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  1. We all wish the best for HH, and maybe luck will run his way on being a MLB pitcher in some format, starter, reliever, closure. I am not drawing any conclusions from his very limited activity the last couple of seasons. Hopefully the docs can guide him to get the most out of, what has been up until now, a very iffy arm. Would be a real loss of talent to see him not become a productive MLB pitcher in one of the above roles.
  2. The goal is to win the World Series. By the time there is not a top notch farm system and the draft picks are lower than now, the Orioles hopefully will be World Champs. Only the money machine franchises like NYY, LAD, etc can have both at the same time. The Orioles need to beg, borrow and steal from the Farm for use ASAP to reach the real goal, WS Champs.
  3. Sometimes in life, I have observed that there are things that do not work out good, for whatever reason, no matter how much time one puts in to studying, analyzing it, etc. I am writing off this Bundy thing as one of those times. However, over the very long haul, things come closer to evening up, so if we have not used our evening up issue, we are due for something good to happen.
  4. This is another example of the current people trying to fix something that is not broken. I trust the folks who put baseball rules together at the beginning much more than those who are tinkering with it. Please let baseball alone. I know in your infinite wisdom you think you can improve on it, but you cannot. If everything in this damaged society worked half as good as baseball, it would be a far different world.
  5. I could not have said it any better. You are exactly how I feel. Hope the feeling lasts beyond this weekend.
  6. I know Akin and Kremer have a long way to go to become Aces, but I am encouraged this weekend by both of them. In a forgettable season like this one, any such glimmers of light is appreciated. And it could not have happened to a more appropriate opponent. Keep it up, both you guys.
  7. Hang on to that guy, Orioles He is a Yankee killer.
  8. Yes, it did feel good, esp. since the Orioles could have/should have won the series. They were only really beaten in one game, the others were up for grabs. And yes I know, the Toronto field has not been kind to them for ever it seems like. I can see a new day dawning with the advent of a new mix of players, and I have hopes for Keegan Akin. I do not make predictions, but with even neutral luck, I can see him being someone who could be an Oriole contributor for many years.
  9. Nick is the textbook blue collar player. Grinds it out day in and day out. I am glad he is with a team that really appreciates his big league skills.
  10. Another example of taking the once greatest game in the world, for its simplicity, as well as other things, and making it so complicated that a team of lawyers would argue endlessly about it, then kick it upstairs to the Supreme Court.
  11. Congrats Nick. I know how much you are appreciated down here.
  12. This new rule smacks of similar rules that elementary school children come up with when they play ball on the schoolyard. That very rule and others like it we used to come up with. What a way to cheapen baseball. I know, some believe if you have not changed anything in a long while, there MUST be something that needs changing. Maybe so, but not this childish rule.
  13. If people have to change the rules to enjoy something that for hundreds of years has been more than enough for generations of people worldwide, then I suggest to those people to get a more exciting sport to follow.
  14. Generally you do not catch a fish unless you bait the hook(although I have done it a couple times), but I do not know how many, if any, baited hooks the Orioles have out there. Everyone s/b available at the right price, but I am not holding my breath.
  15. This one was really hard to swallow seeing as the team fought back from a multirun hole against one of the very good pitchers in all of baseball. I hope they shrug it off, but I have seen similar situations cause the start of a losing streak. This team is nothing if they are not scrappy, so maybe they will say to themselves,, to hell with it, lets start winning again.
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