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  1. While you are correct, that certainly didn't stop people from bringing it up repeatedly even after that had been explained.
  2. Now I see what you were saying. It was a joke about your love of service time preservation, that's all.
  3. If the Os are out of contention he could help the Tides in a stretch run to the IL crown
  4. IMO Sisco hasn't been that bad defensively in this young season (albeit in a limited sample). He's looked a lot better blocking balls. In nearly 50 innings he's got 1 PB (2 WP). He's caught all three of the base runners who have attempted to run on him, with at least two of the throws being particularly very well-placed.
  5. Depends what you're interested in assessing. Performance to date in terms of results ("what actually happened"), rWAR is actually better in my opinion. For sustainability of that performance / likely for it to continue into the future, then fWAR is probably better. Means has a far better ERA+ (277 vs. 213) and is only .1 rWAR ahead of Cole, so it's not some major difference, Cole is getting credit for some of the peripherals where he has an advantage.
  6. Really nice performance by Means today.
  7. *whispers* he’d be incredible as a once-through-the-order opener
  8. Did Rob Long mean Nate Lowe as far as RBI leaders? Sounded like he said David Lough
  9. I get that you're joking, but the O's would be able to have him work on his craft at the MiL level, rather than the majors.
  10. This is a big gripe of mine, the team claiming that "no outside food or drink" is one of their 2021 safety measures. Seems like more of a convenient way to put an end to that policy, particularly in that bringing your own food/drink would seem SAFER from a limiting contact between people in the stadium perspective.
  11. Definitely need to give him some time before saying he's "for real." Mercedes has a 1.298 OPS over 37 PA. In 2004, 30-year old David Newhan started his Orioles tenure with a 1.324 OPS over 49 PA in June of that year (1.138 over 94 first half PAs). Maybe he won't turn into a pumpkin, but I would wait before labeling him as one or the other ("real" or "not")
  12. Not that this is necessarily what you're saying, but it's worth noting that he was selected in the MiL portion of the 2017 Rule 5 draft, well before Elias and Sig's arrival.
  13. We could just sim the games in MLB The Show to really ease the workload on everyone involved
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