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  1. This^ Also, these “commitments” are seen as contracts by the kids. There are very few examples that I can think of where a kid commits to a team and then later switches for more money elsewhere. What happens more often is it comes to signing day and the teams come to the kids and tell them for x reason or y reason we can’t pay you that much or now you aren’t worth that much and here is what we are going to now give you. I also suspect that what we would consider small amounts of money(not gold chain money but better food and nicer equipment), gets filtered to the kids once they commit further pressuring them to make an early and possibly below market deal. When I say below market, I mean if they wait until closer they may get more but teams are always willing to walk away or pay less depending on how things develop over the next two years until they turn 16. Also, the reason some of these kids are peaking at 15,16,17 is some of these kids are so desperate for a pay day they use peds or they are actually 19 and took their little brothers identity.
  2. I wanted May and Lux as well. That would have ended up being an outstanding deal for the Os. I think you take the Bell deal now if you want to be safe or hold out for July if you want to gamble. I think over their careers, Mancini is better but obviously the whole cancer thing. I think 2020 is a better year to have taken off than any other because not every player was able to get into their real grooves or be who they actually are as a player. I think years down the road we will see the 2020 stats as outliers rather than how we would typically look at players stats.
  3. You do realize that according to the CDC website, the death rate in America is currently sitting at less than 2% and deaths per age group from last year to this year hasn’t really gone up? Cant wait for the heart disease vaccine, because that is the number one cause of death in this country and is very preventable. This whole virus crap is stupid. My whole family has had it, I have at least 50 people I personally know who has had it, 1 hospitalization of my good friend who is in his 70s. Everyone else, a week of feeling bad and that is it. Noravirus on a cruise ship, now that is a virus that sucks and makes you wish you would just die.
  4. I don’t think so. Those who choose to go to school to elevate their draft position will get their money upfront while those who go straight out of high school are gambling that they are actually good enough or remain healthy to cash in later. Obviously the premise needs ironing out of details, but if everyone hits free agency at say 25, 26, then the stars will cash in at a prime age and the guys like Yaz will get a shot earlier. Then the Batista’s will realize earlier that they aren’t good enough and start using PEDs earlier so the drafting club will actually get something out of them( don’t down vote me, there is plenty of people out there who questioned a kid going from a non prospect to a 27 something finally blossoming to a 30+ hr guy) You would see guys who are blocked and/or the clubs just don’t have the flexibility to really see what the player is at the MLB level yet traded and moved around more. Mountcastle would have been up 2.5 years ago. Rutschman would have saw time this year. Stars would be up sooner(like the old days) and guys would get opportunities to prove themselves or traded to clubs who could give them a chance(Yes I know about the rule 4 draft but they wouldn’t be 45 by then) Just throwing ideas out there.
  5. My proposal would be earlier arbitration in exchange for an additional year of service. Or a fixed age for free agency to start so there isn’t manipulation of service time.
  6. Also, some of players best years, they get paid “relatively” little. I can’t stand players in football who refuse to show up until their contract is renegotiated. You signed a contract, you fulfill that. I guess that goes both ways with non guaranteed contracts and owners being able to cut someone and not see their part through. I like baseballs guaranteed contracts. The player has security and the owner has to follow through. Teams have gotten less hasty in recent years locking someone up until they are 50, but they still have to weigh the price for elite guys who aren’t going to earn their money the last couple of years. Davis was never elite. Trumbo and Cruz were both cheaper options that at the time could have seemingly come close to the production. Now we know Cruz for sure would have been a good bet and really, Trumbo would have been better as well. Actually, bringing Hank Aaron out of retirement would have proved better. At least the end of Davis’s contract feels close for me.
  7. Only commenting on the doing the right thing and retiring because having enough money. Not a chance in the world I would retire and lose out on the rest of that money. On average, 20% goes to the agent, 25%+ goes to taxes after that, and for the rest of his life his earnings are whatever he can invest in. No one is going to give him a dime for advertising, book deals, signings, poor bastard(being funny on this part) is going to have to use a pseudonym to even by a house or pizza business for the rest of his life.
  8. I’m sad that he is the worst player on a team that is currently competing for a top draft pick and gets paid like a top of the rotation starter on a team competing for a WS. Maybe the team should have asked around the clubhouse before they signed him for a contract that Nelson Cruz would have figured out a way to make respectable. I don’t blame him a second for the contract, I blame the team for not cutting him two years ago and hoping he brakes a hip for insurance money. He and his wife still do good things for Baltimore, blame ownership for him taking up roster space when he should be working at a car dealership.
  9. Pop should have been protected. He is someone that could have been selected and carried on the MLB roster all year by the current Os team. Doesn’t matter that he is replaceable, he is good enough to be worth a 40/26 man spot.
  10. sevastras


    Not something I am concerned about. If we have acts of war domestically, making insurance claims are the least of my concerns. Virus, riot and acts of God are the only exclusions I think about.
  11. My draft board would have: Marcelli Mayer Jordan Lawlar Brady House in that order of preferrence for the 5 pick Round 2 would love Mason Black to fall here but doubt it Gerritt Burhenn would be next and is exactly what the Os look for in a pitcher Third, I would take Luke Hayden if available. As we get closer, I will dial in a better list but if these players were available at these spots right now, that is how I would draft.
  12. sevastras


    Every insurance policy on my businesses and umbrella insurance has language that excludes: -Acts of God -Viruses -Civil unrest Those three things are foremost in my mind any time there is business disruption. If MLB teams were to win anything on these cases, it would set a precedence for businesses across the US. I am not a lawyer and laws very state to state, but I would imagine there is a statute of limitations and a business owner would have to file lawsuit and be able to drag things out as long as possible for as little money as possible to try to ride MLBs coat tails and deep pockets? It is an interesting argument and stance for owners, but you really have to have billions of your own to play it out because it will cost millions and years to come to any conclusion. In my non lawyer opinion of course. (Side note, in my state the fine for practicing law without a license is less than practicing real estate without a license)🤷🏻‍♂️
  13. I think ownership doesn’t want to cut him in hopes of an injury that would allow them to collect some insurance money or a failed drug test that would allow them not to pay him for that time. I believe that this team is close to if not at the point where they can no longer have dead weight on the 25(26) man or woman roster
  14. In my humble opinion, a top 7 pick this year is as good as our number 2 options last year. I am not a huge fan of taking college pitchers number 1, but Rocker is a clear number 1 guy. I am really high on Tyree Reed and Chase Petty. Chase Petty is Dylan Bundy but think Dylan Bundy at the draft and not post multiple injuries.
  15. I’m not going to down vote, but like I have said since before the draft, I wasn’t that high on the top end players in this past draft. If I had the top pick, I would have been deciding over Abel and Hassell. It had lots of depth without premium top end. 2021 has more top end talent but pretty well guaranteed they are out of the top 3, Tyree Reed is who I would be going after. I would take Tyree Reed 2nd in the 2020 draft. I just would have had too hard of time justifying not taking Tork number 1. If you take him out of last years draft, I would take Abel 1, Tyree 2 and Hassell 3rd but I obviously lean more to high school stars over college standouts. 2018 I wanted Matt McClain, not sure if he would have signed higher up the draft.
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