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  1. Baseball is killing the goose that laid the golden egg. They will find that out. Hope not too late.
  2. The first pitch strikes were an important reason he threw the no hitter, therefore a huge part of it. Batters always down in the count were then at Means mercy for the following pitches. It was a real pitching clinic.
  3. A bit of no hit trivia. Of the 10 no hitters by this franchise{Browns/Orioles}, 30% of them had the Final score of 6-0. This includes multi pitcher no hitters. Means performance today was IMO the most dominating no hitter, as judged by only 1 runner on base. Means is a horse, and I hope this is only the beginning of his pitching exploits.
  4. That came into play too, but no denying they felt disgraced giving less than 200%, for the most part. Different world entirely. So lets tell the whole story there.
  5. That is the way it was. I realize by todays standards, that kind of courage is hard to believe. Go Orioles.
  6. DJ is a throwback to the days when players were truly tough and if they were mobile they had to almost be drug from the game, and not just Bob Gibson, but most all the players. It is only in recent years that the wimp version of society and baseball has taken over. It would have been looked on as a disgrace for a player to come out of the game with no broken bones, etc., though I heard that DJ had a small fracture. Anyway it is easy for me to root for someone like DJ.
  7. When a subjective term is used to described something, it can be interpreted as the describer pleases. I have found it is usually a waste of my time to try to guess what he really meant by using such a word, rather than using a more objective word that needs little, if any further explanation.
  8. Thank goodness DJ, that you were not hurt very badly. That catch is the definition of Hustle. Keep it up.
  9. Lets try to be more positive rather than spend the day quibbling over semantics. Of course the Orioles are not real good yet, but it appears they are on the right track. It is a great distance between where they are, and where they need to be to win it all. However, considering where they started from, they are progressing. There will be plenty of times this season where people can recite how awful they are and what they need to do to get to the goal line, and then over it. Right now I am basking in the glory of starting a long road trip by winning the first 2 games vs, a team with one of the best records in Baseball. And for now, that is good enough for me.
  10. It cheapens the game so much, the runner on second and the 7 inning games rather than 9 innings. As if there was something more important to do beyond enjoying a long afternoon at the old ball park, drinking beer and relaxing with family and friends. The game could be ruined even quicker if the bases were loaded and no one out, rather than putting only 1 runner on base. I mean where does it end, the tampering with the rules of the sport that were good for generations of people, but now they must be changed. I say the people who advocate that, are not baseball fans of the sport as much as they want people to believe, or they would not be unhappy if a game lasted longer than they, in their infinite wisdom think it should have. Why do not they get up, leave, and let the rest of us enjoy one of the very last islands of peace and relaxation from this insane society, which only gets worse every day that dawns?
  11. And in addition to almost losing another ball game, by winning, we are again tied with the Yankees, and we can begin a road trip on a high note. Now lets have a winning trip to the West Coast.
  12. I answered it in detail in the John Means thread. I refer you to that.
  13. An Ace is a Pitcher who, every time he takes the ball, his team and fans can have a realistic expectation that he will win the game. He, of course does not win every game, but the expectation is there that he could. And if the team is good enough to reach the playoffs he is the one that is given the ball for Game 1. . Brings to mind the saying in the 40s of Spahn and Sain and 2 days of rain, for the Boston Braves of the National League. Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain. I have tried all weekend to think of a saying for John Means, but have not thought of one yet. He needs some help, cannot do it all.
  14. And no, hot weather is not going to make major league hitters out of these pretend major leagures. PERIOD|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  15. If Fangraphs guesses enough times in enough categories, they are bound to get at least 1 guess right before the Summer is over. Aren't they smart when it comes to baseball.
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