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  1. Ok, that whistling caused me to turn the sound off...Good God!
  2. I think they’re just happy that “joy” rhymes with Choi.
  3. Definitely over-announcing and trying too hard to impress with the Spanish pronunciation of every name.
  4. Agreed. He has struggled in each rehab outing. Also, his pitches were moving like crazy before although I think his spin rate wasn't exceptionally high. This, to me is disturbing.
  5. Sadly, I think that's it (org. not viewing him as a viable prospect). I always liked his stats, but haven't seen anything impressive from him in the little I've seen of him this year. I wonder if his future could be as a situation reliever? Doesn't throw hard, so maybe not.
  6. No idea why for sure, but I would guess some of two and three. Also, it seems that Akin had a little more success in bulk roles. I don't like that Tate already went two innings on Tuesday, but I guess he'll have a strict pitch count and won't be allowed two go past the 2nd inning.
  7. Unless Lakins is so far gone....but seems early for that to be the case. I guess it's more likely that someone is DFA'd. Maybe Konner Wade? He seems the most vulnerable.
  8. Yep....no doubt. Not sure there is much long-term value to Sceroler.
  9. Are we at the point where we are unwatchable? Not like we're getting killed most games, but still...no confidence in anything positive over the next couple of weeks until Anaheim.
  10. 100% agreed! I don't like someone like him being shuttled back and forth like this. He has some potential and needs to be consistently given starts at AAA IMO. He's succeeded everywhere prior to COVID and I think could be either a 4/5 starter or maybe LH relief specialist. This should be a spot for Tom Eshelman or Connor Greene or one of those types.
  11. It feels like we're incapable of winning any game right now.
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