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  1. Trey has no lack of prowess defensively at his real position, 1st base. At Notre Dame he was league average there. But if a mis conception is repeated often enough the masses will believe it.
  2. Although I guessed the 2020 season would be cancelled. if there is baseball in 2020, this scenario sounds like a very reasonable outcome for this situation. For flu generally, it tapers down in relation to the weather heating up.. Maybe we will get lucky and that will happen with this virus.
  3. I do not know what the thinking is these days, but it used to be that in at least the first part of Spring Training it was considered that Pitchers were more ready than hitters, a broad generalization, because it is up to the hitters, especially the premier hitters. It was also said, only half joking, that the likes of Musial, Williams, etc. could get out of a sick bed on Christmas Day and mash the ball.
  4. As much as I love baseball, I love LIFE more, so lets wait till say Apr 1st to make that decision. Hope it is a calmer situation by then.
  5. Yeah Steve A. The joke of the day with the math adding up to 110. I caught that too, but was going to let it fly.
  6. Just heard about Treys medical issue. My prayers are with you, Trey.
  7. While it is just Spring Training, nevertheless, Winning is a confidence builder, any game, any level. It also can become a realistic goal to aim for, after you have had a taste of it and feel the real good vibes that winning produces, and know that it is very doable .
  8. Yes, OWKNOWS, Chris does not report to you, me, or any of the so called baseball experts on this board. He already has done more for Baltimore baseball and the city/state than anyone could have dreamed he would after we signed him. He may strike out every at bat this year, I do not know, but as long as he is on the Orioles roster, I for one will respect him. Criticize him, maybe, but always respect him, and not talk gutter language when commenting about his play or community service.
  9. I really like Trey also, I guess because he reminds me of some of the real good hitters I learned about in the 40s and 50s. I say learned about because for me it was a static filled radio, no TV until 1951 or so and then super rarely to have more than a game or two on per week, and nearly always teams I did not really care about. . That interview shows that he is a bright, disciplined, ball player with a 1950s work ethic. I wish him the best, knowing he probably will be traded for Prospects, but I think he would make a near perfect mentor for his teammates, both younger and older than he is.
  10. It should go without saying that all Oriole fans root for Davis to do well. When I hear a Fake Oriole fan rooting against him, then there is no credibility for a person saying he is an Oriole fan. As long as Chris or ANYONE puts on an Oriole uniform, that person represents the Baltimore Orioles, and therefore for TRUE Oriole fans, deserves our respect .
  11. According to dictionary.com, both spellings of the word are correct. Potatoe is the older one and Potato is the most commonly used one today. The scrutiny which faultfinders use on politicans they do not like resulted in that whole issue back some years ago. Nothing has changed, as every day there are examples of trivial faultfinding in this society. Some would be better served, if able to work, to get a Job and a Life in that order.
  12. I have always heard that there are only 2 things for certain in life, Death and Taxes. I am adding another. MLB continuing to screw up the great game of Baseball.
  13. After reading some of these posts it is clear to me why the society is in the shape it is. Apparently the crime to some folks is not to cheat, but to get caught. And while laws change, right and wrong do not. That is why the Creator put a conscience in people, to tell them right from wrong, not the State telling us what it is on certain days of the week..
  14. I personally would rather the pitchers bat, but rather than have different rules for the game of baseball as they do now, I would even go along with both leagues having the DH. I cannot think of another Sport that has different rules for different players.
  15. Yes, Character, as in the best quality of a human being. He is a throw back to the way most, not all, ball players were in the middle of the 20th century, when I first started to follow baseball. I know his ways must seem very unusual to most of you folks, with the ways of pro athletes of today and the last many years. He is the kind of person that we parents and grandparents pray our families turn out into the world. I find Trey a very easy person to root for.
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