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  1. Wow I sure wanna catch the last two games. Hey let them take each other out. It's just better for us!
  2. That's acting like 10 year olds. Hitting someone because you don't like what they said. But sure was surprised he didn't get tossed. And it was kinda hilarious, it took him 5 pitches to actually hit him! It was like he couldn't find the batter!
  3. Can anyone explain how the ump could justify tossing Henderson Alvarez because he pitched inside to Ian Kinsler? Didnt even hit him yet he got tossed. Jays down 1 run, count was 1-2 with 2 outs, No way he was pitching at him.
  4. Totally stupid. And the umps never threw the pitcher. Lame
  5. I mean seriously, you throw a ball 2' behind Luke Scott, 2 under his arms and then hit him and all you get is a warning? That's low all the way around. If you want to hit him, just hit him all ready. It's like he struggled to find the batter
  6. I thought they might get reused in some form but wasn't sure. They could pass them onto little league games
  7. So what does mlb do with all the baseballs that are in the dirt that they throw aside? I heard the other day that an average game uses around $1100 worth of baseballs. Just curious what they do since they are perfectly fine other than a dirt scuff.
  8. Who else saw the ump in last night Red Sox game spit his gum onto Bobby Valentine? It wasn't intentional but that would suck!
  9. Yeah that Bob Davidson needs to also be fined about $50g on top of his suspension. What he did was pure BS. Umps are professionals and need to act like it. I'm sick of umps acting like they are God Almighty and it's good to see one being suspended. Umping has been bad this year.
  10. Buy a goat and torn it loose on her side that you must take care of. She may reconsider asking you to do it. Or just do such an awful job that she asks you to stop
  11. I laughed my ass off at this for days! lol I will never endorse this method nor try it, but funny as all get out!
  12. O baby! And so many people were predicting a sweep, o wait KC was to sweep the Orioles! Lol I love it, I love it (mr. Roscoe P. Coltrane)
  13. Well I sure would like to stay up till its over but this kid gotta hit da hay. Guess I'll find out in mornin. Nite y'all n go O's! I hope Adam jones hits a game winning homer
  14. Atta boy Betemits! Now to just get him ome....(nervous laugh)
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