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  1. There is only one trade deadline now and it has passed.
  2. Sports Illistrated has non-bikin related articles? Since when? 😎😁
  3. If this team is competing in 2022, I dont think that's hopeless at all.
  4. I won't make plans around watching them like the O's, but the Phillies have always been my NL team. They were my granddad's favorite team...and I always liked Von Hays and Don Carmen's names back in the day lol.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/maurybrown/2019/08/13/despite-the-rumors-orioles-will-almost-assuredly-remain-in-baltimore/amp/ Here's a pretty good article explaining the steps needed and why I move isn't likely.
  6. Does his decision to not use Mayflower affect you? He has his reasoning for it. That's his choice.
  7. Much of Rutschman's allure is that he's already a polished Catcher. Who knows if the bat will translate...see Matt Wieters.
  8. That thought crossed my mind too. Not a good season to truly evaluate players.
  9. Very true. And if Severino continues to hit, he will get paid above backup pay. Obviously Rutschman is the future. I'd sell high on Severino.
  10. But the backup is usually more of a defensive type. Neither Severino or Cisco is really known for that.
  11. You could also make a case for Severino. .279/.345/.477/.823 Though I guess drafting Rutschman kinda takes him out of the equation. I wonder what kind of trade value Severino will have this winter if he finishes strong.
  12. If he becomes that kind of player, I would hope the team has learnt from past mistakes, and would have extended before he gets to his age 30 and 31 seasons.
  13. So he has a worst shot getting hurt in MLB then he does in the minors? Some guys are just broken. If hes not going to stay healthy, it doesn't matter what level hes at.
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