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  1. What’s the book on this kid? Defensively he scares the hell out of me, but I like his presence and approach at the plate - doesn’t get cheated and has definitely has a clue up there.
  2. Maybe I’m in the minority here, but Adam’s body language and actions have rubbed me the wrong way all year - and I’ve loved Adam since the day he entered our organization. There have been moments during rough nights where he appears to be taking things lightly, playing around (body language, actions). He just doesn’t appear to me anyways to have that lunchpail type attitude/mindset I’ve been accustomed to seeing over the years. Like I said - maybe it’s just me.
  3. Pat Connaughton signed with the Bucks last night, maybe that could make for an easy transition to the Brewers system 🤣
  4. BJ Ryan and Chris Ray were some of my personal favorites before Zach. Sure don’t miss the stress from Armando Benitez!
  5. Derrik Gibson. Was in organization in 2015. Knowing how many years he spent in Boston organization prior it was rather disappointing to hear.
  6. Local kid who was drafted in 2nd and signed with Red Sox rather than heading to UNC made a stop in the O’s organization next. Currently with Rockies. Anyways, across numerous conversations he made it very clear that the Orioles system was considerably different from the others he spent time in. Made mentions that there is very little communication and many players are left wondering about their role within the organization. This could be a case by case perception, but I felt it went hand in hand without Tony’s share.
  7. If we are indeed in a true “rebuild” mode, then yes I agree - it is time to move all of the above. I’m not against the idea of a Schoop extension, being that I see him as the only current player/trade chip who could be a contributor on a contending team in 4-5+. With that being said, at this stage in the game, I don’t see Schoop entertaining extension conversations.
  8. LarryBigbie

    Nick Markakis

    He's not an Oriole so shame on me for sharing here, but he is always an Oriole to me. https://www.mlb.com/news/nick-markakis-has-a-real-chance-at-3000-hits/c-275175746
  9. Love it. Also like not making trades for the sake of making trades. Not in the majority here, but I'm a Beckham fan.
  10. I was speaking to an area Rockies scout in April, jokingly said I'd give him Gausman for David Dahl. He responded "In a heartbeat. All that kid (KG) needs is a change of scenery."
  11. I know pointing fingers is the thing to do after an emotional loss, and naturally Buck takes the blame after some questionable decisions down the stretch - especially after no Britton. I'm just as upset, but the last thing I want is Buck out. One guy I'd love to see gone though is Coolbaugh. What impact has this guy made on our offense. Our hitters have ZERO approach. If you have told us in June that our staff would allow 2 runs through 10 innings, we'd have all jumped for joy. What gives?
  12. Wonder if we could trade him for a case of Natty Boh? I like Ubaldo - it's just nearly impossible to watch him pitch. So much in fact that I watch 4 out of every 5 games - skipping his starts.
  13. Melvin Mora Freddie Bynum Luis Matos Tony Batista Kevin Millar Eric Byrnes Luke Scott Robert Andino Rodrigo Lopez
  14. First AB as a Blue Jay he hits an oppo taco. We certainly knew he could hit. He's also playing third on a rare off night for Donaldson.
  15. Couldn't agree more. Between Billy, Harold Reynolds, Eric Byrnes and Sean Casey, I love watching MLB Tonight. Another guy who I really enjoy is Mark DeRosa on MLB Central.
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