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  1. I see a lot of discussion about Stallings, but not much about Pinto. Would that be because there is more readily available info on Stallings, or due to the fact that Pinto, at least in this point in time, is not considered to be as good a pitcher. IMO if one of the two turn out to be a steady, solid Pitcher for the Orioles, that would be a HR for us.
  2. I would do the simplistic thing and sign a player or players that have some realistic upside, and are a young or middle baseball age, if any such are available. Change of scenery has helped many a struggling baseball player in that age range.
  3. And I look at passed balls as worse than some an errors by a position player or even a catcher due to the fact that 1 or more runners advance 1 or more bases on a passed ball every time. Maybe why the rules call it a passed ball and not just another error. Anyway his passed ball record is not very good IMO. But lets hope that Adley is a big success very quickly.
  4. As I remember. Chris was taking a LEGAL substance during his monster years. All of a sudden that particular substance was deemed illegal, and Chris was left high and dry. If that is not generally the way it was, I apologize, for remembering it wrong. Does anyone think that had it been a Yankee in his shoes, that the substance would have still been banned, or continued to be allowed. I vote it would have been allowed, but we will never know.
  5. I hope Adley is all that he is advertised as. What a shot in the arm for this franchise that would be.
  6. Peoples feelings are the same 1978 or 2020. If people cannot see the difference between trying to give a young, struggling pitcher a psychological boast in this way, and doing it for an established veteran then I rest my case. I understand that this society is about hurting as many people as much of the time as possible, in sports as everywhere else. How is that working out for sports and life in general?. I will say this in closing, What goes around comes around. If people have not learned that fairly early in life, then I truly feel sorry for them.
  7. Glad to read that he appreciates the Orioles picking up his option. Hope his optimism is not ill placed. He seems to be the kind of guy that is needed to lead by example, both on and off the field.
  8. There is really no such thing as absolute knowledge because even if someone knows everything to know, which is impossible, someone would come up with a new something that was unknown before. If the previous comments were a knock on Kjerstad because he is finishing his formal education, that is a very sad commentary on this society.
  9. Yes, I said at the time that if you were trying to ruin a players confidence, morale and desire to play for that team, well it was done in one fell swoop. I had a special hope for him as my daughter lives just outside his hometown of Tullahoma, Tn. The only town named Tullahoma in the U. S. A.
  10. I see that the first vaccine that I am aware of was formally approved by FDA this past week. So things are moving right along on that front, maybe 2021 will be semi normal at least. Sure hope so.
  11. If reporters, etc. were really held accountable for their lies and other misreporting, maybe the poor reporting would get better. But then, some of them would have to go out and get an honest job.
  12. No surprize here. ESPN, the failed Socialist sports network would come up with garbage like that. I cannot remember the time I watched ESPN, and millions of others feel the same way.
  13. Left handers, especially can be efficiently wild, that is, not let the LHB own the batters box. Fewer HR in that case, over the short Right Field fences in the AL. I remember Koufax in his early years being very good at that. Then he improved his control some and got batters out with super stuff. Akin needs to improve on that phase of his game. Do not give the batters box to those strong, hulking LHB.
  14. Yes, as I have said for years( before country was cool), an electronic strike zone is badly needed. Back in the day, we could scream kill the umpire, and nobody got in trouble because society was at least somewhat civilized and everyone knew that we were not really advocating killing him. But now, it seems so many people are looking for an excuse do do crimes, even murder, that some would take that time honored baseball cry literally, and use that as an excuse to commit violence. No other way to get bias and human error out of the balls/strikes calling part of baseball that I know of. We are all biased and we all commit human error.
  15. The mono is not an excuse, but a fact. How much it affected him, I do not know, but I do know that mono is a sneaky ailment which even people in the prime of their physical life sometimes take longer than one would expect to totally recover. I hope it was something like that, rather than he was not ready for the competition he faced. This franchise, God knows, needs a few breaks right now.
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