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  1. With the current contract of Davis, and the fact that neither Hays nor Montcastle has any real major league experience, the logical answer to this post is NO. End of discussion . . . the position that they may play is irrelevant!
  2. It's not what do 2Bs make, it's what do players producing on his caliber make.
  3. Your scenario - Current Batter gets a hit. Next Batter, who is in the Batter's Box, steps up and gets a hit . . . offense took a lot of time Reality: Manager walks to the mound, pitchers leaves, new pitcher runs or walks in from the bullpen, pitcher warms up, play ball. . .. pitcher faces one batter . . . Manager walks to the mound, pitcher departs and next pitcher walks/runs in from the bullpen, pitcher warms up, play ball. Now, you want to state that the offense took more time than changing pitchers!
  4. I LOVE the new 3-batter Rule because it increases the quality of the game. Replace these so-called "specialist", which are technically, "1-trick pony pitchers", with major league level players. They are the most in-efficient use of the roster. Out of 27 outs in a game and 162 games, how many games are they going to win (or help you win), and how important is the one out especially if it's not the last out of the World Series. I prefer to have a roster of multi-dimensional pitchers (multi-inning relievers) and position players (Avg, HR, SB, defense, etc. especially bench players), than what the Orioles have had for several years of losing. People talk about the potential $10 million that Villar might make (HR, SB, etc.), like his production equates Davis salary and production . . . What Planet are people on! . . . Thank you MLB for the 3-batter rule, get rid of marginal players.
  5. Just rotating the same old mediocre managers in baseball!
  6. Unless the Orioles are receiving HIGH IMPACT Prospect in return, they shouldn't trade anyone on this roster. Receiving a quantity of prospects is like being a AAA Team for the other Major League Teams.
  7. Since the Orioles are placing more emphasis on defense, Santander is not going to be the CF! Broxton handles defense . . . for now! With an OF of Santander, [Hays, when ready], and Mancini, why would the Orioles be so stupid to bring up Stewart, just to sit on the bench! Davis should be the focus of the player who needs to go (move Mancini to 1B and Stewart in RF].
  8. Every single time an Orioles Prospect gets hot, selected fans think that he should be promoted to Baltimore! Reality Check! He's hitting AAA Pitching . . . Not Major-league Pitching! Let's see what he is producing August 1.
  9. Regarding Severino . . . if you want to retain a player that is out of options, you DFA him when the rosters are set, thereby no other team selects him. This is not rocket science!
  10. Wilkerson is another mediocre Orioles player who is only valued by Orioles Fans!
  11. Name a player on the roster that does not have flaws!
  12. What are you afraid of if he is on the team . . . he might prevent the Orioles from winning the World Series! . . . he might be taking a spot, temporarily, that some mediocre player might have got! For 17 days, what difference does it make?
  13. Papeete

    Austin Hays

    I would love to see an OF that includes Stewart/Mullins/Diaz/Hays (with the best 3 playing at any given time, but all 4 play regularly), Mancini at 1B, and platoon Davis and Trumbo at DH
  14. WOW! Davis hit a Homerun! Reality Check, it's not a Free Agent Year . . . sorry for my over-reaction for his 1 HR!
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