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  1. What they should really be focusing on is time to the plate. That will really turn this team around! This year is about losing and next year is about the young guys coming up and growing into the team. It would be good to squeeze out one more top three draft pick and then start getting everyone out there. Next year you could see roughly half of their top 30 prospects on the team at some point. Grant it that a handful have seen time or are currently on the team, but that will be a big chunk. Patience is a virtue. My biggest fear is they win too much this year and don’t get a high draft pick. I like this up coming draft better than the last. The last was deep but the top end wasn’t that much better. The next draft has a couple players up top that fit into the special category. Why miss on that when today’s club isn’t going to do anything in the playoffs even if they string together a short season and make it? I would rather suffer this season with a proper plan and get a Verlander or Ken Griffey JR than make the playoffs or just fall short and have dookie to show for it. Of course the draft is a crap shoot but rather up the odds.
  2. I have a couple Big Green Eggs that use charcoal(not brickets). Put some mustard on and season the ribs heavily with something like dizzy pig and leave uncovered in the fridge overnight. Fire up the grill the next day, throw in some apple or cherry, get to 250 and cook for 3 hours bone side down. After that, wrap in foil with some apple cider, whiskey or apple cider vinegar and throw on for another hour. Finally, take them out of the foil and cook another hour to firm up the outside, maybe throw a couple more chunks of wood on for more smoke and brush 10 minutes before that last hour is up with your favorite sauce(I like a nice ketchup based homemade one or a Carolina mustard based but to each his own). You are welcome.
  3. sevastras

    Bundy in L.A.

    He always had a relaxed, smooth repeatable delivery and command. If his arm and shoulder cooperated, I had him comped out with the likes of Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens. He knows how to pitch and has the arsenal to still be effective but lacks about 5-7 mph that he use to have that would put him up there with those guys. I feel bad for him because there probably isn’t very many guys out there that work harder than he does.
  4. Thank you for the video. I generally “scout” high school players and really hadn’t watched that much of him but he really has a sweet swing. His outfield play isn’t amazing but much better than we have marched out their since Markakis wasn’t resigned. Man that is a great swing! I know I have said this before, but I was told 15-20 years ago that when you draft, you don’t want the 16 year old with a full beard because he is already peaking maturely but a 20 year old that can’t grow a beard has more to grow into. Not every gm goes with that, but this kid looks like a kid and has room to grow. Also with that logic, they haven’t peaked performance wise. Physically I can see him turning into a Manny Ramirez body type(let’s hope he has that kind of career without whatever). Also why I like Rutschman, baby face with room to mature into a projectable body type. He reminds me of a Buster Posey at the same age. Great job on this pick. I was never sold on Martin or Torkleson (If any Os exects want to employ me, reach out and send me to Cuba!)😉
  5. That was if he was drafted he could have some leverage to say I want more money or I will go back to school. Obviously he didnt want to go back to school because he took the $20k
  6. Here are the top 7 from BA: Orioles — Kumar Rocker, RHP, Vanderbilt. ... Mariners — Jack Leiter, RHP, Vanderbilt. ... Tigers — Brady House, SS/RHP, Winder-Barrow HS, Winder, Ga. ... Marlins — Adrian Del Castillo, C, Miami. ... Pirates — Matt McLain, SS, UCLA. ... Giants — Jud Fabian, OF, Florida. ... Royals — Jaden Hill, RHP, LSU It will be interesting to see who signs and who doesnt from this draft as well. Seniors from this year will have an extra year of NCAA eligibility and could elect to go that route rather than undrafted $20k and get their stock up. A ton of high school kids may go to college, but it should be pretty easy to figure out who just wants to start playing pro. I really hope there have been people on the phones non stop. You could take a chance on 100 kids at $20k and maybe a couple rise to the top. It isnt like great players havent come from outside the first 5 rounds.
  7. I guess people would have really pooped the bed if they took my choice at #2 with Hassell. I would have preferred him but then again he has a longer road to the majors. Probably a broken record, but Abel was my choice at #2 but also a longer road. My biggest surprise is that both Bitsko and Jordan Walker were both gone by #30. Really wanted Walker there(as if it was my decision). I must have been drafting for the Padres because they got Hassell and Lange. I am also surprised that Blaze went so late but maybe his number was high and Boston saved in the first round to get him later. I think I would have gave him a shot earlier if I were pretty much any team, but he bugs me. Reminds me of that kid in the Clint Eastwood movie that has troubles hitting a curve(Purely on physical appearance).
  8. Man, your hair has been on fire. Calm down a little. Also, I will maintain that Matusz was screwed up by the system and Buck. He needed more kid gloves and letting him be himself to flourish and they tinkered with him to no end and messed up his head. I see him as the opposite result of Greinke and how he was allowed to figure himself out and worked his way through his own head issues.
  9. Similar feeling. He seems to fall off the mound and has an inconsistent landing. If he can learn to drive and land consistently I think you will see a velocity increase and better control. Also, his fastball grip looks like a split two seam type of grip but the ball doesn’t move. He might benefit from a change of grips. Body type, delivery and stuff remind me of Sidney Ponson.
  10. Jordan Walker is off the board. I liked him at 30
  11. I am just fine with the pick. I don’t think any of the top guys were real difference makers like a Harper or Strasburg. I think the real value is going to be in those next two picks. There are some really good high school kids that are going to be available there that have signability issues but the money saved can give them a real chance to sign them.
  12. I am going to go all crazy here, I still think Mick Abel might be one of the best pitchers in this draft but think they go for position players #2-Robert Hassell III(Might end up being the best bat in the draft a few years down the road)Under slot(Also fits the narrative that Elias is targeting the best available who can play multiple positions #30-Jordan Walker(Bitsko if he falls outside the first round and then Jordan #39 if he is still available)Over slot #39-Justin Lange(Outside chance of taking Blaze Jordan here if still on the board)
  13. I seem to remember plenty of people on here cheering for the chance to get Hancock this year and Rocker next year and having them at the top of the rotation. "And these are the Days of Our Lives"
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