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  1. I don't see any punishment possible for Elias, not sure how much he even knew. I think MLB is done with the Astros end of things, and now will focus on the Red Sox penalties and how long Cora will be banned.
  2. I wouldn't mind bringing him in for a shot in spring training, let him compete with Ruiz. This is the only thing I've seen on Holt and it doesn't really link him to us just mentions him as a possibility. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/01/al-east-notes-pearson-orioles-rays-chavis.html
  3. I think the bullpen has the potential to be better this year. I'd like to see Harvey get a chance to close and move Givens, Castro to earlier inning spots where they had a little bit more success. I'm not sure if Harvey is ready for the closers role, but at this point what would it hurt to see what he can do. The bigger problem is going to be the rotation and how often they will be able to give the bullpen a chance to close out a game. Right now it's basically Means and everyone else. I think defensively we should be improved with Hays in CF all season and Iglesias at SS, and those two should also balance out the offense lost with Villar and replacing Martin. I honestly think the SP is gonna make it tough to win much this year, and put a heavy workload on the bullpen. I'm definitely not as optimistic as you Frobby and think we will be more in the 48-53 win range.
  4. I honestly don't see any way we pick outside the top 5. I guess it's possible but I just can't see this team improving 10-15 games to move out of the top 5. I just want to see progression this year from Means, Hays etc on the ML roster, and more importantly from the farm system and in the international market.
  5. I think he'd have to pitch incredibly well before the deadline to even have a chance to get traded, plus stay healthy on top of that. Honestly I think we're gonna be stuck with him until the contract is up because I just don't see him staying healthy.
  6. How is it a bad situation? I guess I don't see it that way. Davis has gotten paid very well, and will continue to do so whether he's on the team or not, he has nothing to be upset about IMO.
  7. My guess is that he hasn't been cut yet because he really hasn't blocked any legitimate replacement from playing time so far. Yes Mancini should have been getting most of the reps at 1B or DH but he mostly just played OF so Davis didn't really limit him. Honestly why does there have to be any goodwill or collaboration just to make it seem amicable or make the Angelos brothers feel better about still having to pay him? Just release him and be done with it, other teams do it. I'm sure Davis wont have hurt feelings, he's still got over 60 million coming to him.
  8. I think Davis will be here until the Orioles DFA him, or just release him. It's all on the team to finally cut ties with him. Personally I think this will be his last season with the team and he'll either be released when Mountcastle gets called up or at the end of the season. Davis has zero reason to retire or help the team out of the contract, and there is no team dumb enough to trade for him. It's all on the Angelos brothers and Elias to finally release him and just pay him to stay home.
  9. I'd love to have Lindor as much as anyone, but this is definitely not a trade that should even be considered at this point, and neither should any other trades that would require trading our top prospects. He'll be a FA in 2 years and definitely be gone, along with whatever we traded for him, setting us back even further because I can't see the front office spending over 300 million to keep him. This is the type of trade we make 2-3 years from now when Lindor is the last piece to the puzzle, and trading from the prospect depth won't hurt as much.
  10. I don't see how he can improve it through FA when we know none of the big names are targets. Signing scrap heap guys to minor league deals won't improve it either. I think this year the best thing to do is manage to make it until all the guys in AAA are ready and see what they can do. Sign one or two Ynoa types to fill roles until they're ready.
  11. I like the trade. Yes it's a bunch of marginal/filler guys but at least we were able to get something for Bundy. I guess we could have waited until the trade deadline, but I just don't see Bundy pitching well enough to improve his value, probably a better chance to hurt what little value he has.
  12. I think the horrible pitching is the problem. I'd much rather see them focus on improving that over raising and moving the walls back.
  13. I was able to sit within 6 rows of the field behind the dugouts and home plate all three games I went to last season and didn't pay more than $40 a ticket. Tickets can be gotten pretty cheap if you buy at the right time.
  14. Same thing I've done the last few seasons. I'll gladly pay for MLB TV to avoid paying for cable.
  15. I go to a handful of Orioles and Keys games a year, and try to get to Hagerstown to see Delmarva at least once a season. Would like to go to Bowie for the first time, but hate dealing with the traffic trying to get there from Charles Town
  16. Orioles, Redskins, Wizards, Capitals and Terps
  17. I gave him a B I figured at least Villar would be moved, but I didn't expect much of a return if he was. I'm ok with him not trading Mancini and Givens if he didn't feel the offers were good enough, there's still plenty of time to move them in the off season or at the deadline next year.
  18. Not until after the season I believe. I think you can get around that by saying your trading a player to be named later.
  19. No way the Astros give up Whitley for Mancini. Whitley is pretty much a consensus top 20 prospect and Mancini won't bring that big of a return.
  20. I'm trying to figure out this move myself. Why not just keep Syndergaard? He's younger, under control longer with arbitration years, and he's the better pitcher. The Cano trade was bad enough, but this move will be even worse if it happens.
  21. It's nice to see the farm this highly ranked. Rutschman finally gives the system the star power it lacked, plus Hall and Rodriguez have climbed. A lot more depth and quality than in years past. With probably another top 3 pick next year, I think competitive balance A pick, and finally being active internationally, I think the system could move even higher the next two years.
  22. He has definitely put together a very nice season at both levels, I wish I could have made it to one of his Frederick starts. Hanifee and Knight have been pretty disappointing IMO this season, and they were both borderline top 15 in the pre season, at least Knight was I think. What about Sedlock? He's gotten on track this year as well. Do you think he can stick as a starter, or do you think eventually he'll be in the bullpen.
  23. I'll definitely take your word on Baumann Luke. Has he climbed that far this season? IIRC there were quite a few SP's ahead of him early in the season, and he was ranked 15-25 in most rankings I saw. He has definitely been on a roll since moving up to Bowie. It's nice having some young pitching to be excited about with Baumann, Kremer, Wells, Zimmerman, Lowther all having good seasons. I honestly can't remember the last time the farm had this much pitching talent at one time.
  24. Baumann and Carmona definitely shouldn't be there
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