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  1. I really like Trey also, I guess because he reminds me of some of the real good hitters I learned about in the 40s and 50s. I say learned about because for me it was a static filled radio, no TV until 1951 or so and then super rarely to have more than a game or two on per week, and nearly always teams I did not really care about. . That interview shows that he is a bright, disciplined, ball player with a 1950s work ethic. I wish him the best, knowing he probably will be traded for Prospects, but I think he would make a near perfect mentor for his teammates, both younger and older than he is.
  2. It should go without saying that all Oriole fans root for Davis to do well. When I hear a Fake Oriole fan rooting against him, then there is no credibility for a person saying he is an Oriole fan. As long as Chris or ANYONE puts on an Oriole uniform, that person represents the Baltimore Orioles, and therefore for TRUE Oriole fans, deserves our respect .
  3. According to dictionary.com, both spellings of the word are correct. Potatoe is the older one and Potato is the most commonly used one today. The scrutiny which faultfinders use on politicans they do not like resulted in that whole issue back some years ago. Nothing has changed, as every day there are examples of trivial faultfinding in this society. Some would be better served, if able to work, to get a Job and a Life in that order.
  4. I have always heard that there are only 2 things for certain in life, Death and Taxes. I am adding another. MLB continuing to screw up the great game of Baseball.
  5. After reading some of these posts it is clear to me why the society is in the shape it is. Apparently the crime to some folks is not to cheat, but to get caught. And while laws change, right and wrong do not. That is why the Creator put a conscience in people, to tell them right from wrong, not the State telling us what it is on certain days of the week..
  6. I personally would rather the pitchers bat, but rather than have different rules for the game of baseball as they do now, I would even go along with both leagues having the DH. I cannot think of another Sport that has different rules for different players.
  7. Yes, Character, as in the best quality of a human being. He is a throw back to the way most, not all, ball players were in the middle of the 20th century, when I first started to follow baseball. I know his ways must seem very unusual to most of you folks, with the ways of pro athletes of today and the last many years. He is the kind of person that we parents and grandparents pray our families turn out into the world. I find Trey a very easy person to root for.
  8. This is a case of a Yankee decision, as usual, from MLB. Quite a unique way of getting the Astros off their necks for a few years, Maybe or Maybe Not..
  9. What is being described is LIFE, and a part of most peoples life where they are not in nearly as good a shape in many ways, to deal with it. These people have lived the Super Good life, many for years, and when they are required to live a Good life compared to almost all of humanity, they should be grown up enough to cope. Some unhappiness at their turn of events, sure, but for goodness sake, they get no tears from me. f
  10. So all they have to do is plug in the new plan, put it on auto, and go play golf. I believe there will be decisions and details to make each and every day to execute the overall plan. And these have to be figured out continually until the rebuild is either successful or a failure. It is far from certain that all aspects of the plan will go perfectly as you insinuate. The world does not work that way.
  11. When a franchise has been let be ground into the ground as completely as this one, there are almost too many elements of risk to make a reasonable prediction as to what should be done to fix it, and to guess as to how many years it will or should take. And then there is always the Wildcard, sometimes called Fate or Luck. But being dealt this Hand, we can only hope and trust that the new management will figure it out sooner rather than later.
  12. Amen. My first thought was ALL OF THE ABOVE.
  13. I have not studied this topic, so I cannot get specific. However, after having watched MLB operate for many years, it just might be a perceived short term solution to a perceived problem, but I would bet that in the long run it will not help the players. Sure some players salaries MIGHT rise slightly, but there will be fewer players, fewer teams, and less help to local economies as the result of this proposal. Remember. minor leagues are the life blood of MLB.
  14. Not now, but at the time, yes. I was never so sure about a decision in my life. For years I had admired Cruz and considered him a Home Run machine with a real decent BA. And it proved another point that I have learned in life. A mistake, even a small one, when trying to correct it, oft times leads to a snowballing effect of mistakes , which are way more damaging that the first one. I do not know if anyone else has noticed this real life truism.. . Had Cruz been kept, Trumbo would not have been necessary. And the rest is history as they say.
  15. Oriole1940

    The Balls

    I wonder what it would take to get MLB to leave things alone when they are working. I guess to flex their muscle and let everyone know that they still run things is why they do unnecessary things. You know when changes are made to anything, 2 out of 3 choices do not work out . They are either positive, neutral or negative. There is a 1/3 chance of success.
  16. The Bundy trade I hope is not quantity vs quality. We will not know for sure till the prospects prove it one way or the other. However, it brought back unpleasant memories of the dark days when we tried that tactic, but it did not seem to work out. If it would have been close to successful, the farm system would have been in better shape when Elias got here, than it was. Hopefully out of four prospects, we get some real ML value. But it just brought back memories I have tried to forget.
  17. The Cole contract will almost surely become an albatross. For sure if the Orioles had signed him. I would not give ANYBODY a 9 year contract, certainly not a Pitcher, even if his name was Cy Young. Every pitch is asking his arm to do something that is terribly stressful for it, not to mention the other parts of the body that take a pounding with each pitch.
  18. Bundy was one of the smarter pitchers in the league. He had to be after arm injuries reduced his fastball velocity by so much. I hope nothing but the best for him, wherever his career takes him from here.
  19. I intended to vote, but my answer is I know nothing about the players we got, and if they are longshots as some have led me to believe, probably will not know for some years.
  20. What this decision tells me is that contrary to pie in the sky reports, it shows no desire to bring a WC team to Baltimore, unless there is more to this than we presently know.
  21. Good for Ryan. The qualities he possessed as the #1 Utility man for such a long while, namely persistence, determination and the team player he was, should serve him well in his new endeavor. If some of the prima donnas I can think of in the game of baseball had a smidgen of Ryan's qualities, they would help their teams much more than they currently do. Goes to show that a person though not blessed with HoF talent for the game of baseball, never the less can carve out for himself a relatively long career and make a good amount of money as well as gaining teammates respect. No, he did not come through every time he was called upon, especially in the latter days of his career, but when he came to bat I always felt he was giving his best at that point in time.
  22. Anyone who has ever walked on this planet is Biased about multiple things. So not surprising sports writers bias shows in voting of this kind. Either we accept their biases or ignore them completely. I am just real glad that Means had a great year, that he is on the Orioles, and hope he has a wonderful, long career with the Orioles. As far as sports writers are concerned, since he is not on the Yankees, to most of them, he is not material. And I am glad to keep it that way.
  23. Now that Harvey is no longer the skeleton that he once was, and is being handled by people who know what they are doing( I hope they do), let us see if he really is a backend reliever or something different. The skeleton body he had a few yrs. ago was totally different than what he has now. Let us see how far the new body takes Harvey now. Plz do not check the grammar too closely, as it has been a Tennessee Fire afternoon.
  24. Another glaring example of MLB flexing their muscles and trying to fix something, namely the great game of baseball, when it is working fine. If they want to do something meaningful they should start by standardizing both leagues concerning the DH. ie., correct a previous mistake. Either have it or not have it. I do not care, but they should make both leagues play under the same set of rules. What other Sport has different rules like that?
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