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  1. You can make the same argument about pretty much any player who becomes free agent. That isnt an argument against the Orioles signing him.
  2. 2 of the links you provided are about the same incident, and there aren't many many more. The video I posted provided dozens of examples of him hustling. Not to mention the fact that Puig has been maligned by the media since he was called up by the Dodgers
  3. Looking at that video, I dont think it's fair to say that he has a lack of hustle. Puig might make some boneheaded base running mistakes but he's always been pretty aggressive.
  4. And I'll just assume any American I see wearing an 1860 or Ipswich Town jersey is doing so to try to seem superior in character to fans who support the most talented and recognizable clubs globally.
  5. Let me know when you find out CD's test scores.
  6. But you dont know why Chris Davis or anyone goes to a community college, so you're just bashing his intellect and the intellect of people who attend community college.
  7. Anybody else hear someone drunk or deranged yell "Cmon Scioscia" before the break?
  8. Ah so everyone's been saying shes the best part about the Orioles season because of her interviewing skills. I mean honestly, intellectual contributions? Telling me that Davis has been working on his swing? The guys in the clubhouse are really getting along? Wish her the best, she seems like a wonderful person. I agree that we aren't at some horrible loss by not having a sideline reporter now.
  9. 21,644 was the announced attendance.
  10. I too would gladly watch 80 minutes of action rather than the 13 minutes of action in an NFL game.
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