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  1. Hope I get to see it. The Blade was awesome.
  2. The O's winning the WS this year, would be fitting for 2020.
  3. https://twitter.com/Orioles/status/1288202617798176768 This will get you in the feels. Prayers for Mo.
  4. Where else will we get these gems? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4SF2Ufy3tg
  5. Someone get a bucket of KFC for Cerrano!
  6. First O's game was SUPPOSED to be the first day of vacation. SMH.
  7. You win the internet today.
  8. Horrible Idea. Sounds like something Vince McMahon could use if he creates the XLB.
  9. Preparing everyone for the ugliness of this season.
  10. There's a great video of the Bill Haller talking to Earl, on Youtube! 🙂
  11. The cheap ones are the best. I used to eat a bunch when my son was in the Dugout club.
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