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  1. The players names change from year to year, but the losers strategy continues year after year after.
  2. I have observed over the years that lefties, for what ever reason, sometimes take longer to get command to be in line. I think of Koufax and several others here. Therefore I often give them a longer leash that righties. I know it is the time of year to dream big, but if he and Grayson do turn out to be good TORS, and slot Means in at #3, that is what championship teams are built of. I say, no charge to dream.
  3. If MLB had a better product to put on the field, it would not matter as much, as to what the size of the market is. But as long as they operate in the decades ago mentality, they need to worry. As long as the Dodgers, Res Sox and Yankees are not in the WS, it is a win win situation foe me.
  4. Yes, they were my NL team at one time. Anyone who knows anything about baseball. knows that the only Sin connected with sign stealing is getting caught. Some, as you say, are just better at it. All have done it at some time or other over the years. When playing, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the oppositions signs. Never had much luck with it though.
  5. This is a textbook example of how seriously MLB takes in getting things right, putting out a quality product, etc. If calls are too accruate, then it is harder to be biased for a specific team or teams. That will never do.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Adley will help to improve the team some, but he cannot create talent where there is pitifully little. Now with all the high draft choices and the horrible records of the past few years, of course one would expect to see some improvement in W/L. But as my 95 year Grandmother always said before she passed on, YOU CANNOT MAKE A SILK PURSE OUT OF A SOWS EAR. Same applies to baseball talent. You cannot come up with enough talent in the short term, and maybe a little beyond, to overcome all the sins of the previous number of years.
  7. Another interesting analysis would be the BA of 7,8,and 9 batters in the opposition lineup vs league average. Maybe not anything out of line but watching them, it sure seems they do not take of advantage of the lower 1/3 of the enemy lineup.
  8. One of my daughters lives in the small Tenn. town of Tullahoma, where Hess comes from. Only town named that in the country. People there are rallying around the circled wagons in preparation for battle against Cancer. Asking for prayers and more prayers to beat this evil invader. God bless you and yours, David, people you do not know are praying for your health every day.
  9. It is easy to not take into account the huge challenge it is playing in the AL East. Sure we can and do sometimes, improve, but those kind of competitors are not asleep at the wheel. They are out trying their best to improve also. So we are not always trying to catch a stationary target, but an improving target. That is why it is a huge challenge in the AL East, when we spot these competitors that big of a lead in talent. And that is proven by how many years we actually compete, versus how many years we play.
  10. Rogers situation pales in comparison to the situation of Red Sox/Babe Ruth. We live in an imperfect world. Get over it.
  11. The above and built in bias against the really poor teams. If they threw strikes they would have won more games???? Most questionable calls go against the really poor teams. Electronic calling of balls and strikes which I have wanted for years would help.
  12. Whatever the reason, it worked, the Yanks won.
  13. Anybody who endured the season Hyde has endured, ,I say was entitled to bow some steam off.
  14. Thank God for Football.||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
  15. You are not alone. Really cheapens baseball, and reminds me of some competition I played in at the high school level. For people who cannot get enough of baseball, it is a real let down.
  16. Maybe helped him, but we should have used the future not the forgettable past. It is the Orioles we are trying to help, not someone from the distant past.
  17. I hope this is correct. I would have gone with Means and rookies from the ASB forward.
  18. On a team with enough good starters, maybe the bullpen, On this team for right now, use him as a starter to see how he does. When all the SP prospects get to the majors, put him back in the bullpen. JOKE.
  19. You must be new here. If he were a Yankee, you would hear about him till you were sick to your stomach.
  20. This is the proof of the competency or lack thereof for the 2 organizations. One organization does most baseball things right, while the other does most things wrong and has longer than fans care to remember. The question has always been for me, why do not the Orioles hire baseball people throughout the organization, top to bottom, who really know baseball, rather than those who would like to know the ins and outs of baseball {no pun intended). It starts with the scouting of course, and carries all the way through the organization. Tampa also plays in the AL East, remember.
  21. I used to think this organization, while not good at many things, was good at finding pitchers who, on good days, could get through the lineup one time and the Orioles would kind of still be in the game. Not so much anymore. Watkins gives up 3 earned runs in the first two innings. Just a dearth of talent.
  22. One problem is that playing in a very tough division in a small ball park it takes extra talented players, esp. pitchers to excel over the long term here, and some will not even attempt that task. A few over the loooong term will, of course do good here.
  23. I think Hyde is a good fit for such a team as this, but I prefer someone else when we have enough talent to at least compete. Some one who has a lot of Managerial experience before he comes here. What is depressing is how many more years is that?
  24. Just another example as to how irrelevant many reporters really are. If no one reads them, maybe they will just go away.
  25. Something that is easy to overlook, is that by the time this team is really going to have the talent to compete, whatever that year is, the competition will be going all out to improve, and some of them will. So we would not be competing with them without some of them being better, which means we need to improve more than is sometimes thought.
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