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  1. I think ownership doesn’t want to cut him in hopes of an injury that would allow them to collect some insurance money or a failed drug test that would allow them not to pay him for that time. I believe that this team is close to if not at the point where they can no longer have dead weight on the 25(26) man or woman roster
  2. In my humble opinion, a top 7 pick this year is as good as our number 2 options last year. I am not a huge fan of taking college pitchers number 1, but Rocker is a clear number 1 guy. I am really high on Tyree Reed and Chase Petty. Chase Petty is Dylan Bundy but think Dylan Bundy at the draft and not post multiple injuries.
  3. I’m not going to down vote, but like I have said since before the draft, I wasn’t that high on the top end players in this past draft. If I had the top pick, I would have been deciding over Abel and Hassell. It had lots of depth without premium top end. 2021 has more top end talent but pretty well guaranteed they are out of the top 3, Tyree Reed is who I would be going after. I would take Tyree Reed 2nd in the 2020 draft. I just would have had too hard of time justifying not taking Tork number 1. If you take him out of last years draft, I would take Abel 1, Tyree 2 and Hassell 3rd but I obviously lean more to high school stars over college standouts. 2018 I wanted Matt McClain, not sure if he would have signed higher up the draft.
  4. I mean, Manny is hitting .402 over the last 30 games with a 1.154 slg? .314 ave with 16 HR and 6 stolen bases on the season.....oops, he isnt in Baltimore any more
  5. ^this I am going to give whoever wants to listen a perspective on these kids vs American kids. We all know about travel baseball and what not, going into high school here and then possibly college. In these countries, DR, Cuba, Venezuela etc, kids who have some talent or if they seem somewhat athletic and you see the parents who are a 6’ women and a 6’3” guy, then at 11 or 12 years old, they pretty much ditch school(they kind of go to school) and end up in these baseball type compounds where they learn and are fed right(somewhat). Basically the handlers promise to do whatever it takes to get the kid a payday and in exchange they get a majority of the signing bonus but teach, feed and take care of the kids along the way. Parents reluctantly go with it because it is one less mouth and these guys are salesman like no other and sell the dream even though the family will see little or no money if the kids do end up going to the US. So a 12 year old is now getting the training and structure that maybe a top end high school in the US or a college kid gets. When one of these kids enters the dsl at say 16, he is basically entering as a US kid out of high school. By the time they are 18 or 19, they have had enough coaching to be at a college level kid from the US. The only thing holding these kids back is waiting for there body to catch up with the knowledge. There for a while, and still a little bit now, the handlers don’t want to wait for the kids body’s to grow and fill out, so they tell the kids they need these “vitamin” shots. At 6’3” and 170#(that is a pound sign not hashtag for you kids out there), I doubt these kids got “vitamin” shots. The purpose of me lining all of that out, these kids at 17-18 are more advanced than what you would get out of high school kids. Basically we are just waiting for them to fill out a bit and hone their craft more as they do that. A 17-18 year old out of the DR or Cuba, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ready in the next two or three years if they will ever be good enough to make it to the majors. So when you say 8 years from now, we will see what we have, my case above says we will know in the next two or three years as they fill out a bit and physically mature. -Source=My time in Cuba, Columbia and Panama, just in case you think I am full of poop with my armchair quarterbacking or making stuff up. The Cuban kids don’t have handlers, the government really just takes the kids over and it is more like the US gymnastic team. I could go on forever about Cuba.
  6. Phenomenal curve with an ok cutter. Averages a strike out an inning, with a fairly low walk ratio. He isnt going to set the world on fire, but is a pretty decent pickup if you ask me. It isnt a garbage deal and the kid is good enough stuff to make it to the big leagues as a reliever but I wouldnt use him more than once through the order. If he could add about two or 3 mph on the cutter, you could have a really good pickup here.
  7. Means is pitching like an ace right now and not against a subpar team. Hopefully this is the guy we see next year and healthy.
  8. Jesuchristo, ustedes se quejan de todo. Dame más jóvenes de 17 a 18 años que pesen 6’2” 170 libras y sean atléticos. Quit complaining about everything. Basically we picked up an additional two international draft picks that have been seasoned for two years. Hand me a dozen 17 year old 6’3 kids that are about 170 pounds , athletic and have never watched baseball in their lives and 1 or 2 will end up a top 30 organizational player in two to 3 years if their heart is in it. Better than getting a 27 year old AAAA player or the lazy guy who road his fastball into a draft pick but never listened to anyone after and still is reliving his days as homecoming king and thinks he can still get by with that straight as an arrow four steamer topping out at 92.
  9. Machado made Schoop better. I’m sure Schoop would agree and I am sure he misses playing with his friend. My opinion is addition by subtraction. The guys coming up have more fire in their belly and have something to prove. Less jaded, perhaps. Machado is the only one on that list that is a special talent. All of the others have equals or greater thans on the current 60 man. Britton at the top of his game might be the best argument otherwise, but Harvey may be right there if he stays healthy and refines a bit more. Only time will tell.
  10. Just a guess, but I think he lacks/lacked the work ethic of other guys. Slider/curve/slurve indicates to me he is being lazy with his arm slot instead of working to dial it in. He got to the majors on the fastball and ate a sleeve of donuts in between innings. Bundy worked out in heated workout room with a hoodie on and as a kid dug holes to fill in other holes in an endless cycle while being a nutrition nut. Also punching bags and weighted balls. Orioles put an end to his weighted balls and his cutter. Shortly after, he starts getting hurt. I wonder about correlation vs causation with him, but it is impossible to know. I wonder what his personal candid opinion is of all of that.
  11. So in 2018 he said pine tar could increase his spin rate by 400 if he didn’t have morals and then two years later his spin rate increase by 400?
  12. Continuing the theme of the thread- Arrieta was never going to be what he was for the Cubs for the Os. Matusz was pretty dang good for a short period. He lost the feel for that nasty change right around the ttp came into play and never got the feel back and his head got messed up. Both didn’t live up for my expectations of them compared to their talent. Gausman-Super stuff, just had some control issues(ttp?) And lacked the know how if pitching imo. He always depended on the fastball coming up and got to the bigs to find out those guys can sit on it and hit it hard. Bundy- Works super hard. Knows how to pitch, unfortunately his arm didn’t hold up but still has the stuff and know how to be a pretty good pitcher.
  13. I get it. His next pitch was as nasty of a curve as any out there. I just don’t understand why sometimes it is ok and some times not. So if you arm is clearly brown and you are light skinned, then that is bad? If your hat is worn out in a spot on you bill and you are constantly touching it, then that is ok? Little something in the glove is fine? I was watching that game were it stuck to his chest protector and he was scrambling looking for it. That is ok? As long as there isn’t a nail file in your back pocket? I remember something a couple of years ago where some hitter said he preferred if pitchers used something at the beginning of the year when it is cold so they could grip it better and less chance of getting hit. Only reason I mention it is because Means stuff is looking better than it has all year.
  14. I am going to bury this in this thread instead of a new one, since there isn’t a game thread currently. Means has a sticky substance in his glove. 3rd inning after the strikeout, he got a new ball. They show him on the mound and he is pressing his fingers to the top of the glove and when he presses them to his thumb after, you can see the stick.
  15. Someone has to know where JTrea is hanging out now a day? I thought about him learking on one of the other boards I was considering when this one was gone for a spell. Or maybe he came back here as atomic but with some Xanax?
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