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  1. So have I.. Noticed he has 33 HRs and 33 Doubles. What a coincidence.
  2. A partial answer,, not the only answer by any means, but I am convinced that instincts for the game of baseball accounts for most of such things. A person either has the instincts, ie., feel for the game of baseball or he does not. Not coachable for the most part. They got as far as they have due to reasons other than basic instincts for baseball. Athletic ability, maybe, or who knows what breaks they got along the way, many of such breaks not earned. This is where superior scouts, ones that go way beyond the stats, etc come in to play. Yes, the human factor in scouting. IMO nothing cheapens the game of baseball as much as players who do not exhibit excellent instincts for the game.
  3. Amen.. A bird in the hand, no pun intended, is worth two in the bush.
  4. It should go without saying that management wants to win not only in Sept., but EVERY game the team plays. If not, I want nothing to do with them.
  5. Early in a complete rebuild, why do we not take a deep breath, swallow hard and go with Severino at C until our #1 pick gets up here. Most every position on the team needs new people, so let's focus on the positions where we may not have the good help coming, unlike C where good help s/b coming soon. And pray that the team is not allowed to be run into the ground like this team was for years.
  6. Heymans comment is one persons opinion and not the prevailing one, either. He has once again proven that I made a wise decision when in the 90's, I cancelled all newspapers and most all of the magazines I had been wasting my time and money on. f
  7. AMEN AMEN|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  8. I like Villar a lot, but can he pitch good?
  9. I have rooted for the Orioles since 1954, and the Browns since the late 40's after my uncle took me to a Browns game back then. After more than 70 years, that is a real emotional attachment. On a cerebral basis I rooted for the Astros when they were in the National League due to admiring the organization for doing Most things right as an organization, despite whiffing on a #1 draft choice a time or two. Of course when they play the Orioles, the emotional side takes over.
  10. A part of it could be the allure of playing for the Yankees. Say you are a good prospect and when it comes time to sign you have an offers say from the Tigers and the Yankees, and the offers are close in the same neighborhood. Who would most young prospects sign with? IMO most would sign with the Yankees. That is one, but not the only advantage that they have.
  11. When a pitcher has enough TALENT, the things being discussed are not discussed. What is being discussed are things a talented pitcher does regularly. The definition of talent, something this organization seems incapable of doing in the drafting process .
  12. The oldtimers had no problem backing hitters off the plate or worse, but since political correctness has taken over, if they look crosseyed at the batter, they get a warning. The radio announcers back then would say something like. man he stuck it in his ear on that pitch. And of course. if the hitter was real good as many were, they would not be intimidated by the high inside pitch, and would hit the next pitch out of the park. All of that drama has long since been taken out of the game of baseball. No comparison.
  13. I know the players get paid real good, thereby being defined as pros, but it is going to take a lot of courage to finish out the season, getting kicked in the mouth several times per week. I never would have believed that I would have had to go through the St.Louis Browns experience twice in one lifetime.
  14. Slight correction. A tax on investment income only over a certain amount per year. I forget the exact number since I have not lived there for quite a number of years. But it is pretty generous, before a person incurs any state income tax.
  15. Hyde, I am sure is using a game such as this and the first game of the series to decide who to keep and who to let go, as the organizations future is being built. I must confess, I gave up in anger after the score got to 7-5 in the top of the ninth. Lo and behold, when I discovered they had pulled it out 8-7 I was very surprised. Hyde learned a lot about individual Orioles players today, for sure.
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