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  1. Testing absolutely helps. Mass, frequent testing - even those who are asymptomatic - is the best way for our country to get back to a more normal way of life and for businesses to re-open. With that said, the U.S. has had extremely inadequate testing - up until this point. As a result, our severe lack of testing has not helped contain or mitigate the virus YET. But that does NOT mean that we should give up on testing. Quite to the contrary, our government and our health care system need to be catching up in order to reach the levels of testing that South Korea and other Asian countries (that are more accustomed to responding to these viral outbreaks) have demonstrated. Once we get to the point of daily, drive-thru testing with widely available tests, we'll be closer to lifting state-mandated closures.
  2. The Nets paid a "private company" to test the players. Must be nice. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/28917855/four-nets-players-test-positive-coronavirus
  3. Just a thought, but I honestly think Vlad Jr. could wind up generating more WAR than our top 3 hitters combined. I do think Toronto has more talent in both their lineup and starting rotation than we do.
  4. But he has. And he can for the 2019 O's. Because, again, it makes us worse. Which is exactly what we want.
  5. Even agreeing with your assessment that we control his prime years anyway, I don't think there's any downside to promoting Hays in July/August after we (theoretically and hopefully) trade Cron, in the event we acquire him. As opposed to having Hays break camp with the major league team, which I assure you will not happen because the team will want Hays to resume playing in the minors after suffering a significant injury last year and not re-establishing his level of play prior to suffering the injury.
  6. I have little doubt Elias will help build the O's into a similar offense, at the very least cutting down on the high-strikeout, low-OBP approach that Duquette plagued us with. But the fact Cron is a high-strikeout player shouldn't matter to our long-term plans. He would be a short-term signing made with the intention to flip for a prospect that could potentially help us in 2-3 years.
  7. It'll be Mullins in CF. I'm fine with delaying Hays' service clock an additional season. Still room to move Davis to RF and speculate on Cron.
  8. I agree, but for our purposes, we should be looking at low-risk moves that can help us stockpile prospects. This would be such a move. Long-term, for sure, we should be looking at players that fit into the high-OBP mold.
  9. Even better. But wouldn't that be if he's placed on waivers instead of outright released?
  10. 1B. Move Davis back to right. The worse Davis makes us defensively, the better (for tanking purposes).
  11. The Rays just DFA'd C.J. Cron. If he ultimately gets released, I think he'd be a nice signing for the O's as the team tanks next season. Sign Cron to a 2-year deal or 1-year with a team option, and he could wind up being a decent trade asset at the deadline if he sees any improvement from playing half his games at OPACY, which he should. I think a deal at approximately $6 million or under annually would be a nice gamble.
  12. Another unforgivable and detrimental rift between Buck and DD happened in 2013, when Duquette acquired Francisco Rodriguez mid-season for the bullpen, and Buck proceeded to waste K-Rod and refuse to use him in high-leverage situations after apparently determining that K-Rod wasn't one of his favorites. The same K-Rod who had been lights out with Milwaukee earlier that season, then proceeded to turn in 2 All-Star seasons with Milwaukee after Buck decided that K-Rod wasn't good enough for his Orioles. We missed the playoffs by just a few games in 2013. The same season when Buck kept trotting out OBP black hole J.J. Hardy at the top of the lineup. No offense to Buck Showalter the person, and I appreciate what he did to restore the Orioles to a winning team, but I despise Buck Showalter the manager. He has an established track record of alienating players and ownership, wearing out his welcome, and reaching a point of diminishing returns fairly quickly. The Orioles are now the 4th team where he has failed to make progress past the early rounds of the playoffs. We are better off as an organization with someone else managing the team moving forward.
  13. I've seen a lot of posters and Orioles fan exhibit a lack of understanding that Jonathan Schoop is not a great player. .296 career OBP, 100 OPS+. By no metric whatsoever is he a great player. He's pretty much the definition of an average everyday player. He has pop for his position, but he's a hacker. And I think he's a good bet to get bigger, slower, and more injury-prone than he already is. And ultimately, most other teams know these things about him. We got a good return, and I am ecstatic that a true rebuild is underway with the international market a focal point of it.
  14. I would be absolutely ecstatic if we got Rodgers for Gausman. Any other prospects coming back would be gravy.
  15. In addition to these changes, having a new manager and GM would be awesome.
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