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  1. The 2021 Dbacks lost 110 games and ended up with the second pick as well 😁
  2. I'd say it's a little more like a Correa, where you get a 1-1 who's talent justifies it and still end up with $1-2M extra to allocate down draft.
  3. Agreed on SG. I think his demeanor was a really good complement to Jeremy Conn on their 1057 show (the only show I liked).
  4. Yea, I actually think the video board was sufficiently modernized without being too much / impeding on the physical charms of OPACY. Doesn't feel like a distraction to the eye from the grass on the field, warehouse, etc. but gets the job done (again, sufficiently updated from the old black / yellow bulb board).
  5. He also was an agent of Cito in the Mussina all star game, believe it or not
  6. Yea, I wouldn't quite say they "don't matter" or "matter much," but most of their impact is behind the scenes stuff that translates to wins/losses through how it impacts thier players and their performance
  7. Do we have a separate arbitrator arbitrate whether the different/new set of arbitrators is appropriate?
  8. We certainly don't know the details, but as you mention, this is something the O's would have been aware of. Part of me wonders whether the "allow him to retire, but continue to pay him as though he were playing," was a solution to cut him lose without accelerating his deferrals AND to account for a work stoppage ("as though he were still playing," would seem to be predicated on what he would be making were he playing the season).
  9. Double whammy of how great we had it with Manny, Hardy, and Schoop all together
  10. Of all the player archetypes around, I would imagine that Davis's would be one of the ones to bunt the absolute least at all levels coming up.
  11. I assume there's a selection-bias issue, similar to SAM linebackers in football. In college football, it's really difficult to scout NFL-quality SAM linebackers. If you're a stud outside linebacker / edge defender in college, you're probably rushing the passer more often than playing any sort of coverage, which is often a waste of value. Similarly, guys who are MLB-quality hitters probably aren't spending much time bunting throughout their amateur (or MiLB) careers, particularly now that smallball is largely out of vogue in general, at least compared to previous decades. So, naturally, MLB hit
  12. He wouldn't count for the above because he was less than 5.0 rWAR with the Orioles specifically, but Manny Machado had 6.1 rWAR in 2018 (3.6 in BAL, 2.5 for the LAD), a team with a .290 Winning %. I imagine there are a decent number of such cases, likely more than the ones listed above, as teams trade off productive players at the deadline when they are so far out of contention.
  13. I realize that you are referring to defensive prowess, and that's certainly part of it, but a large(r) component is positional value w/r/t different offensive production levels, something you consistently refuse to acknowledge when it comes to the catcher position. Just like Urias's bat plays better as an IF than the same OPS would at 1B/DH, a particular OPS from a catcher is much more valuable than it would be from any other position.
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