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  1. Heads up, the 2019 link goes to Alex Wells 2019 page
  2. Love that we have some really interesting names extending into the 20+ ranked prospects. Real testament to positive momentum of the system.
  3. Ok, I didn’t say you did. Was talking about offense. - You said lack of defense only works if he has a strong bat. - I asked you to define strong bat because he’s shown .400+ OBP and .900+ OPS in each of the last two seasons. - you replied that it’s only been shown in the minors, which could be said of most guys on this list (or any team’s farm), so it doesn’t really mean much as a rebuttal.
  4. Wasn't my intention to suggest otherwise. Just underlining it and pointing out that it's not a negative lest anyone read that and say "well, Jomar never became anything."
  5. Manny finished the year with a .304/.370/.580/.950 batting line over 60 games, notching 2.8 rWAR. Would be a 7 WAR season even extrapolated over 150 games. That would be good for his 3rd best year of his career, just behind 2015 (7.5) and 2016 (7.3), years in which he played 162 and 157 games, respectively. If we spread it over 162 games, it would be 7.6, which would be his best of his career. Obviously, he might not keep up the pace. Alternatively, his pace could have improved. Point is that he had a hell of a year and there's no way the Padres are upset about the deal right now sitting at the end of 2020.
  6. I think it's a very good comp. Jomar didn't work out, but it doesn't mean that the tools aren't still very good / a positive profile athletically.
  7. By definition none of our prospects will have done or shown anything in the majors (or very little if they have). He’s shown a good lefty bat which gives him some value as a super utility guy potentially, a designation you lamented. Seems like a bit of a tautological criticism to say “well it’s just the minors.”
  8. What constitutes blazing? .400 OBP AND ~.900 OPS each of the last two years is pretty good.
  9. If Velazquez counts he’s definitely in the top-3 fastest group
  10. To be fair, I think “bat-first super utility player” is a little different than a traditional utility player we think of who is traditionally a defensive fill in for the left side of the IF (and 2B). At least as far as outcomes and value go.
  11. Just seems to be a somewhat common note in draft profiles for some (not necessarily all) of them. To be clear, I think this seems like a generally good approach to the draft on offense, taking SS/CF/C that can hit and if they need to slide down the defensive spectrum, so be it.
  12. He's definitely taken quite a few SS who may have to move to 3B/2B in the last two drafts. Gunnar Henderson, Joseph Ortiz, and Darell Hernaiz in 2019. Then Westburg and Servideo in 2020.
  13. Interesting, seems like trade doesn't differentiate players who were in the majors when traded for vs. those who were acquired as prospects. Seems like it could be a meaningful distinction for a team like Miami, for example.
  14. And I would assume they replace him with a coach at a close to comparable salary.
  15. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding your point, but our very own Nick Markakis didn't sign out of HS, played two years at Young Harris College (which was JUCO at the time***) and was taken as the 7th overall pick in 2003. I believe he was 19 when drafted and would turn 20 in November 2003 (so his baseball age would have been 19 for that season). *** He was twice named Georgia Junior College Player of the Year and was awarded Baseball America's 2002 National JUCO Player of the Year.
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