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  1. Nate Mclouth brought his bat. That was about it. Still pushed the Yanks to the limit at least.
  2. I'll settle for Yelich or Acuna as well.
  3. Just an awkward situation for all. Trey's tweet today was very well spoken and after reading, hopefully people will feel less desire to pick at the situation. I know I will.
  4. Its totally just my memory but I recall him saying he slimmed down in the hopes it would help his body stay healthy and avoid injuries as his contract went on. I thought it was curious at the time. I think CD can really over think things at times.
  5. We live in a world with implied meanings, context, slang, multiple word definitions, media... So I mean yeah. I don't love it either but its reality.
  6. I think what Frobby is getting at is that I highly doubt Markakis actually wants those guts beaten in the literal sense, but rather that they should have been punished and need to take their lumps one way or another. A harsher, firmer way of saying that they got off far too easy and need to be punished. He probably could have used better wording, no doubt, but there isn't actually much of a story here.
  7. My thoughts exactly. There is a chance at upside. Maybe (certainly) nothing spectacular, but he could turn out to be a useful gamey type and those guys are always fun
  8. I've played the game. Just think there are better ways to police a sport or vent frustration than huck a ball at someone.
  9. I don't think he's looking to be outraged, just pointing out that throwing at players has at least some chance of injuring another human being and therefore probably should be avoided. He isn't saying that the risk is not minimal or that systemic injury is common, but rather that injuries have occured and intentionally throwing a hard projectile at another human is pretty ridiculous. Just the vibes I got.
  10. Man, how did I forfet Miguel Gonzalez... So clutch. Luis Ayala was pretty underrated for us too and a fun veteran presence.
  11. Me too. There's no way the other teams are all innocent. The fallout of all this will be interesting.
  12. Thanks @Luke-OH. You will be missed... I read lots of your content when I was lurking around here. Best of luck to you and our O's. You might not need it, but they sure do!
  13. Spot on take. I totally agree. Yeah totally fair. I kind of forget that Mancini is essentially an outfielder now whether we want him to be or not, and is clearly superior to Mclouth overall. Trumbo and Cruz though... They had some OF work but were mostly DHs for us, especially Cruz. I wouldn't really pit them against Mclouth in this conversation. Mancini though, absolutely. So, I guess you proved me wrong technically : ) The one thing i've never forgotten about Mclouth is that was a complete player on both sides of the ball... I just miss having a guy who can play offense an
  14. @Frobby Markakis and Jones were here long before him, but you are right about Gentry and and Lough. Honestly I totally forgot about David Lough. Probably cause I saw him get thrown out trying to steal second in seattle once. The game just ended with him lying in the dirt. I don't think Rickard was much stronger, probably about the same but I could certainly be wrong. I'd say Mclouth was a better all around player for us than any OF we've had since (again, Markakis and Jones were here prior). By a wide margin, too. In fact, i'd say Mclouth, Jones, and Markakis was
  15. That's pretty much how I defined it. If the guy is a huge signing brought into to be a star here then he is probably a core player regardless of how little time he spent here. Just my definition though, you define it however you want.
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