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  1. I go to a handful of Orioles and Keys games a year, and try to get to Hagerstown to see Delmarva at least once a season. Would like to go to Bowie for the first time, but hate dealing with the traffic trying to get there from Charles Town
  2. Orioles, Redskins, Wizards, Capitals and Terps
  3. I gave him a B I figured at least Villar would be moved, but I didn't expect much of a return if he was. I'm ok with him not trading Mancini and Givens if he didn't feel the offers were good enough, there's still plenty of time to move them in the off season or at the deadline next year.
  4. Not until after the season I believe. I think you can get around that by saying your trading a player to be named later.
  5. No way the Astros give up Whitley for Mancini. Whitley is pretty much a consensus top 20 prospect and Mancini won't bring that big of a return.
  6. I'm trying to figure out this move myself. Why not just keep Syndergaard? He's younger, under control longer with arbitration years, and he's the better pitcher. The Cano trade was bad enough, but this move will be even worse if it happens.
  7. It's nice to see the farm this highly ranked. Rutschman finally gives the system the star power it lacked, plus Hall and Rodriguez have climbed. A lot more depth and quality than in years past. With probably another top 3 pick next year, I think competitive balance A pick, and finally being active internationally, I think the system could move even higher the next two years.
  8. He has definitely put together a very nice season at both levels, I wish I could have made it to one of his Frederick starts. Hanifee and Knight have been pretty disappointing IMO this season, and they were both borderline top 15 in the pre season, at least Knight was I think. What about Sedlock? He's gotten on track this year as well. Do you think he can stick as a starter, or do you think eventually he'll be in the bullpen.
  9. I'll definitely take your word on Baumann Luke. Has he climbed that far this season? IIRC there were quite a few SP's ahead of him early in the season, and he was ranked 15-25 in most rankings I saw. He has definitely been on a roll since moving up to Bowie. It's nice having some young pitching to be excited about with Baumann, Kremer, Wells, Zimmerman, Lowther all having good seasons. I honestly can't remember the last time the farm had this much pitching talent at one time.
  10. Baumann and Carmona definitely shouldn't be there
  11. https://www.prospectslive.com/featured-articles/2019/7/22/top-10-prospects-al-east- Not sure how reliable this site and its rankings are, but I agree that the farm has come a long way in the last year. Hopefully Elias can continue to add some higher end talent to the system, and a few of the current guys turn into productive players for the O's.
  12. I dumped cable a few years ago because I couldn't justify paying $150 or so for the tv/internet bundle. I'm sure it's frowned upon by most but I purchase MLBTV, NFL Gamepass, and NBA League Pass and use a VPN to watch the O's, Redskins and Wizards. I think at some point in the near future cable as we know it will die and most networks will offer their own stand alone streaming services.
  13. Hopefully it's just the grind of a first full season. I don't see how 6-7 days between starts helps either.
  14. Always nice to see Boston in somewhat of a panic, I still don't think they are sellers though.
  15. Had to go a long way to grab it, nice catch, looked like he got a late break on it too
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