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  1. I’m excited to bet my nephews college fund against the O’s this season
  2. It’s so far in the future, that I really wonder what the world around us will look like when the Orioles are competitive again. Maybe virtual reality will have become so advanced that it can seem like the Orioles are competitive.
  3. Agree. But I do see a lot of kids passionate about playing baseball. O’s attendance while we were really good was embarrassing, and I don’t blame the owners for not spending money if fans won’t support the team.
  4. It’s a good time to buy a franchise. Legal gambling is going to make teams more valuable down the line.
  5. Is it OK for a 44-year-old man to cry when his favorite baseball player is traded? Asking for a friend
  6. Chris, you need to hang up the spikes and do something else with your life, and that is perfectly ok. Thanks
  7. If it’s gonna be John, Lou, and Brady going forward, go for it. High draft picks this year and next. Do you think Brady running it gets a Ripken involved in the organization?
  8. DAN. So many bad trades, bad moves.
  9. Not exactly a newsflash, but It’s the adderall issue, right? That stuff makes you concentrate and react quickly, ie the things he’s not able to do over the past couple seasons. He might also be psyched out, like he knows that’s the problem so doesn’t have confidence in himself, and he’ll blow his contract if he takes it. That’s a lot to bear mentally, especially with ADD. I hope he gets his groove back, one way or another.
  10. Rick_Schu


    What do you guys think average attendance would be if all tickets were free, or like five bucks or something. Not that this would happen, just curious if we took that variable out of it, how much of our attendance problems is really just about lack of interest.
  11. Yeah, I love Tilly, but it’s over. Wright until Harvey is close to ready
  12. Anyone else notice that MLB tv is not offering the radio broadcast as an option when viewing this season ??? That was my favorite part of the package, being able to listen to Joe Angel instead of Thorne and Bordick
  13. Totally agree. Smart player and into the game. I loved the fist pumps when Stanton k’d. !!!
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