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  1. I believe you would be taking it with a small grain of salt because the larger the grain the more faith you have in the comment. Then again, a grain is a defined unit of measure and it can neither be big or small. Like a heavy ounce or a light ounce, it is just an ounce.
  2. Thanks Chuck, I read a lot but commented hardly ever. Your work was appreciated, even if not always publicly acknowledged.
  3. I mean they did start a pitcher with an era over 7, so on paper AZ wasn’t putting there best out there.
  4. If Seattle wins the next two and Boston loses the next two, Seattle would be in the playoffs with a negative run differential. I hope Boston doesnt make it in.
  5. Mick Abel was my pick. I want the Os to have 1:1 next year and I want Elijah Green to be the next Ken Griffey Jr going into that 1:1. If the Os have 1:2, I would like it not to be as clear and definitive at 1:1.
  6. I would rather watch the kid from “Bad News Bears” than Severino. I don’t care if it is the kid or the grown up version. If someone offered a wooden nickel for Severino, I would gladly accept it and send him on his way. If not, I would nontender him quicker than the ink could dry. Maverick Handley should be the starting catcher next year and backup when AR comes up. Severino may be worse of a human than Lew Ford.
  7. My intent with this thread was not to argue the sexual deviance of Bauer. Some people are into weird stuff. Until proven otherwise, I presume there was a mutual agreement. My thought process was strictly, would you want someone who is pretty good but has a cloud over him and is not liked by anyone? Manny wasn’t liked by other fans and players, but that was mainly because he was good, arrogant, and did dumb stuff, which can mostly be attributed to being a kid.
  8. If they cut him, which is very very possible. They would be on the hook for his entire contract minus what another team is willing to pay him, which would be league minimum because they don’t have to pay him anything more.
  9. “The appearance of evil is evil. “ meaning to pretend to smoke is as bad as smoking. Or the optics of hanging out with someone’s wife alone is the same as having an affair. So yes, just avoid questionable situations or people. My biggest problem with him is his own teammates don’t like him. If his teammates liked him or he was more of the Dennis Rodman type, I might say go for it. Bauer also claims he can use the legal stuff almost as well as spyder tack and showed proof of it in a game interview by hold his hand up with a ball stuck to his palm. So if that is indeed the case, he can
  10. I am curious what people think. If the Dodgers paid almost all of the remaining two years of his salary, would you want him on the team. Guy is a loner, smart and loves to rub people the wrong way. Is he a cancer or an unappreciated resource of knowledge. I posed a similar question about Luke Heimlich a few years back and the result was overwhelmingly, “Doesn’t matter how good he is, PR nightmare and we don’t want anything to do with him.” Which I find interesting, because a lot of Os fans are Ravens fans, there seemed to be a blind eye toward Ray Rice(even with video proof) and Ray Le
  11. Rutschman kicks left footed and writes right handed, so I would be inclined to think that he is more ambidextrous than the average switch hitter. FWIW
  12. .964 5.8 ROY with MVP votes. José Abreu rookie season numbers.
  13. I had forgotten that Tampa was down 7-0 in the 8th. I remembered extra innings but my brain somehow purged how incredible that comeback was. I remember feeling like the Os won to put themselves in the playoffs, it was that satisfying for me. That game and the wild card win are the two best Os games for me. Kind of sad for being a fan all my life. I was too young to remember the 83 WS.
  14. Later in the game, it was said that he couldn’t see where it was hit off the bat. My guess would be because his head was up his rear end.
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