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  1. I didn't say we had no talent--just question the coaching. We are a turnover machine every year under Turge and we let the other team usually dictate the tempo. We were too tired at the end as well. Still a top 20 team with top 5 talent.
  2. I don't think it says much when you are outcoached by Roy Williams.The offense is stale with little north-south movement. Pass the ball around the outside, eventually set high screen and then, with 8 or so seconds left, DO SOMETHING. Bad use of his roster left us too exhausted to shoot well in the last 3 to 4 minutes.
  3. Disagree----it's the torque applied---hitters can handle velocity. We threw way more years ago--fought arm fatigue without knowing what it was--but had far, far less structural damage issues.
  4. Why are we so stubborn??? Most of our pitchers seemed to perform markedly better with an extra day rest.Six starters starting every sixth day and, as proposed by can of corn, used in a game on their respective "throw day". Less late season fatigue.
  5. YES< YES< YES---boo'ed too!!!!!!!!
  6. Manny, gausman plus any other 2 for Harper--fair or not???
  7. Yeah, lets use WAR---particularly valuing defensive WAR--- so we can have a bunch of 15, 16 inning games. Eventually we will score----kinda like now without Davis.
  8. between Davis, Heyward, Upton, Cespedes and Gordon--who has the most game-winning or game-tying hits??? With today's offensive decline, this is a vital stat that should not be overlooked.
  9. You trade Manny for a king's ransom and keep Davis. Puts you back into a new open window.
  10. Like you don't understand what he is saying. A.. retention through the roof here.
  11. It's 1 run difference in era---but NL less on base = less pitch from stretch. Stretch was his main weakness.
  12. The NL is easier for a pitcher------really----especially one who has problems from the set position.
  13. This window is slamming shut. With all the FA about to be gone as well, it is time to rebuild by trading Manny and possibly AJ as well. The potential returns could make it a short closed window and the lowered payroll means we could afford a few costlier FA additions.
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