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  1. RIP Weams, sending prayers to your family and friends. We'll miss you around here.
  2. I could only imagine how disappointing/frustrating this has to be for Harvey. Hopefully at some point he can stay healthy, but it may never be in an Orioles uniform.
  3. I hope we never find out if there was a good one. Always sell high on releivers, way too much risk for something like this to happen, although I don't think anyone would have thought he'd be this bad after the deadline.
  4. Not surprising with Watkins, but man has Fry been lit up in August. Probably should have been moved at the deadline, not gonna have much value in the winter to move him then.
  5. billw76

    Paul Fry

    This series was why I was in favor of trading any of the bullpen arms if the right deal was there.
  6. I heard that the interim GM would rather have the comp pick if the deal wasn't good. The Arenado deal didn't go over well and they didn't want the Story deal to end up the same if fans thought they got a poor return again.
  7. Disappointed perfectly sums it up for me as well
  8. https://twitter.com/LockedOnOrioles/status/1421156088104329218?s=19 Will this be the biggest news of the day?
  9. I've seen Fry, Scott and Tate mentioned in rumors, but not on MLBTR, only Twitter. I'm starting to think it'll be pretty quiet for us today.
  10. Can't see not getting a major leaguer or major league ready player being something that would stop a trade for Mancini. If he gets an offer he's happy with and all the players are in A ball I'd hope he makes the deal.
  11. Who all is left that has been rumored, Gibson, Gray, Pineda, Davies, Cobb, Hendricks? I'm sure I'm missing some names, but still a lot of guys left. I would hope that a package similar to Berrios would sway Elias. They got two top 5 guys in return, I'd be pretty happy with that considering how Means has pitched in his rehab and ML games since coming back from injury.
  12. I'd be interested in a move like that as long as we didn't have to give up a lot to make it happen, especially if we're eating all or most of Hosmer's contract. My only real issue with it would be where to find ABs for Mancini, Mountcastle and Hosmer, because Hosmer will be in the lineup with that contract. Yes Mountcastle and Mancini can play OF, but do we really want to put them out there on an everyday basis. Mancini could also be traded before the deadline, but I'm thinking that isn't very likely to happen at this point.
  13. I think it is as well. I was all for moving him before his DL stint, even more now.
  14. I never said we need him in 2023, I said this is a move you make in 2023. If we aren't contending or close then I still wouldn't make the move then either. Not having him long enough is definitely part of it as well. His contract is up in 23, and I probably wouldn't be too comfortable with giving him a big contract after that at 31.
  15. Marquez would be a MUCH better move than Ramirez. He’s younger and a pitcher, which I think would benefit us a whole lot more.
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