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  1. 1/4 with a SB and a run 1/4 yesterday with a HR odd timing to say this
  2. Don’t they lose the slot value if they can’t sign the player?
  3. Galvis had a salary escalator activated by trade, if I remember correctly. Good for him.
  4. I meant moreso generally (vs. specifics of today and injury status). Leyba is the one up at the ML precisely because the team doesn't really care about his long-term future given what we know now.
  5. Same logic for Vavra (why he's not in Baltimore). Obviously Norby wouldn't be playing in Baltimore right now.
  6. As it pertains to J. Jones, even though he's not a top prospect, I get the sense that the team likes him enough that they want him to be a guy that stays up once he's promoted. In my mind, Leyba is a placeholder until the team thinks Jones is ready to move up and stay up.
  7. Not sure I agree Berrios: 781.1 IP; 4.08 ERA; 106 ERA+; 4.01 FIP; 1.233 WHIP; 9.0 K/9; 3.08 K/BB; Pending FA Means: 284.2 IP; 3.67 ERA; 126 ERA+; 4.64 FIP; 1.043 WHIP; 7.6 K/9; 4.07 K/BB; Three years remaining control
  8. I would say it's more likely that Rizzo might have been the focus in the market prior to him going to the Yankees. He may remain in Baltimore, but I don't think that the only explanation is the team being unreasonable in its expectations.
  9. This may go hand in hand with your “unless the offers suck” point, but with position players sometimes the buyers don’t match up with who you’re looking to move. Although teams theoretically pay a premium at the deadline, there’s a larger potential universe of buyers in the off-season when everyone is 0-0. current market dynamics matter.
  10. You'd also be paying for the back half of 2021 (probably weighted most heavily in any valuation model). Not sure why that would ever make sense for a team like the Os currently.
  11. Hey, at least he ran at a 27 K/9 on the evening
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