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  1. It's so immediately apparant that Kevin Brown's voice and patter is better suited to broadcasting than anything Scott Garceau can do.
  2. I have to be honest - on paper, this looks like a bad matchup for the Orioles. I'd be happy to see us take a split of the 4 games, but I'm expecting to see 1-3. Fortunately, the games aren't played on paper and I hope they prove me wrong.
  3. It would be pretty fun to see the Orioles win this game and Ubaldo get the W !
  4. He gets just as excited when the O's do it. Michael Kay is many things, but he calls home runs with his 'See ya' call for the opposition team, the same as he does for the Yankees. Thorne is far better than the vast majority of announcers.
  5. We see them in 8 days at Fenway for a 4 game set.
  6. We're gonna hit 3 solo HRs to win the thing!
  7. Keep the faith - playoffs!
  8. We get to do this all over again tomorrow!
  9. Roy, please never change. I hope I get to meet you one day.
  10. Perhaps if we can get a gritty win here - all of this tension will be flushed out the system and we don't lose for what's left of the season. I guess that's the only hope.
  11. I have to admit, it's uncanny.
  12. Don't post here much any more, but I still follow the game threads daily. They are wonderful.
  13. Triple play ground ball out!
  14. I never said at any point that he didn't do anything wrong - I was simply responding to the fact that you said it was the 'worst managed inning' and my personal assessment of it is - 'well, we still tied the game'. Could the inning have been managed better? Certainly! But we're still in the game, it's not over, and neither is the season, tons of things go wrong in the season, and there's still time for things to go right too - though I will admit, we are running out of it.
  15. We're still in the game. Yes, we could have won the game. But there's just no guarantee of it. So you just take your punches and move onto the next inning. You've got to be in it to win it, and we still are. Yes, I'm watching the game.
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