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  1. 20 steps down the road here, but if Manny goes to Miami after an opt out, maybe there's a chance he'll go to the HOF as an Oriole? Would be on track for longest tenure. Still stinks that he didn't play in the 2014 playoffs. He Wieters and Davis. A WS title might have cemented the good feels.
  2. "Cannot have any more reactions today" but thanks!
  3. Idk. I think if Manny plays 3rd as reported, he could and maybe even should be well worth the contract he just signed. As long as he stays motivated. Yes, good on the agent to get that deal as there wasn't one that quite compared. But there was some competition and the Padres got a superstar at the age of 26. And he's now willing to go back to the position he could be a HOFer at.
  4. This is interesting. He doesn't quite blame the ankle injury. More the weight he gained before last year. Makes me a little more skeptical. Really pretty odd that he crushed AA like he did only to come back and perform so poorly. Will be interesting to track him. https://www.fredericknewspost.com/sports/level/professional/orioles-rookie-austin-hays-is-healthy-and-ready-to-re/article_93641146-a3ea-55d2-a0b0-377e25b0afc5.html
  5. I get where you're coming from. But I think the chances of a guy sticking with 1 team any more are quite rare. Not really an Orioles thing. More just how things are these days with these mega contracts the stars can earn.
  6. I see reports he's moving to 3rd. This only makes sense, but has he said anything about it? Last he talked significantly he was all about SS. He is magical at 3rd.
  7. Would be nice if he did lose 25 lbs. Many have stated that's a component to what may hold him back. And 25 lbs isn't nothing.
  8. What concerns me more than even this is the fact that it's no longer a novel strategy to "tank". We have tanking competition now. I don't feel like Houston did.
  9. I mean, this post surprisingly made me see a glimmer of a bright side if almost everything goes right. It did feel like last year to start the year everyone but Manny wet the bed and played below expectation. And like you said, if somehow Bundy and Cobb do that well, we trade those suckers and get some solid prospects back. And that would be as exciting as finishing with 79 wins.
  10. Is it bad that I LOL'd just at the mere title of this thread? Not necessarily because it's a bad thread idea. That's just more my genuine reaction to our roster and the question of how "good" this team can be. Especially in the AL East.
  11. It's crazy because Adam Jones used to be fast. And 33 ain't thaattt old. I think he likes comfort food a bit too much.
  12. The trade was actually good, borderline great, compared to how Texas used him and how valuable Hunter and Davis were for us. The funny/sad part about it is, Davis was an amazing pick up in that trade. A cornerstone guy for our years of winning that had underwhelmed in Texas. Ultimate buy low. Sadly the contract is going to overshadow everything else.
  13. Just looking up Tommy Hunter. He flamed out as a starter with us and it felt like he gave up a poop ton of HRs. That's kind of what I remember him for. But he actually had solid seasons in 2013 and 2014 as a reliever. I even forgot that we got him back for 2016 run, and he was solid then too.
  14. That Kim HR is one of my favorite Oriole memories. I shouted, leapt over my couch, and ran around the room. So satisfying to quiet that Blue Jays crowd too during Bautista era. Man.
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