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  1. I do not think we are seeing the death of the Orioles. However, watching the Astros/Yankees series, it is PAINFULLY clear of the gap between the playoff teams and the current Orioles. I do not know how or how long it would take to close that gap and be on a par with those teams. Just counting on the # 1 or first round draft choice each year is not going to do it, at least not in my lifetime.
  2. Also, the team that became the modern day Orioles had a jingle that I grew up with. First in shoes, first in booze, and last in the American League. Shoe factories and breweries provided the main source of employment in that area. Now shoes are made in China and other countries, but Busch and a couple other breweries are still there.
  3. Modern day Oriole fans who never got to see the Really good Oriole teams play or see the fabulous individual performances, just from reading about them, I doubt that they realize just how good both the teams and the individual performances were. Stats tell the outcome, but do not have any feeling or emotions to them.
  4. i wish them the best with this endeavor. I am also interested in trying to detect what I call INSTINCTS for the game of baseball. Not really coachable, but by intense observation of the player BEFORE they are drafted with an eye as to just how much each player they are scouting, instinctively knows about the game. ie, like do they throw to the right base, when they are batting and the pitcher is somewhat wild, and there is a 2 - 0 count do they almost ALWAYS swing at the next pitch if it is near the strike zone, or when the ball leaves the bat do they USUALLY know how many bases they can get out of it. etc. I know that many major leaguers do not have this instinct, and some cover up this deficiency by being so good that usually it is not much an issue But most players are not Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig. I just never knew if this was a MAJOR part of the scouting process because I have seen many players over the years who just did not have this ability. .
  5. Way back when, the Yankees had the M and M Boys as they were called, Maris and Mantle. I submit that the Orioles have their version of the M and M boys in Mancini and Means. I hope they play as long and at the end were considered just as great as the M and M boys of the past.
  6. Do not care a lot as to who is the manager. Only care about having a roster of MLB talented players. We can figure the managerial part out at that time. As many top coaches and managers have said, including the late great Pat Summit. " There is no substitute for Talent". Talent covers a multitude of Sins.
  7. I have said for years bring on the robots umps. I know it is giving up a lot as far as the personal interaction with players and umps is concerned, but I for one will take accuracy over the interaction. That is I would try it for a year or two in the minors to see exactly how it works out.
  8. Yes, National League parks are bigger on average, and they do not have the DH. Although I must say that NL pitchers are on average, pretty good hitters. But IMO, for his sake he needs to be in the NL. Maybe he can bring us back decent people in an NL trade.
  9. Elias had a right to fire him and BJ had a right to be angry. It happens everyday in the real world to people, who for the most part, can not absorb the loss of a regular pay check. Always a sad happening either way, but life in some way, shape, and form, goes on. BJ was one of my favorites over the 70 plus years I have followed the Franchise. and I wish him the best for the rest of his life.
  10. So have I.. Noticed he has 33 HRs and 33 Doubles. What a coincidence.
  11. A partial answer,, not the only answer by any means, but I am convinced that instincts for the game of baseball accounts for most of such things. A person either has the instincts, ie., feel for the game of baseball or he does not. Not coachable for the most part. They got as far as they have due to reasons other than basic instincts for baseball. Athletic ability, maybe, or who knows what breaks they got along the way, many of such breaks not earned. This is where superior scouts, ones that go way beyond the stats, etc come in to play. Yes, the human factor in scouting. IMO nothing cheapens the game of baseball as much as players who do not exhibit excellent instincts for the game.
  12. Amen.. A bird in the hand, no pun intended, is worth two in the bush.
  13. It should go without saying that management wants to win not only in Sept., but EVERY game the team plays. If not, I want nothing to do with them.
  14. Early in a complete rebuild, why do we not take a deep breath, swallow hard and go with Severino at C until our #1 pick gets up here. Most every position on the team needs new people, so let's focus on the positions where we may not have the good help coming, unlike C where good help s/b coming soon. And pray that the team is not allowed to be run into the ground like this team was for years.
  15. Heymans comment is one persons opinion and not the prevailing one, either. He has once again proven that I made a wise decision when in the 90's, I cancelled all newspapers and most all of the magazines I had been wasting my time and money on. f
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