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  1. That was me. I still think that will wind up being the best/most likely positioning if Mayo doesn't wind up moving to 1B or a corner OF spot, especially after seeing Gunnar display serious range on some web gems in the AA playoffs.
  2. For me, I was (and still am) disappointed in reaching for Kjerstad when we could have reached for Robert Hassell, Zac Veen, or Jordan Walker. All 3 of those guys could be franchise players and have better hit tools than Kjerstad, as well as similar raw power and arguably higher ceilings. I would have also preferred Nick Gonzales or Asa Lacy, even though Lacy does not look good at the moment. We could have still drafted Mayo drafting any of those players. My issue isn't with the myocarditis - that's just bad luck and could happen to anyone. It's with Kjerstad and reaching for him. Hopeful
  3. He was. And Vavra still is.
  4. Surprised no one else mentioned Gunnar's 1st AA home run (playoffs) tonight. I might be in the minority, but I've been more impressed by Gunnar Henderson's season than Coby Mayo's. And I say that as someone who has been extremely impressed with Mayo - I'm ecstatic that we have Henderson, Mayo, and Westburg all in the organization and having turned in great 2021 seasons. Gunnar has played in 3 different levels this season, and he's faced adversity multiple times. Each time, he adjusted and bounced back. And even when he was slumping, he would always display good plate discipline.
  5. I would trade Means for Hassell in a heartbeat. Hassell is going to be a stud.
  6. I don't think anyone can be sure that Henderson SS/Westburg 2B will be the best combination, but that's what looks likely to me as of right now. Even with his errors this season, I think Gunnar is the potentially better SS. What Gunnar's done with the bat at 2 years younger than Westburg is significant. And there's room for him to improve as a defender as well, which makes him the more likely of the two players to stick at SS, in my opinion.
  7. I think Westburg is destined for 2B. Not only because of his arm and range, but also because of Henderson and Mayo.
  8. I'm encouraged by those peripherals. Probably a combination of bad luck and adjusting to a new level, but there are plenty of signs that Westburg is a quality hitter, especially given his performance in the lower levels. Looking forward to him having another nice season in 2022.
  9. It would only be temporary, due mostly to losing Adley and GrayRod (and perhaps Baumann, Stowers) to graduation next year. I'd bet money on the O's farm system being rated ahead of the Pirates for offseason 2023 and beyond. Elias has been crushing his hitter draft picks, making smart trades to pick up young international players, developing pitching in a subtle manner in the lower levels of the minors, and developing our international presence. The amount of talent we have at low A right now is pretty crazy. Love to see it.
  10. Seriously. I've been rooting HARD for losses and will continue to do so.
  11. Mayo's is the closest swing I've seen to Giancarlo Stanton's.
  12. For me, Gunnar Henderson is considerably more untouchable than Westburg. And Westburg isn't a sure SS. What Henderson has done this season at ages 19 and 20 is MUCH more impressive than what Westburg has done at age 22. And Westburg's had a pretty impressive season.
  13. Gunnar's been OPSing over .800 in Aberdeen over the past couple weeks. I think he's adapting quite well, he's always maintained good plate discipline even when he's slumped. At both levels this season.
  14. As of right now, if I had to put money on their MLB positions: 2B Westburg SS Henderson 3B Mayo
  15. Yeah there is. We could lose the #1 pick in the next MLB draft to the Diamondbacks. I know you're making a totally different point about effort and winning habits. But I'm not all that worried about a losing play that very well may have helped us get the top pick in the draft next year.
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