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  1. I look at the score several times a night, but I can't watch. Getting rid of the broadcast crew was the death knell, in addition to the lackluster team.
  2. Technically none, since we have sucked for so long. That said, I'd go Bosux, Blow Jays, Yankees, Nats (albeit a made up one).
  3. So it will basically be 20-25% capacity...
  4. I would tend to agree. Kraut is doable, but ketchup and relish is a hard pass. Chili and cheese is muy bueno.
  5. This is what happens when ketchup wins!
  6. Sweeping the Massh*les is always great, no matter what.
  7. I'm just glad he ruined that drunk, loudmouth, jackwad that was hollering at him today.
  8. I have that pic saved on my desktop.
  9. Get well soon, and pardon my French, f*** cancer.
  10. Get the Korean taco stand back. On serious note, my daughter got married there, and the bathrooms in the suites were pretty janky. They could use an upgrade.
  11. Hope I get to see it. The Blade was awesome.
  12. The O's winning the WS this year, would be fitting for 2020.
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