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  1. For me, it's pretty straightforward when it comes to the Marlins in particular. We get Bleday, we should trade Santander. Not sure if Bleday is a possibility, but I think you stand pat if he's not part of the deal. Santander should have more value at the trade deadline as long as he's healthy. There will be teams that need OF bats at the deadline.
  2. But it was Elias who decided to hire Perez, so both Elias and Perez will deserve any and all credit for bringing in international talent. It was also Elias who identified international scouting and operations as a dire need, and made it a priority. So if any one person deserves/will deserve any credit, it's Elias.
  3. The Padres have been extremely aggressive with trades and signings. Snell, Darvish (even trading for his personal catcher as well), Kim.
  4. Even so, 2021 is the perfect opportunity for the Orioles to find out if Diaz can hit and if Hays can stay healthy. Nunez isn't a long-term piece for the O's if they ever intend to contend.
  5. I could be wrong, but I think we're still waiting on 2 PTBNLs from Atlanta from the Milone trade.
  6. So would we have picked #3 if we had lost the final game of the season?
  7. Outside of their prospects, I wouldn't mind acquiring Tyler Mahle. He's a guy who could be moved at the 2021 trade deadline, or a possible longer-term SP.
  8. Statistically and approach-wise, he reminds me a lot of Maikel Franco.
  9. Off the top of my head, maybe someone like Adam Dunn or Rob Deer.
  10. Agreed. Jays made a bunch of moves that could actually make them worse, or, more likely, not really improve them. And they gave up a bunch of minor league talent in the process. As someone who disliked the O's both passing on Austin Martin and letting him fall to a division rival, I like seeing the Jays hurt their system without picking up any impact players.
  11. When Rudy Gobert tested positive, he had played a full game against the Toronto Raptors. None of the opposing players (including the ones guarding him the whole game) contracted the virus, and they were playing indoors, in much closer quarters than baseball players get to each other. Anything is possible, but baseball being played outdoors should greatly prevent transmission to opposing players in general. Soto's Nationals teammates obviously may be at risk, but the O's players should be fine. Guess we'll find out.
  12. So disappointed. Much preferred Martin, Lacy, Gonzalez, Veen.
  13. Testing absolutely helps. Mass, frequent testing - even those who are asymptomatic - is the best way for our country to get back to a more normal way of life and for businesses to re-open. With that said, the U.S. has had extremely inadequate testing - up until this point. As a result, our severe lack of testing has not helped contain or mitigate the virus YET. But that does NOT mean that we should give up on testing. Quite to the contrary, our government and our health care system need to be catching up in order to reach the levels of testing that South Korea and other Asian countries (that are more accustomed to responding to these viral outbreaks) have demonstrated. Once we get to the point of daily, drive-thru testing with widely available tests, we'll be closer to lifting state-mandated closures.
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