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  1. Anything to get Dwight Smith out of the OF. Constantly misjudges the ball and isn't hitting enough to justify him being in the lineup.
  2. Oh definitely too soon. I'm not worried yet.
  3. Yeah. But some consider Wieters a bust. And as you said...he put up a solid career.
  4. That's fair enough. Hopefully he hits. I was torn on who I wanted the Orioles to pick. Rutschman or Vaughn. A bust #1 overall pick would be devastating to the rebuild.
  5. I know he didn't catch any, but this year he will be learning new pitchers and getting used to catching in the Pros. How much leniency does he get with the bat in that regard? Should he get any adjustment time for that? Does that really have that huge of an affect on his offense?
  6. What's your point? It wasnt a knock on Wieters. But he was pegged an All-Time type hitter, and he tore up the minors. What you do good or bad in the minors doesn't automatically make you a HOF or a bust was my point. And I dont consider Wieters a bust.
  7. Considering I am now being charged almost $9 a month for MASN, I'd expect better coverage (Even in ST). Guess not.
  8. In all fairness, Vaughn was considered the best bat in the draft. It's really his only skillset.
  9. You know who tore up the minors? Matt Wieters. It's way too early to be concerned about him.
  10. I listened to some of her clips...she sounds awful...as an announcer...not as a woman.
  11. This happens all of the time. We usually kiss and make up. Tis the season to be marry... you know any girls named mary?
  12. And since you had no information...you continued the conversation by being condescending and accusing me of trying to insult you. Which I took issue with. Even after I said I wasn't trying to insult you, you basically called me a liar.
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