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  1. Let me know when you find out CD's test scores.
  2. But you dont know why Chris Davis or anyone goes to a community college, so you're just bashing his intellect and the intellect of people who attend community college.
  3. Anybody else hear someone drunk or deranged yell "Cmon Scioscia" before the break?
  4. Ah so everyone's been saying shes the best part about the Orioles season because of her interviewing skills. I mean honestly, intellectual contributions? Telling me that Davis has been working on his swing? The guys in the clubhouse are really getting along? Wish her the best, she seems like a wonderful person. I agree that we aren't at some horrible loss by not having a sideline reporter now.
  5. 21,644 was the announced attendance.
  6. I too would gladly watch 80 minutes of action rather than the 13 minutes of action in an NFL game.
  7. Where am I going to go for all my great reaction gif content now?
  8. This is the Rays wanting one foot in both camps, and if it happens then they're just gonna end up moving to Montreal full time in the few years that follow.
  9. And yet they averaged nearly 15k in attendance, because the team means more to those people then the silverware. And I suspect that's why you are here instead of on SoSH, or some Yankees forum.
  10. I'll be boarding the plane first now, thanks.
  11. Cause someone's got to. What do you guys want the team to move to Vegas? I'm not saying I'm a hero, but I am pretty heroic.
  12. Any chance Phillips is optioned after the game and Stewart gets called up?
  13. Yeah, a victim to shallow positioning just like Dahl's double on Friday night.
  14. He hit it pretty hard. So far he hasn't been great at warning track balls.
  15. Hess is, as they say, pitching to contact
  16. Haha that's awesome. Any chance someone could get a screenshot? Edit: also, way ahead of you, brother.
  17. Hess has dominated Story each time up to the plate. And I caught my first foul ball in my life in the 3rd inning. Good day so far.
  18. If you put Trumbo on the warning track he probably would have caught it too.
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