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  1. Even though the team bottomed out in 2018, the resulting draft may help lay the groundwork for a more successful next decade.
  2. Completely agree with your point here. I was responding specifically to the surprise at a 96 WRC, specifically that his total season numbers weren’t as putrid as that poster is portraying them relative to league and position.
  3. I think the reason you don’t understand it is because his hitting wasn’t as bad as you make it out to be.
  4. His OPS+ last season was 94. Not really good, but certainly not "terrible." And how he hits relative to the position as a whole is incredibly relevant...
  5. Would I like him to do more with the stick than what he's shown at the MLB level to this point? Yes. That said, it's worth noting that his .729 OPS in 2019 was above the MLB-wide OPS for the catcher position (.717). Put another way, he ranked #31 of the 68 catchers with at least 100 PA (for reference, Severino was #27). While he will have to do better than that to provide positive value because of his glove, it puts in perspective how rare great hitting is at the position.
  6. Not sure the comparison is particularly apt. The Ray Rice situation was a bit messier (just in terms of how the respective leagues handled it; not getting into what he did or the video showed) in that it involved off-field conduct for which there was not clear precedent in past punishments (or lack thereof) or within the CBA on how to handle. This is a bit cleaner from a league discipline perspective as it's cheating during an actual game(s) and there were in-place mechanisms used to punish (i.e., docking draft picks, max fine of $5MM, etc.).
  7. Eh. I'm not of the mind that Schoop and AJ's plate discipline issues at the majors disqualify a manager from caring about other developing players' plate discipline. I'd rather he care about one, rather than none. Further, AJ and Schoop both had clearly superior walk rates to Mountcastle during their respective minor league tenures. I'd say it's fair to put more focus on the developing guy in this case. https://www.fangraphs.com/players/adam-jones/6368/stats?position=OF https://www.fangraphs.com/players/jonathan-schoop/11265/stats?position=2B https://www.fangraphs.com/players/ryan-mountcastle/sa874734/stats?position=3B/SS
  8. It's not even really a tradeoff for him... Firing Elias would be on the positives side of the ledger for him, potentially ranked higher than the WS win
  9. So you’re saying that you would like ME to sign guys who hit well and field well, preferably to team friendly numbers? Have to wonder why he hasn’t tried that.
  10. 11-years ago, though. So I’d say this is less money relative to league environments.
  11. They could I guess. edit - completely missed that R5 already happened.
  12. I don’t disagree with the notion of setting aside grand ideas of flipping him, but wouldn’t a team option make him potentially a relatively more attractive acquisition target if he’s having a great season, all else equal?
  13. Particularly when there is significant dispute over what the rights fees to be paid out off the top are, something the Nats would be party to.
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