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  1. The sky sort of already fell. No reason to get overly worked up about it now while the team works on a path forward.
  2. Well said. There is almost zero reason to send him packing, even if he doesn’t start 2020 on the 25.
  3. And this comment treats Sisco as a no-upside proposition.
  4. Good luck finding a catcher that has better talent, is cheap AND available to be had.
  5. Ostensibly a higher widely agreed upon level of raw talent/upside relative to significantly lower picks as well. It’s not just being blinded by draft status, as it’s often portrayed.
  6. They have him at league minimum. He has upside and cheap YEARS of control if he realizes said potential . Not sure why the team would be actively looking to shed him. Rolling with a platoon of Severino and Sisco for 2020 sounds just fine to me.
  7. Not saying he's in the top-10 next season or anything, but does a former 1st round pick regain his prospect status more quickly than he might otherwise with good performance?
  8. Wow, Yankees don’t belong on the field with the Indians. Embarrassing to the game.
  9. “Rebuilding” teams like the O’s are ruing baseball. MLB is only a collective .500 this year. Complete mediocrity. It’s disgusting.
  10. Watching the Reds @ Nats game right now. MASN crew says upon KG entering the game, "How many teams are we going to see Kevin Gausman on this season?!?!? We saw him with Atlanta, now Cincinnati." Kind of a weird comment. He faced the Nats on the team he started the season with, and now he's playing on the team that claimed him from waivers. Not really that wild.
  11. Is that a function of how they draw the city limits in Texas? Whereas other US cities have relatively small/tight corporate limits, but are effectively "bigger" towns?
  12. That's good context. Is that a function of teams grabbing a lot of raw pitchers with big physical tools/projection who are probably more throwers than pitchers at this point?
  13. I would still posit that "ceiling of #3 starter" seems a bit pessimistic. I can definitely see #3 starter as a 75-80th percentile outcome, but don't think really good #2 starter should be out of the question for "ceiling."
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