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  1. The cheap ones are the best. I used to eat a bunch when my son was in the Dugout club.
  2. What if he stepped in the Ubaldo pothole outside the stadium? 🙂
  3. Aren't baseball contracts guaranteed?
  4. O's, Ravens, Caps, UMD (because it's the state's school), and Loyola, my alma mater.
  5. We probably will never know why....I haven't bashed Davis, but this is probably long overdue. I loved Belanger as a kid, who was a beast in the field, but couldn't hit s***. But he wasn't making $23 million a year either.
  6. To be fair, Earl would have lit his a** up, in in no uncertain terms, if he was displeased.
  7. Well then I guess there's only one thing left to do..... Win the whole f****** thing.
  8. Fully a function of work....
  9. 40 year old me was hitting the sack around 4-5 every night, and sleeping 2-3 hours. 53 year old me, and 11:30 is late for a work night.
  10. 22 higher than the last dozen years, or more! 🙂
  11. Very cool. Wish I could get one in a fat@zz size.
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