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  1. Yes, as I said some time back, I have seen untold numbers of wild lefties come up over the years and some never gain enough control to know where the ball is going after it leaves their hand. Then some gain just enough control to be effectively wild, so the batter does not dig in on them. Glad Scott was given enough innings to show what he could do in that regard.
  2. I say that whoever sets the record for total RBIs by a switch hitter is worthy of all the praise he got and a lot more. So he was an introvert, I always said that he let his bat do the talking, and talk it did. He should not have been held to a different standard than any other Oriole, period. When the topic comes up as to my favorite Oriole, that is easy. It is the person who hit 3 run homers and won ball games from both sides of the plate for years.
  3. More demotivation from Orioles Management. Baseball people know that Winning is not of prime importance this year, however, one should not spread it for all to hear, over and over. Some Pros, believe it or not, need a motivation speech, and yes a kick in the butt every so often. In the hot Summer, when the going gets tough, the team should not play off the attitude that, oh well, we are doing this for experience anyway. This year counts, but it kind of does not count. Kind of.
  4. This is the most sensible suggestion about AR that I have read. Since none has the power to look into the future for AR s handling of the physical, mental or emotional challenges of baseball, I too say to let him get his feet really wet in the Minors, however long that may be, and promote him if and when it is clear that he SEEMS ready to compete in the Majors. A subjective decision for sure, but the best one we have.
  5. While, of course the Manager has to manage looking at the big picture and not JUST THE NOW, still in a Winnable game, he should bring in, who in his opinion is the most likely to help him win the game, NOW. Esp, for a team which figures to lose 90+ games since there will not be that many Winnable games in the late innings. .
  6. Is this thread for real or a Fake? If it is real, I cannot believe that no one else picked up on it as being the strangest, most bizarre comment I have ever heard in any line of endeavor. If that is managements big worry for 2021, they are overlooking tons of other things. Hopefully it was meant to be a big fat joke that went bad.
  7. Only a fool would in effect, say Always or Never, and use the 0.0% possibility. In this world Truth is stranger than Fiction, and becoming much more scarce.
  8. Could not pass this one up on a dreary Feb. day. His stuff may not play up out of the pen exclusively, but I bet it would play up and out of the park.
  9. Thank you, Roll, for posting this info.
  10. I agree with you. But the tendency is to not stick with this plan, no matter how it is started due to the sacred numbers that add up to more losses than are acceptable, and peoples jobs may therefore be on the line. So they cave.
  11. In the dead of Winter it is easy to desire some baseball to talk about, but in this case I think nothing is here.
  12. I thought we were focusing on the future competitive team. Guess they think he will sell a few tickets, but I say live or die with the FUTURE players who figure to have a chance at making the team when it is heading to competitiveness. Since I root for all who wear an Orioles uniform, I will root for him.
  13. I noticed that just before he joined the Orioles, his numbers had started to go South, but never the less I hoped he would be a good acquisition. It was not to be, but he was at least, easy to root for.
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