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  1. My feeling is, whatever, they cheated better and got caught a few years later. If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. Don’t like it, throw a fastball to the ribs and move on. since everyone asked my opinion.
  2. Madison Bumgardner will retire, he loves hitting
  3. Maybe if he pitches like Jimenez(circa first half of 2010) he could be moved at the 2020 deadline. Best hope is he has a good and healthy year this year and has a strong start to 2021 and then maybe he could be moved at that deadline.
  4. Brian Matusz striking out Josh Hamilton will be a permanent memory for me. I can only imagine what his trajectory would have been that in a more competent system. I think, but can’t say for sure, that Greinke and Matusz had very similar skills and mental obstacles. Greinke just got better support for those obstacles. I’m sure this isn’t the first time I have made the comparison or argument *may not have been social anxiety but there was something there between the ears*
  5. I blame Lew Ford for all of this and JTrea I second the motion for one of those affiliate things for Amazon. It seems as though my wife gets boxes every day from them and you might as well get paid a little bit from her ordering.
  6. I would do that quicker than CJ Abrams running to first. I would print my 2023-2027 playoff tickets immediately and book flights and hotels. Dont know if the casual fan would be able to get their mind around the idea though.
  7. But that is no where near as fun as blaming it all on one guy and one botched play, and we are talking Red Sox fans. To be fair though, most people have just seen the ball go throw his legs for the past 30 years and blame him with no back story because that is all they see on tv. ****The Buckners actually live 10 minutes from me, though I have never met them and his wife Jody has spent the last 30 years protecting him from the media because of this single play before he passed on Memorial Day this year at 69 due to dementia****
  8. Learning moment, I guess.
  9. I had to come on here. What an amazing catch! One of the most exciting plays I have seen from the Os this season!
  10. There is a difference between a 6th grade education and competency. Just because some of these kids may have stopped school, or modified their school efforts doesnt mean they are a bunch of imbeciles running around on the field. I dont think spin rate or launch angle is that hard of a concept to teach someone. They really dont have to understand the analytics if you just show someone the results they will buy in.
  11. You may be on to the next big thing. Astrology and tarot card readings to figure out who is playing each game and who to pick in the draft.
  12. If he is on the team in 2021, not a starter and long man bullpen. Pretty easy to get excited about someone when the majority of the team wouldnt be on a playoff team. Just my opinion, but wouldnt pencil him in for the rotation 2021. Maybe next year for eating innings.
  13. I am no longer local or a twitter kind of guy, has any one or can anyone ask the media or the coaching staff if they have considered this or talked to him about this. I would find it stupid to have him go one over just for the sake of him playing. I am not saying that I expect him to be in contention for ROY but I would like for him to have the choice and opportunity to do so.
  14. And that new slurve just upped the game.
  15. He was throwing 99. Looked fine to me
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