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  1. Maybe. There’s not a ton to be gained by cutting him and eating the contract at this point. I’m not going to go to the mat arguing they should hold onto him (not by any stretch), but I’m also of the mind that those arguing him still being on the roster is some grave failure of the org are getting spun up about something that doesn’t matter a great deal.
  2. As you mention, Not really a good comparison. Johnson was (1) more expensive in nominal dollars, (2) over five years ago (so even more in real dollars), (3) for an older player (30 in his last season with Os before trade), (4) that was coming off a significantly less valuable/worse season than Villar.
  3. What...? Why...? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1967_Detroit_riot Nobody, to my knowledge, ever suggested moving the Tigers.
  4. (1) there may not be many comparable options (i.e. combination of recent poor performance, proven ability at the ML level, relative youth) (2) it may be just as important that KG knows Baltimore and may be more open to coming here to reestablish value vs. other comparable options who have no experience pitching in Baltimore
  5. It was just curiosity. That is all. No more, no less.
  6. To be fair, the “less than 300 ABs” line actually works against your point re: impressive rate stats.
  7. If he were to maintain his rookie eligibility, what are the chances he slips back into top-100 prospect lists this offseason?
  8. I feel like this last comment completely diminishes the success that he was able to have at the ML level prior to 2019. Maybe he never turned into the TOR guy we were hoping for, but he was never a bad pitcher, which this comment seems to insinuate. 2013: 47.2 IP; -0.4 rWAR/0.4 fWAR 2014: 113.1 IP; 1.2 rWAR/2.0 fWAR 2015: 112.1 IP; 1.2 rWAR/1.5 fWAR 2016: 179.2 IP; 4.1 rWAR/3.1 fWAR 2017: 186.2 IP; 2.1 rWAR/2.6 fWAR 2018: 183.2 IP; 3.3 rWAR/2.3 fWAR FWIW, fWAR even has him as a 1.5 win pitcher in 2019 I'm not saying that I think he's going to be some amazing pitcher were we to bring him back, but the apparent insinuation that he's complete garbage and not worth revisiting is a bit baffling to me. I think the biggest argument against him coming back would be price as @Can_of_corn mentioned. There's likely another team that is willing to offer him more money than the 2020 Orioles under Elias.
  9. Elias may not have a soft spot for KG, but I think the reverse aspect May be more relevant here. If KG goes anywhere on a prove-it deal, he may be relatively more interested in Baltimore than other similar players.
  10. I'm not sure I understand this sentiment. He was a 3 WAR pitcher as recently as 2018. If you don't think the price/money will work, that's fine. I just don't quite understand the immediate rejection/revulsion to the idea considering some of the guys we trotted out this year.
  11. And Mike Wright has never had anything close to the success at the ML level that KG has had...
  12. That’s why I wrote “opening day (ish)”
  13. That would certainly be a reason to not bring him back.
  14. Why not? This isn’t going to be a good team, so I’d prefer to chase upside as the risk of downside doesn’t really hurt. I think an Opening Day (ish) rotation of Means-Bundy-Cobb-Gausman-Akin is at least somewhat interesting
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