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  1. Before last night, their BB/K ratio was .34 in the 2nd half and .36 in the 1st half. So no noticeable difference. They are walking a bit less but they're actually striking out less by a fair amount as well. In the last 14 halves of baseball (the first and second halves since 2010) the lowest BABIP was .266 by the 2012 A's in the first half. The Orioles are on pace to shatter that as they're now at .255 in the second half.
  2. There is not a noticeable difference from the teams BB%, K%, and ISO from the first half to second half. The Orioles just have been EXTREMELY unlucky. Their BABIP in the second half is BY FAR the worst in baseball at .256. League average is ~.300. The difference between the Orioles and the next highest BABIP is roughly equal to the difference between the 8th and 23rd best BABIPs.
  3. The Orioles still need 2 starting corner outfielders, a DH, at least one starter, and possibly a left handed reliever. Doesn't make sense to spend so much on Davis when the team will still in all likelihood be worse than last season. Instead they need to fill those holes with one of Gordon/Span/Upton (in that order)and resign Steve Pearce, get a guy like John Jaso (very good OBP, great left handed bat), sign Kazmir (Gallardo would be an awful signing) or trade for a MOR starter (at worst), and sign Tony Sipp. Signing CD makes the team better than it currently is right now but that money can be spent much more smartly and spread through multiple positions to improve the team by a much bigger margin.
  4. There was a piece on Fangraphs today about the biggest potential bargains of Free Agency. I believe Chen was number 5. Steve Pearce was number 2. He should be resigned no doubt. Better than average speed, plate discipline, power, and defense. He's versatile, won't cost much, and his offensive numbers were dragged down last season by an awful BABIP. His power was still there. He's hit 36 homers in his last ~680 PA's. Best case is a 2014 season, worst case scenario is last season where he's still a valuable platoon/bench option, and a realistic scenario is a 110-120ish wRC+ with good defense while playing in about 75% of the teams games. There will be many players that are not as good as him that will get payed much more. He should be resigned without a doubt.
  5. Yeah I know it doesn't mean much. But Wieters catcher ERA is 4.84. Joseph is at 3.46. Joseph's dWAR is also much better (Wieters is negative) and that's not even including pitch framing where Joseph is above average and Wieters is one of the worst in the game.
  6. Sign Iwakuma. Sign Fowler. Sign Joyce. Sign Napoli. LF Fowler RF Pearce 3B Machado CF Jones DH Joyce 1B Napoli 2B Schoop C Joseph SS Hardy Clevenger Flaherty Alvarez ? Iwakuma Gausman Tillman Ubaldo Gonzo McFarland Drake Roe LH reliever Brach Givens Britton Probably have enough room to sign one more decent player. Maybe John Jaso? Napoli and Joyce will be cheap due to their poor seasons but are good bounce back candidates (and fit within the Orioles "budget"). Fowler gets on base and provides a true lead off hitter. Iwakuma is a TOR starter that most likely won't get paid like one on the market (once again, he will fit in the budget). Pearce is also a solid bounce back candidate. Plays pretty good defense. Runs pretty well. Even if he produces like he did in 2013 that's a near 3 win player over a full season.
  7. He is awful. He literally does nothing well at this point. Doesn't get on base (he doesn't walk or hit), no power, terrible strike out rate, speed? Haha, mediocre defensive catcher, and that's not including that he's a TERRIBLE pitch framer. He's pretty much a lighter hitting, slower Jimmy Paredes at this point with him barely bringing any defensive value at all at a big time defensive position. Of all catchers that have at least 210 PA's, only Brayan Pena has contributed less defensively (according to Fangraphs). He's barely contributed anything (0.3) and that's not counting his awful framing metrics so in all likelihood he's been not just a terrible catcher, but a negative defensive contributor which is pretty hard to do as a catcher.
  8. I'm not sure if there's any way to check this but it also seems like on both sides of the ball their sequencing is pretty poor compared to last year. For example, it seems like much more often this year their events add up to nothing or turn out poorly compared to what they could've been. Like in a given inning they could have a single, strikeout, ground out, and a double but the order in which it is happening is leading to no runs, or at least less runs than could have been scored. It could be a big reason why their actual record is so much worse than their Pythag record (even without the 3 blowouts their run differential indicates they should have a better record. Also their WPA is mediocre this year offensively and pitching wise. Last year they were very good in both. They don't get many clutch hits. And there's a difference between a clutch hit and a hit with RISP. They pile up hits with RISP when they're down big or up big. That's not really considered cutch.
  9. That's a fake account. AdamRubiM instead of AdamRubin in his Twitter handle.
  10. Wieters is just awful. One of the worst K/BB rates in the league, mediocre power, no speed, mediocre at best behind the plate (largely because he's an AWFUL pitch framer) This guy can't leave soon enough.
  11. The bullpen has been one of the best in baseball this year. I'd say it's the only part of the team that you can't really blame for this season going poorly.
  12. Pitching staff has the 7th most WAR in the second half. Granted that's mostly because the bullpen has been the best in the majors but still, the pitching hasn't been bad and they've also gotten very rotten luck in BABIP (compared to their previous years) and HR/FB%. Their peripherals are better than their ERA.
  13. Wouldn't expect anything else from this pitiful squad. Get to 5 games over .500, have a 4 game home set against an awful Twins team (9-21 in last 30 games entering that series) and they swept losing 3 games they should've won. Then up 3-1 in the 6th tonight they blow yet another lead. Isn't it truly incredible how bad this team is at holding leads? They're also equally as bad at making comebacks (unless they're playing the Athletics). Just leave it to this team to be 5 games over with a real shot at the playoffs and then lose 5 straight games, with 4 of them being games they easily should have won. Also, get rid of Wieters. He is just terrible. And he's actually been worse than his numbers considering his BABIP is insanely high for his career. He's awful.
  14. What do you know? Another blown lead. This team sucks.
  15. The Twins were 7-17 in their last 24 games and 9-21 in their last 31 games. Just absolutely pathetic that this imposter of a team got swept by them.
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