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  1. The new meta, pitchers who are also late inning defensive replacements.
  2. Sounds like a REALLY excuse for a salary cap/revenue sharing.
  3. How else can we compete with Detroit?
  4. Can he backup 2B or 3B in a pinch? If so, that's useful.
  5. I was just thinking this as I read through the thread. I do think it's giving him a little bit of extra consideration.. and while that's usually pertinent and potentially worthwhile for kids with MLB pedigree, in this case, we've satisfied due consideration.
  6. Could you provide a few highlights please?
  7. I think motivation might be a bit of an issue for Manny. While I'm obviously not certain, I could see Manny get a big contract and then somewhat mentally and then physically (training etc), check out. And we see some of the numbers decline despite his age.
  8. gmelson26


    Is there any data correlating steals and shifts used against? I wonder if fast teams get the shift used against them less often than slower teams.
  9. gmelson26


    I would prefer Brady is gone for reasons previously stated in this thread. There's just too many questions marks and potential for shenanigans with ownership for my liking. We finally get a great fresh start, let's do it completely right, out with the old. That said, if he is going to stay, let's give him a clearly defined lane and title. Vice President of Player Reclamation. Let him use his backstory, gifts, and knowledge to make the mistakes we have, or will have, the best they can be. The next 92 Brady Anderson. And if Elias thinks Brady can help sway a free agent that Elias wants, let Brady get involved and go lift with him bro. Mostly, I want him to have nothing to do with evaluating or re-signing current players on the team. He gets too close them, and while that might be great helping get some more talent or value out of them, he makes him a true liability when it comes to assessing whether to keep or cut a player.
  10. Concerning the potential midseason trades, I'm hoping we put a premium focus on defense. Let's make our pitchers look as nice and shiny as we can for their trade value.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for this forum/baseball community. I come here 3, 4, 5.. more times a day every day since 2009. Love this place!
  12. I'm sorry in advance, I know you couldn't do more, but this one must be included. Mike "Bat Head to the Ball" Bordick
  13. I get what you're saying. On the other hand, maybe they identified something with Aiken that they felt they could change or work on that would have made him useful to them, something others have missed? I dunno, trying to think positive for the next few years!
  14. I've taken to "the Angelos family." It checks all the boxes. It covers the kids, Peter, but most importantly Angelos is front and center.
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