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  1. The best team money can buy has won 1 world series over the last two decades.
  2. There is no joy in Mudville tonight, but there's a lot of joy in Birdland... Where is the Everybody is Dancing thread?
  3. The Orioles are finding their level. The worst outcome was for them to play out of their minds in a 60-game season and everyone think this is a finished product. It's not.
  4. Uli2001

    Nelson Cruz is 40...

    I like fan banter too, but come on, that was an awful call by the Orioles. You may say that hindsight is 20/20, but it was awful and you know it. It was the first of a series of bad calls following their peak in 2014. It was downhill from there.
  5. Uli2001

    Nelson Cruz is 40...

    At the end of the day, the message is "we don't believe you have more than three productive years in you." They let him walk. Cruz is too classy to go the media complain.
  6. I didn't say we were not testing more than in April, we are (which is a good thing). What I said is that the increase in recorded cases and deaths is not due to more testing. The positivity rate of the tests has increased in July with respect to June. Also, I have not seen anywhere that people are going to the hospital more now than in April. I think hospitalizations is a good indicator of severe cases.
  7. Comparing this to the flu discredits your entire argument. This is a hackneyed talking point.
  8. It's not due to testing, just like it's not like the flu either. These are talking points. Take a look at the hospitalizations per month, we have exceeded in July the peak of April. These are people hospitalized with Covid, it's not due to "testing volume": https://twitter.com/COVID19Tracking/status/1289327679666188288?s=20
  9. I honestly hope your luck doesn't run out.
  10. Please tell us you forgot to click on the sarcasm emoji.
  11. Uli2001

    Nelson Cruz is 40...

    Not what is solely driving him, but it's part. The man deserved an extension.
  12. Uli2001

    Nelson Cruz is 40...

    Worst move of the last decade for the O's was to let this man walk. And then sign Davis (now I am unsure, maybe Cruz was the second worst move). They put a chip on Nelson's shoulder for sure. I am sure this has served as motivation for him.
  13. I think the batter and catcher and spend a lot of time together and so do the catcher and the umpire. I know it's open air but this virus is really contagious. I wouldn't want to be this close to someone who might have Covid-19.
  14. I hope you are not right, because we are _far_ from achieving herd immunity. I understand that 60% of the population would need to get it. And this is assuming that you really can't get it twice, which it's not clear yet.
  15. Your logic is not sound. This is just an example that fit and young baseball players can be hurt seriously by the disease. It doesn't matter where he got it. The point is that other baseball players can go through something similar if there is a season.
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