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  1. He's a shorthorn probably deserved it haha. There's no love lost for Arkansas when it comes to Texas.
  2. Posted this in the draft forum but someone made a career college highlight video for Kjerstad a few weeks ago that I haven't seen posted yet.
  3. Someone made a career college highlight video of him FWIW. Hadn't seen it posted:
  4. Just for reference, Kjerstad had more HR, more RBIs, and almost identical OPS (1.011-1.007) to Martin. Hitting nearly .350 career in the SEC isn't easy to do. He's a bit of an awkward athlete but for his size he isn't slow at all once he gets going. Long, lanky strides. He still looks like he could add on to his frame and has room to grow some more. Still looks like he's about 16 in the face lol. He does have some weird mental baserunning errors and he made some mistakes defensively when he was in LF that made you scratch your head, but he seemed much better in RF. Played a little bit of 1B too. He also made some outstanding plays in the outfield so you can tell he has the athleticism to make them just doesn't do it consistently. Robbed a home run against Dallas Baptist a few years ago in the Regional by climbing the outfield wall. Also plays with a bit of an attitude:
  5. Yep. He beat Casey Mize, Brady Singer, Ryan Rolison, etc. He and Arkansas play South Carolina Saturday night on ESPN2 in Super Regionals.
  6. He didn't like pitching and would have been behind our deep pitching staff anyways. I thought he looked good in the one inning i did see him pitch lol. plenty of potential. He had a strong arm in LF for us and some power at the plate, but he won't be good enough there at the next level to play OF full time imo. Could be a decent pitcher though
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