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  1. Particularly when there is significant dispute over what the rights fees to be paid out off the top are, something the Nats would be party to.
  2. Starting a runner on second in extra innings...
  3. Same here. I think rules like this and proposed against the shift (e.g. mandating number of guys to the side of a base), make the game worse.
  4. I think Bundy has more value to stay than trade at this point. If he puts it all together and can pitch well despite diminished velocity, trade him at the 2020 deadline. Otherwise, we need someone to pitch here in the meantime. I just don't see a return at this point happening that surpasses those two considerations.
  5. Exactly, I don't think anyone is approaching this discussion as "cutting" Trey and "keeping" Davis. It's that Trey has the potential to bring back assets for the future, whereas the Davis contract is immovable.
  6. Complain about Ks?!?!? People in the GDT love to complain about individual strikes!
  7. Yet that's exactly what you're doing. Your narrative seems to take anecdotes (whether they be real or not) and paint them in the most negative light, that works toward a pre-determined conclusion at the death of baseball in Baltimore.
  8. Maybe. There’s not a ton to be gained by cutting him and eating the contract at this point. I’m not going to go to the mat arguing they should hold onto him (not by any stretch), but I’m also of the mind that those arguing him still being on the roster is some grave failure of the org are getting spun up about something that doesn’t matter a great deal.
  9. As you mention, Not really a good comparison. Johnson was (1) more expensive in nominal dollars, (2) over five years ago (so even more in real dollars), (3) for an older player (30 in his last season with Os before trade), (4) that was coming off a significantly less valuable/worse season than Villar.
  10. What...? Why...? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_Detroit_riot Nobody, to my knowledge, ever suggested moving the Tigers.
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