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  1. Mattingly testing positive for covid shouldn’t have anything to do with baseball
  2. Not sure what you are talking about.
  3. Who cares? If you haven’t figured out this is all a bunch of garbage by now, you must still be watching CNN.
  4. Thank you! I was looking at FG and not seeing anyone tied to the Os
  5. Im not. I think he was a better pick than Rocker. Wish they would have taken Benny for practically the same money as Cowser. That was my worry going into the draft. People on here were upset for not picking him of all the players that were available. He has a lot of high stress pitches logged on that arm and that worries me long term. My first thought is Ben McDonald
  6. I have advocated bringing Maverick Handley straight up, skipping AA and AAA. It would be unorthodox, but he would be an immediate improvement over any catcher they currently throw out there right now and you can continue to game Rutschmans service time.
  7. Maybe Jones defense improves at the ML level simply by throwing the ball to Mountcastle or Mancini. Ryan isnt exactly a GG candidate at 1B.
  8. Maverick would be my first choice. It would be a night and day difference.
  9. No one has ever accused him of being intelligent. 😆
  10. Yes and no. There are two prices but local price is still higher than us mainland price on a lot of things. Steak, gas, paper products, cleaning products, cars. Then you have the less expensive things like lobster, fish, medical/some prescription pills(Barbados was a big prescription drug manufacturer for Pfizer). I hate Aruba. It is a desert island and the beaches aren’t that great. And Sydney Pontoon is from there.
  11. My draft thoughts, by Jack Handy: Elias went with very safe stable picks, opposite of what I would have done this year. This years class, while very deep, lacked top end talent. A lot of us complained and moaned when they did pick any of the high school SS or Rocker or whoever and went with "under slot" Cowser. None of the top picks were a sure thing and it didnt matter who they picked in the first round. I personally would have preferred this draft just swinging for the fences because it was a lottery draft. Go under slot and see what the 5 tool high school kid Benny Montgomery turn
  12. Signing period has also been moved up since Arrieta, so I would think more kids will play the end of the signing season now than before.
  13. I think that was me at home when I was pouring a beer in the kitchen and my wife just rolling her eyes. There is a little town in Illinois called Chicago that has two teams that get lots of support and has a few problems, so that doesnt have anything to do with it. When the Os start winning on a regular basis again, those Nats "fans" that use to be Os "fans" will start filling the park again. Right now it is like paying major league prices to go watch a random minor league game. People arent keeping up with who is on the roster and dont care because they arent winning.
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