might would recommend checking out the aquarium while you were there.
  9. Scratch that. Bottom just fell out, with pretty good gusts too.
  10. I plan on going. The scare of rain got me off work, but where I am, 25mins from the stadium, ive hardly had a drop. Radar seems to be patchy. If its like it is here, theyll get it in. Im trying for it anyways. Missed the game last year.
  11. Left handed nolan reimold. One issue after another, but great potential. The impaling
  12. If hes on alligator alley, hes probably still getting passed by minivans at 110.
  13. I love it. Think Weeks takes the starting job and leadoff role.
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