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  1. This happens all of the time. We usually kiss and make up. Tis the season to be marry... you know any girls named mary?
  2. And since you had no information...you continued the conversation by being condescending and accusing me of trying to insult you. Which I took issue with. Even after I said I wasn't trying to insult you, you basically called me a liar.
  3. So you were telling someone else they are wrong...yet have no information to back that up. Sounds about right. I figured you must have had knowledge of how Elias viewed Wilson as a prospect.
  4. I admitted I didn't know about the trade...then I asked if you knew if Elias considered Wilson a worthwhile prospect to take on salary for. Since you're so much more informed than I.
  5. Your right...snark is something you can throw at someone...then play the victim. Think what you want...I won't lose any sleep either way.
  6. And please don't say your original response wasn't intended to be snarky. You could have just simply pointed out the trade.
  7. No I'm not. I haven't had time to keep up with baseball. If I wanted to insult you I'd say something like " You don't matter enough to me to worry about what you have to say". And unlike you would do, I admitted I was wrong. So go bark up another tree.
  8. And it proves nothing anyhow. It still doesn't prove the Orioles wouldn't take on money for the right prospect. Do you personally know how Elias views Wilson as a prospect?
  9. This is pure speculation by Connolly. I seriously doubt the Angel's would have dealt a highly touted prospect just to get rid of Cozart. Then Connolly uses his speculation, to try and make a case for something that isn't there. I see no evidence the Angel's would give up a top draft pick to get rid of Cozart. I also see no evidence the Orioles wouldn't take on money to get a prospect, if that prospect was indeed available. Seems Connolly has taken a playbook from Ken Rosenthal. If nothing's there...make something up.
  10. I agree. Elias has already made alot of good moves that won't register high on the Richter scale. I know the Orioles won't be big players in the FA market. But I'm excited to see what international moves he makes and how he assembles the 2020 squad and what personal touches of his own he puts on the franchise. I like naming Holt as pitching director. I am very excited to see what is done this winter.
  11. This will be Mike Elias first full offseason with the Orioles. Just seeing how he approaches it will be interesting.
  12. There is only one trade deadline now and it has passed.
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