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  1. Not sure how that’s BS necessarily. Pretty common for streaming games. For example, I can stream big ten games on fox sports app, but I need a cable subscription to access. This is still positive news in that it will allow me to watch/listen games when I’m not home or in range of Orioles radio broadcasts
  2. The situation is fundamentally different. These were offers to players who are negotiating new contracts for 2021. They declined, as is their right. Davis has a contract, though, what incentive does he have to agree?
  3. Will Weis continue to purchase ad space? Were they even paying for the circular reads?
  4. I am really going to miss Thorne. Palmer seems to be annoyed with a lot of people in the booth, but he and Thorne seemed to have a great chemistry. And those beautiful, whisky-lubed pipes!
  5. Cobb and Davis have multi-year contracts that are already in place. Mancini and Santander are arb-eligible guys who either agree to a NEW one-year deal or file for arbitration. It might not be precedented, but OFFERING a deal that includes deferrals (that the players declined, as is their prerogative) doesn’t sound particularly underhanded. The clear difference is that there was a natural opportunity to negotiate for these two. I’m not saying I would have done the same, but bleating “why not Davis and Cobb?” Is sort of irrelevant. FWIW, Jon Lester’s recent deal with Washington is $5M total with $3M deferred. That deal was offered, he accepted.
  6. But your point leaned on the availability of Nunez (or players like him), who certainly wouldn't be available (and probably wouldn't have been available for the Os a few years ago either) if he played the OF like Santander does.
  7. Wasn't implying that's what you do, rather that "most likely outcome" evaluation and "what I see him being for the O's" may not always lineup for casual OH comments for that reason. that was all. I get what you mean, and I didn't realize we had guys with that type of projected outcome / prospect status so high (relatively) in our prospect list in the past.
  8. I think this is somewhat semantics, no? What I mean by this is that I would guess that quite a few, if not a majority, of backup/number-two catchers around the league were possible starting catcher prospects. Something like 25% shot at being an ML regular, most likely outcome being low-end starter/backup catcher. Because of Adley, I think almost anyone who graduates to the majors from the O's system is thought of by OH posters as "potential second catcher."
  9. I would imagine a lot of those are disproportionately in the NL as well, due to rule set and increased level of PH/substitution, which isn’t quite as relevant when talking about an AL team like the Os. Many of those are probably injury driven as well, which is fine as that’s part of what you have the 4th OF for, but it’s a slightly different thing than saying “this is what we expect / hope for in team construction.” Edit- on second look, I think your other point explains more of it, as guys like Mancini, Kros Bryant, Franmil Reyes, Niko Goodrich, etc. are included in those numbers, thus pushing the true median for what we actually think of as a “fourth outfielder” downward.
  10. Important to note, though, that they were running those payrolls right before the team recently bottomed-out, then they started slashing. In an environment with payrolls increasing over time, the fact that they were nowhere near that level in-say-2003 isn't particularly instructive.
  11. Do they even print physical playoff tickets going forward...?
  12. Are you sure about that? Looking at 2019, the only team in the AL east that had a "fourth OF" with 300+ PA as identified by bbref was the Orioles and that was Stevie Wilkerson. Making my way through the other divisions now, but it doesn't appear that the "typical" 4th OF gets 300+ PA.
  13. If you’re counting all of his professional PAs, then he’s been very good in the majority of them (talking about minors, of course).
  14. Sure, I guess, but most of the examples you cited are simply giving opportunities to guys who were already in the system / on the team, so I'm not sure it's indicative of any philosophical shift toward offense (at the expense of defense).
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