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  1. Crazy, crazy, play!!!
  2. Nice movement on that change up!
  3. I think I could handle the fan noise operator position at Philly....Stay on the boo button for authenticity!
  4. Yeah, it's a shame he almost had the third hit of the night.
  5. Does this pitcher seem a little nuts? Or is it just me?
  6. Velazquez at 2nd...Hays batting....sets up well.
  7. Thanks. Don't know where I got Emily from.
  8. Wow! I don't know if they'll be able to play or not....it's already a massive puddle on the infield.
  9. This is absurd. Emily (forget her last name) wouldn't stand for this!
  10. And how about Holday! Not even a first basemen and he has a great play to double them up to finish the 11th.
  11. Yes, but I believe there was less than six feet between some of them!
  12. Woo hoo! Nice job, Pat! Feel like we deserved this one.
  13. Not the typical, potent lineup we've seen in the past from the Red Sox.
  14. And they're still playing "It takes two to make a thing go right" after a double play. I guess keep it as genuine as possible.
  15. If they want it to be accurate, the noise should go up when there a shallow pop fly!
  16. They're still doing the charge cheer! I think this is funny!
  17. Well...hat's off to all of you who stayed up. I had insomnia and I was still back in bed after the top of the 14th. I saw CBS had Stevie W was player of the game. LOL
  18. Actually, it was a blown win opportunity.
  19. Giving credit is fine. Not being overly excited. It's not like it's either Thorne style or Hunter style. I want to feel like the O's announcer wants us to win but is objective. Not, act like you just won a $1M when the other team gets a back breaking hit.
  20. Still say the O's announcers are the only that abjectly praise the other team on a regular basis. This was even true in 2014. Like to see how NY would handle their own announcer jumping out of their skin on a pivotal play...."Aaron Hicks missed the ball!!! And the Red Sox with the lead. Oh MERCYY!" Yeah, I m sure the NY crowd would be Ok with that.
  21. Listen to other announcers.. We are the only team who has "opposite" homers. He was waayyy too happy at that missed play by Stevie. I want to hear just a little disappointment when we give up a deflating play, not excitement. Also, professionals don't drink on the job.
  22. No, be happy like Thorne who's only getting paid the Orioles.
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