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  1. But if that were it, then we'd say five innings had been completed, official game, case closed. Here the weather-caused "cancellation" is being forestalled due to the grounds crew, which seems a little bass-ackwards as it benefited the home team
  2. Agreed. If Adley turns into what we think he can be and Sisco continues to develop as an extremely bat-first catching option, we would make sense as a team to carry 3 catchers with 26 roster spots. Sisco would occasionally DH when Adley starts at C as well as serving as a LH bench bat. When Adley needs days off at C, Sisco likely is behind backstop and Adley is the DH, then you want a backup C available.
  3. That looked in the glove before the foot was there, so of course he'll be ruled safe Edit: Well, I'll be!
  4. If that's the case, there's no waiting for a vaccine... From what I've read, most of that talk appears to reflects the long trailing false-positives we've seen with guys like Soto
  5. Did MLB tell these guys to prompt, "it's a great rule, right guys?"
  6. Wow, I hold my breath sometimes when a pitcher has to throw to a base after fielding, but that was a pretty 1-3, if there is such a thing
  7. Harrison was a part of the Yelich trade. I think that would be an interesting nugget to share re: his background.
  8. Wow, that was a nasty breaking ball that slid just a bit too far inside, hard to believe the batter laid off that with 2 strikes
  9. 3rd baseman playing up at front of dirt, must have been reading the 10+ page bunt thread
  10. Was a little closer than "clearly," I think
  11. you don't think Trumbo would have got to that?
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