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  1. Look, if cheating is "normal" in baseball, has been done forever, and everybody does it, then it doesn't deserved to be called "America's pastime." It's most decidedly anti-American. But I disagree with the premise. I don't think it's normal and I don't think everybody does it. That's whay the cheaters need to be caught and eliminated from the game. If they are not serious about this, watch the game sink even further in popularity.
  2. The point was not that the cheating helped Altuve on that HR, but that Chapman and the Yankees knew or suspected that they were cheating.
  3. Someone pointed out that Chapman's face shows he knew.
  4. A case of the accused investigating themselves.
  5. Don't let your lying eyes deceive you.
  6. This is the proof, right here... then he runs off to the clubhouse to change into the champion T-shirt, unlike all his teammates. https://twitter.com/Shippyfunsports/status/1217912673486168065 I am disgusted at MLB in general. Too much cheating going on in the last 25 years. I see no point in watching this anymore.
  7. Uli2001

    Gerritt Cole to NYY

    This shows that the Yankees are squarely back to their old ways. The "youth movement" didn't last long. A Steinbrenner is going to be a Steinbrenner. I just think it's very risky to place that kind of money on a pitcher for that long. I am sure they have bought all kinds of insurance, but that only kicks in if he can't play at all. But as someone said, it doesn't matter to them. I still think this kind of thing is going to kill baseball in the long run. Or maybe they can contract to a league of five teams in NY, Boston and LA.
  8. Uli2001

    Gerritt Cole to NYY

    324 millions/9 years. That's 1/3 of a billion dollars. You could buy small countries with that money.
  9. The picture of the Astros that has emerged over the past few weeks is not flattering to say the least. They still have developed a very talented group of players. But one wonders.
  10. They organic way to limit pitching changes is to decrease the number of pitchers a team can carry. The MLBPA would probably not go along with it.
  11. I have to say that they grew on me during this series. The team and the fans showed a lot of grit. Well done.
  12. I am sure there is nonzero error, but it must be much smaller than the human error. I did not know, or remember, that the strike zone is 3D. I have assumed that it was a 2D rectangle positioned at the front of home plate, as we see on the broadcast. How can the home plate umpire call a 3D strike zone when he doesn't have the perspective?
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