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  1. I have a spare ticket to the game tonight iff anyone wants in. Section 12 row 2. Cant seem to give this thing away. PM me if interested
  2. Nice work Matty and very good base running from Cruz. THIS IS WHAT WE CAME TO SEE!
  3. Great start for Tillman. Love seeing him get out of that junk he got himself in!
  4. Understood. It doesn't change the fact that we've had a top 5 pick the last 4 years, though. The reality is that people selected around 17th in the first round more often than not don't pan out. Sure there's exceptions, but if we're looking at it from an "on average what will that pick produce" way, it's nothing to be terribly excited about. Ubaldo gives us a few good seasons of stellar ball more often than that 17th pick turns into a solid MLBer, imo.
  5. To those upset about giving up a 1st rd pick. The following is the list of our 1st rd selections since 2000. Most of which were a good bit higher than 17th. Beau Hale (14) Tripper Johnsno (32 s) Chris Smith (7) Mike Fontenot (19) Bryan Bass (31 s) Adam Loewen (4, sigh) Nick Markakis (7) Wade Townsend (8) Brandon Snyder (13) Garrett Olson (48s) Billy Rowell (9) Pedro Beato (32s) Matt Wieters (5) Brian Matusz (4) Matthew Hobgood (5) Manny Machado (3) Dylan Bundy (4) Kevin Gausman (4) So, aside from the past couple years where we haven't had worse than the 5th overall pick, it's a who's who of nobodies for the most part. Plus, we don't even know what Bundy or Gausman have in store for the future. Losing the 17th overall does very little in terms of bolstering our farm to help supplement the big club down the road.
  6. Im on the Nolasco/Garza wagon. Either or for a reasonable price would have ne preeeety happy. That said weve got enough arms right now that (assuming they stay healthy) I really dont think we even NEED an arm.That said Id still support the decision.
  7. Didnt he get the save tonight?
  8. Total hypotetical, but its fun... any chance Buck would consider a 6man roatation?
  9. Random question for stotle not Os related... You think Harper has a better arm then Frenchy?
  10. I realize its pretty SSS, but wasnt his era last year right around 3? Where are we pulling these 5+ IP and 3-4 runs number from?
  11. According to noaa.com this game has almost no chance of being played tonight
  12. I have the day off and I have a nsaty cold. My throats on fire. The last thing I need is no baseball. Well, at least theres NBA playoffs....
  13. rmt64

    Jeremy Guthrie, 2013

    Dont worry guys, I tweeted him last night after the and told him on behalf of Orioles Nation we wish him the best and miss him. Did not get responded to
  14. Not saying I think he is/isnt... but exactly what elae could be smeared on his arm thats going to help him so much more than rosin?
  15. Certainly wasnt expecting that from Strop. Comes in and gets rid of Pujols on 3 pitches?! Im far from a knee jerk kinda guy, but with that outing Im almoat fully behind Pedro again. One more like that would probably do it. Flame awat.
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