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  1. The price needs to be right I do not want Chris to buckle the franchise no matter how awesome he may be
  2. Opening day games you have been to in a season I have been to 3 in one year a few years back I went to Cleveland(friends bday), Pirates and of course the Orioles.
  3. Your probably right but if Trout would have won then you have to hear the race card IMO (not from us but I am sure someone would try to use it). However, that being said does make it a good/bad reason to give it to him but just giving a POV. I would have been fine if the voting had ended either way.
  4. I am happy for all three and I can see the argument about Jones about some people loving him/hating him or thinking he does/does not deserve a GG but the fact is the ASG winners are favorites and some probably should not be there just like the GG awards so deal with it it happens. Production from our players and being critical on them is the right of the fan but my opinion is just win and I do not care how they look because we will never be the best looking defensive team and we wont always be the worst just get the W.
  5. Sorry wasnt thinking my brain is shot from this game lol
  6. That is a cool stat that we never had a walk off loss against us this year
  7. My thought is this. Saunders has never won at Texas but there is a FIRST time for everything so why not start tonight
  8. I am enjoying seeing the game on MLBN but my reward is listening to the red sox announcers and before anyone says just mute it that would defeat the purpose of hearing the crowd cheer and chant etc.
  9. Some came into tonight already thinking we lost this game before it was played...tsk tsk
  10. CHRIS DAVIS!!!! I predicted at least seven runs so one more at least and I will finally be right about one thing lol
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