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  1. Mike Wright starting Saturday in Ft Myers against the Sox. Great Ill be there . . . . . . . 😩
  2. So a zen hitter guesses wrong and doesnt react
  3. You should have asked him if CD was a guess hitter or reaction hitter.😂
  4. Unless u were and Orioles fan when he played for them you would never know he was an Oriole. Does he ever say anything good about the Orioles?
  5. As pro Skankee as Singleton is he can be forgotten.
  6. Not an answer to the OP, but last night on the Rays telecast their announcers were talking about how much bat speed Davis has lost. Im sure if they're saying it everybody else in MLB is as well. So how do you move CD? You dont. You're stuck with his contract.
  7. So a team in the rebuild phase, less salary on the books is more attractive?
  8. Its hard to know what the situation really is but the Orioles look bad any way u slice it. Maybe Manny wanted too much money? Maybe the Orioles thought they had time on their side? I cant envision any scenario where they wouldnt want Manny to be a long term Oriole. Maybe Manny's agent wanted to make the Orioles look bad so he could get more money down the road? Its hard to believe that the Orioles would never make a "call" this many years running about signing him to a long term deal. Maybe its true? Whatever it is my guess is the Orioles havent handled this well all along and whatever the situation is its created some bad blood and they blew it.
  9. If the Orioles never called like Manny said they didnt its certainly fair. Of course the knees were a concern.
  10. If this is true the Orioles deserve to be in this situation. Its sad.
  11. Yea so who manages, if nobody manages, makes no difference now.
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