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  1. Good discussion in this thread. I would add that I don't think Machado belongs on the list at all. Seems like there may be some hindsight bias based on him turning into a star. I don't think his level hype was anything close to those other guys.
  2. Agree with Drungo that Schoop should probably be the fifth guy on this list over Dauer.
  3. Don't apologize, it was worth saying twice!
  4. As it pertains to the Moneyball concept, Earl was also a huge proponent of platoons. Using imperfect players in situations to which their skills fit well, rather than jack-of-all/master-of-none types, thus maximizing production out of his squad. A good article to complement this thread: https://sabr.org/research/1977-when-earl-weaver-became-earl-weaver
  5. I like the concept, but I'm not sure Javy Lopez deserves to be HM even. By WAR he had the second best season of his career in 2004 (4.8) and still posted a solid 2.0 in year-2. He was meh for the O's in 2006, but wheels didn't really come off until he was dealt to BOS. Additionally, he came to Baltimore with much acclaim IIRC.
  6. I’m not sure I can think of how they could have handled this any differently that would have been “better.”
  7. Davis grounds into the shift BUT moves the runner (Alberto) from second to third.
  8. Pardon the lack of visual stylings a la @OFFNY Twins: 3B - Astudillo LF - Rosario DH - Cruz 1B - Sano C - Avila RF - Wade SS - Lewis CF - Celestino 2B - Gordon SP - Homer Bailey Orioles: SS - Alberto 2B - Herrera 1B - Davis LF - Mountcastle 3B - Ruiz DH - Rondon RF - Diaz C - Holaday CF - Mullins SP - Keegan Akin
  9. I would think the most likely scenario (still incredibly unlikely) would be a good 2020, followed up by a good 2021 first half. A team starved for power or who suffered an injury could be interested if he's put up a run. I don't think anyone would be interested with one just good year following two terrible (and we can assume more options available during the offseason).
  10. Huge as in long? Majestic?
  11. I’m all aboard for a 3.500 OPS
  12. Evan Phillips looks 45, not 25
  13. Who at the Fan thinks putting JLC on during drive time is a good idea. I don’t hate Weinman, but he needs someone to balance him out, not rant right back at him.
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