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  1. sevastras


    Just an exercise, let’s say Adley comes up and is Buster Posey like and then in two years Maikol Hernández comes up and is Machado like. This whole conversation starts to be very different. Or let’s say the Os had Wander Franco in their system. Like others have said, once the minors get started and people can start to see what we have then maybe they can get excited about things. I am personally excited to see these guys and what they can do.
  2. sevastras


    I think you are mistaking having a base and having a superstar or household name. A guy like Machado not only gives you his performance but also elevates the players around him. This team really isn’t that far from competing.
  3. sevastras


    Meh, you are just sick of losing. This team goes from bad to pretty good fairly easily. Hays and Harvey back, Mancini/Mountcastle 1B DH, send Severino anywhere that will have him and put Adley at catcher(I don’t care if he hits a single ball, he has to have greater value behind the plate than Severino). Bring up Jamhai, Lowther, Baumann. I would rather see Hyde go than Elias. Besides, if Davis gets healthy and back to form.....
  4. Who was the poster that wanted to argue with me that Harvey was overrated as a prospect just because he was with a NY team(and not even the Yankees as if anyone cares about the Mets)? Harvey is a good player and even though his ERA doesn’t look awesome, he has done much better this season than the stats. I hope he continues to pitch like he has and I hope the defense starts to actually play behind him. I’m rooting for the guy.
  5. Richie Martin is still with the Os? Richie Martin is still in baseball as a player? He definitely has room to grow, but a would bet dollars to donuts he isn’t on the opening day roster for the Os next year.
  6. Pretty sure everyone knows Mountcastle is a 1B or if the team is good enough a DH. He is Billy Butler, except the Dbag personality.
  7. Like your quotes of blocked refer to, a talent of that level could play almost any position. I would try him out at CF(which he has played), LF, RF, 3rd, 2nd all before considering him blocked or before trading him. If come the trade deadline, Means is a real candidate for the Cy Young and the Padres are looking for that one piece, then maybe the stars align.
  8. We get it, you dont like Palmer's stories. Have you ever thought for a minute that everything he says is from his recounts of history? Have you ever thought to yourself that everything you say is your recounts of history. Just so happens, as baseball fans, some of us care a little more about the stories he tells than yours? I personally really enjoy Palmer's first hand accounts and am amazed of the detail and accuracy he is able to recall the things he does. I will always hold everyone to a high water mark of John Miller though. Miller for me is like Mussina in that my opinion is the franchise made a poor decision in not bringing either back.
  9. I would trade Means for Abrams straight up quicker than Abrams can make it out of the batters box.
  10. Lew Ford eats puppies, while they are still alive.
  11. See what I mean about Severino? He stands up on a knee high pitch that could have been a strike, but by standing up he didnt give the ump any opportunity to see it(it would have been the second out, if it were the third then MAYBE you could just give him the benefit of the doubt that he was selling it as he walked toward the dugout but he didnt even walk towards the dugout like he forgot how many outs) Sit you ass down and receive the ball. Quit darting around and keep your glove still. You would think with Hyde being a former catcher that he might address these issues or just put Severino at DH.
  12. Severino is to blame for getting squeezed. He is the worst receiver I have watched in a long time. Like I said in another thread days ago, Severino turns close strikes into balls. There is zero reason for him to have jumped up to fake to third.
  13. This is a completely different game with any other catcher behind the plate. He was stealing strikes from Lopez, not to mention the pass balls.
  14. Mlb.com has O's as #5 in top farm systems. https://www.mlb.com/news/2021-farm-system-rankings Some feel good nuggets in the article/secondary article-https://www.mlb.com/news/orioles-top-30-prospects-list-2021-preseason
  15. Mancini throws it into left field, two runs score
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