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  1. Contending is somewhat dependent as to what the other teams do. One year a certain W/L record would get a team to the playoffs, and another year it would not, if making the playoffs is the definition of Contending. I would think that aiming for .500 would be the absolute highest goal to reasonably set for 2022. Anything above that would be off the chart, good. But we do not know for a fact if a .500 record would put the team in the playoffs. Now if we define contending as a reasonable chance to make the playoffs 1/2 way through the season, then the bar is not as high. Anyway,
  2. The Orioles need to get runners on base before Mancini and Mountcastle come to bat. Put even more pressure on the Pitcher.
  3. You cannot fool mother nature, no matter how hard you try. The tangled webs we spin. just trying to.
  4. As I recall, it was never a sin to steal signs, only to get caught.
  5. Yes, it was sort of a tough play. Thats what you are getting paid tons of money to make successfully. Ryan.
  6. I always hear how bad Trey is defensively. Well, I checked the last 3 years, excluding 2020 which I did not find. AT 1st base 2018, 992% Fielding 363 Innings. 2019 1st base Fielding 1.000% 449 innings. 2021 so far, 997% Fielding 455 innings. Sounds good to me. Yes, when they stuck him in the outfield, he had a learning curve, but he did his best like the loyal soldier he is.
  7. Yet another so called prospect we can probably check of as FAILURE.
  8. At least he is(could be) a part of the teams future. Unlike when they start journeymen pitchers or has been good, but are no more. pitchers.
  9. What really made this list as small as it was, were the players, who for a few decades there, played for one team for years and then the last year of their big league playing went to another team for the final one year. I was struck by this, and I do not remember who he was, but someone who played for the Cardinals for ever, it seemed, then for his final year of playing went to, of all teams, the arch enemy Cubs. I do not know if this tactic is used as much these days, I kind of doubt it.
  10. Thank God Almighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Who remembers the later round picks? It is all about the top 10 or so picks. Saving to get a later pick is a gamble at best. More so that the earlier, in the draft picks.
  12. Maybe he is a good Pitcher, because the Pitchers on the roster are a collection of Minor Leaguers at best.
  13. I was about to post on this very topic. That plus a ballpark designed for hitting. Yes, our team gets to hit in the park also, but other teams usually have much better pitching, so it a Net Big Time Loss having such a bandbox to play in. And yes, I know over the years it is treated as a Fatal Sin on the board, to mention the size of the park, but facts are facts.
  14. I have thought about this topic a very long time already this season and I keep thinking these non major league pitchers must be that they have something on Hyde or Hyde is deliberately trying to lose, which is against the Spirit of, if not the Rules of baseball. As I posted already this season, Play the Future, not the Past, which is so pitiful, bury it and leave it buried.
  15. On good nights we have some 4 or 5 inning SP. Not much more in that regard other than an occasional No Hitter.
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